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  1. I'd love a feature to help find the next big player while they are young. like being able to send your scouts to watch reserve and under 18 leagues, as for as far as i know you cannot send them out to do this at tjhe moment. also love an option to offer to loan player back to club when you buy him to help to get player if club doesn't want to sell him as they might need him. love to see computer run clubs inproving there stadiams and and training as they get promoted of have funds avalible to spend on this. as this will stop computer teams being in top divisions and having very low crowds of training and youth set up's. i know there are a few spelling mistakes but non of us are perfect lol.
  2. You can send scouts to watch leagues around the world. But I would like to be able to send them to scout the Under 18 and reserve leagues as there mat be some real bargains ready to be found.
  3. when you get a scout report it comperes with your best player in that pos... i'd like the option to choose which player you can compair with as it would make it easyer to know if they are good einough for your team.i.e better than your other stricker of sub defender. also more interaction with chairmen with season expectations in league and cup, to help with how much tranfer budget they offer you. captian having more interaction with you regarding player unrest ect.. what someone said before about sending player to feeder club till they have gained work permit istead of keep comong back at end of season. more squad retation for AI managers like Liverpool manager who hardly ever picks same team. but in game almost always same team in cup and league and me to receive free copy of game when finished lol only joking...
  4. would like to see a rating for managers on a rotation feture. as some managers use squad rotation a lot more than others but in the game it hardly ever happends. also like to see comuter managers or vhairmen being able to improver training facilities and stadiam capasity. sorry about spelling if are mistakes a s im a bit ****ed at momejny as keyboard keeps jumping around lol
  5. Youth set up you can upgrade your training facilities to different standards but you can have same sort of youth accad..... if you are man utd or halifax. would be good if you could have different grades of youth accad... also, as training.
  6. I'd like this option to, but i guess it is sort of there already as you can buy them at the end of the season without having to loan them back, so they end up staying with team for seaon anyway
  7. Have the choice to buy players x,y and z in one deal for so much cash of exchange instead of only being able to buy one player per deal
  8. able to change rival teams or players you like or dilike during game. more choice of contact neg. with offer of money for winning cups or league titals ect.. better chance of off loading unwanted stars as sometimes you cannot give top stars away sor free. able to put more inverstment in youth teams for the search for the next big star. instead of top goal scorer or most apperances , have the top 5 so you can see your stars improve and move up the high goals score charts. if you are bottom of league and you get a draw against one of the big teams then your teams morale improves more than if it was the other way around. and if you take over a team near end of season at bottom of league and you fail to save them you are less likely to get the sack as you only just got the job
  9. On records where you have top goal scorer and league apperances. It woulb be good if you could maybe have the top 5, So you can see your players moving uop the all time goal scorers charts or league app. This could be for your club, cup comp or league you are playing in.
  10. more squad rotation by computer managers during cup games and busy xmas periods. plus top teams in euro comps resting key players before a big cup game coming up
  11. Better Feeder clubs. Where when you gety a team more of there players become avalable to BUY and players you need a work permit for will join a club and not keep refusing to go.
  12. I would like to see some thinks like testimonials youth camps chairman being more realisitic when sacking you as i was in league 1 and managed a 2-2 draw away to man utd in fa cup and got sacked as they wasn't happy with performance. better youngsters coming through into your team like an acadamy director you can sack/hire to fit your clubs needs. records for players better like quickest hat-ticks added plus total goals and apperances as well as league goals with is already there. better info comming from your assistant manager. before anyone runs down my opinions down, this is just what i would like to see and might not be what you want.
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