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  1. Morning friends, Just a quick one, I've used the editor to move a player to my squad in FM2021, who's already annouced his intended retirment before me moving him to my squad. Is there anyway to edit the date in question? I'd like to keep him in my squad for a longer period of time if possible. Thanks!
  2. I'd honestly not have known that either were it not that Gainsborough were absent due to relegation!
  3. LATEST UPDATE: "Dear Customer,Thank you for contacting SEGA Customer Support.The devs are aware of this issue and currently looking into it.Thank you for letting us know.Best Regards,NadimSEGA Customer Support"
  4. I've submitted a support request, so I'll let you all know as soon as I hear something back.
  5. Yeah, unfortunatly that doesn't work either. I don't suppose anyone would mind making a steam save with "E20 - Level 13 with Jersey & Guernsey teams" would they? I'd really like to play the game! haha. I can't believe they're just ghosting us on this issue.
  6. I tweeted at them a couple of days ago, but they've not responded.
  7. You have to boot the game though the Xbox app, and then the achievements will be unlockable. I really hope they fix this, I want to play as my hometown Gainsborough, but sadly they're not in the default game as playable. Need to use a database that includes the lower English leagues.
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