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  1. I removed all tactics,graphics,saves i unistall for third time and then downloaded and the game is ok.Thanks for for the answers and your help but please dont change it again.Ilook forward for 2021 !!
  2. After last update i cant play because when the game arrives to tunnel stops
  3. Ihave not any crash dumps from the 20.4.3 because i had not load the game and after searching there were no crash dumps
  4. I just tried both the methods of clearing cache and valdiating game files still nothing is it possible to find a real solution this time ?
  5. Νοthing happened. The same problem .Idont think i can do something more,its your turn ???
  6. These are the crash dumps and after 20.4.3 i cant load the game
  7. FM 2020 v20.4.2.1438909 (2020.09.22 18.14.52).dmp FM 2020 v20.4.2.1438909 (2020.09.23 00.22.21).dmp FM 2020 v20.4.2.1438909 (2020.09.23 00.30.53).dmp
  8. Nothing changed.Do i have to remove or delete the custom graphics ?
  9. Yes i use custom but the game was allright before that.What happened suddenly ?
  10. Iuse Steam to start the game.But after update is loading ,loading loading and never begin.I uninstall and then download and install but i had the same problem .
  11. After 20.4.2 the game was destroyed.First the graphics and then could not load it.WHY /?????
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