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  1. After my CSKA game posted previously, my next opponent was Parma, 14th in the league, lost last 5 league games straight. Played 8 games against them, 3 draws, 5 losses. Here are some screenshots of my last 4 attempts. 2 with a patient possession based strategy, 2 with a route one high aggression strategy. Tell me what's wrong, if you can. First 2 games with my possession based strategy. No notable PIs. Roam and Move into channels with Striker. Match stats and Milan team stats for Match 1 Match 2 This game I 'won' because a crazy out of nowhere goal from Kovacic and a crazy own goal from the Parma keeper after Douglas Costa floated the ball to him from a free kick. Consider this one a draw or a loss. Matches 3 and 4 I adopted a route one high aggression strategy. Match 3 Match 4 I'm playing on 14.2 at the moment. Going to try 14.3 when the download's done. I doubt it's going to be different so might be going back to FM13.
  2. I don't want to argue semantics about what constitutes crap and what's not crap. Let's just say attribute-wise they're far inferior to me. From the comparison page I only look slightly better because i've got a bunch of youngsters in my first-team squad which makes my first 11 look worse. I didn't take the same approach when I played them, I used a cautious possession based approach 3 times (2 losses and 1 draw), and a route one high aggression approach (3 wins and 1 loss). I agree with your game plan. CSKA is going to defend and play on the counter, that's why I played a patient game, because I was confident I've enough quality to get a goal at home. Even IRL 2-1 away from home 1st leg in CL is a good result for most teams. Regardless of whether adopting a patient approach is going to work, surely adopting a suicidal overload approach isn't the right way, particularly when the other team is looking to counter. Hard to argue against the results though.
  3. I use Milan and also feeling the game gets harder the season after I win anything significant. I usually do crap this season but then miraculously do better the next because my reputation gets better or whatever. I can honestly empathise with miravlix because everyone talks tactics tactics tactics. I really don't think tactics is the problem most of the time. I say this because sometimes I replay the same match 10-15 times (same players, team talks etc) and get contrasting results with the same tactic even if the tactic is supposed to be at an advantage (eg 4-3-3 against a back 3). But if I use something that's tactically absurd it can net me positive results consistently. Given how this game doesn't often simulate realistic football, how can one be expected to use tactics to his advantage consistently?
  4. Each to their own. This is totally the opposite of what I'm going for. Fair enough if you're against tough opposition and need to change things up to get through one match, such as a CL game etc. When I find I need to do this against middle-table opposition or some crap side like CSKA Moscow (no offense intended at all) I get really frustrated. Particularly because most of these changes make absolutely no sense at all. Sometimes my 3-man midfield gets totally dominated by a 2-man setup like 4-4-2. The most horrible case i remember was a diamond outplaying my 4-3-3 in the middle and the flanks. Then there are results that go against what's generally advised on the forums, eg dribbling against defenses that drop deep and play possession football against high pressing team. I find everything I do is hit or miss. I can play the same team 20 times and get 50/50 results. Regardless if the odds or with me or against me. Edit: I just played 7 games against CSKA Moscow in CL at home. I lost away game 2-1. I won 3 times, (1x pens, 1x OT, 1x regulation), lost 3 times and drew once. CSKA set out to hassle me in their half and launch quick counters. Common sense would suggest a cautious patient approach since 1 goal for me would be sufficient to get through. That cautious approach got me 2 losses and 1 draw. My high pressing ultra aggressive pressing route one tactic (the one that's supposed to be countered to pieces) got me 3 wins and 1 loss. Same line-ups, team talks etc. I'm at a complete loss. Not to sound pissed off but how is anyone supposed to prepare when the 'wrong way' to approach a match gives you the most positive results.
  5. Funny how you and I both bought Doria and Murru our Milan saves! I would stick El Sharaawy on the right as a Winger attack, sorta in the same vein as Walcott at Arsenal. Saponara on the left as IF(s). Support IF is more of a dribbler/creator and Attack IF is more getting on the end of through balls. I'd also consider changing your playstyle from a high tempo passing style to a high tempo dribbling style. Reason being Milan's players aren't particularly smart. Low stats in decisions passing creativity teamwork etc but very high flair. Milan's not so much a team of talented individuals but a collection of them.
  6. I think the more pertinent question you need to ask is, if you have a player called Success, why are you asking for help?
  7. As mentioned, the AI has the same tools the player has - the TC. However I think the AI is capable of processing whats happening on the pitch much quicker and are making changes at a much faster rate than a human player. Eg. Winger's too narrow, so push him wider. Next possession he's too wide, so take off instruction. Very next possession, need him wider, click the go wider instruction. I'm probably exaggerating a bit since there's a minimum time between clicking the instruction and the instruction being applied in the game, but you get my point. I'm thinking the AI is processing stuff and making changes at a rate that's giving it enough control that it's almost controlling players like you would in FIFA14. I say this because in games where the AI has a man sent off, his formation literally changes with every break in play. Obviously this processing speed would be unfair to the human player so thank god the AI is dumb and makes some pretty dumb decisions.
  8. My understanding of the AI adjusting and my tactic getting found out is the same thing. Obviously it's not the same so can you explain to me the difference?
  9. Are you sure this is the case? There have been plenty of posts about people struggling after 15-20 games which coincides with half a usual season. While on the topic, I just finished a game against Inter (quite close to me in the league table) where I led 2-0 after half time then got totally butchered in second half. I watch the game with key highlights and it amused me how 2nd half highlights were Inter's 3 goals. Nothing else, no highlights from 65-90mins.
  10. I'd like some help from players who have the of playing with a single team with multiple seasons and being successful with said team. I'm currently in the 2018-2019 season with AC Milan as the title favourites. I started the game as Milan and so far have won 3 league titles and 1 CL (last season). I currently play a 4-2-3-1 with 2 CMs and AML/R. My roles are Sweeper keeper support 2x CBd DLPs and CMd Left IF(s) (Right footed) Right Winger(a) AP(a)/AM(s) Striker and fullback roles (striker generally a finisher) vary depending on game and situation. No individual instructions to note. Compared to rest of league. Decisions 1st, First touch 2nd, Passing 1st, Strength 2nd, Teamwork 1st, Leadership 7th, Aggression 14th. Defense and midfield pretty much at least top 5 in all categories. I've 2 tactics pretty much fully trained, both 4-2-3-1. One is a standard possession orientated style, holding onto ball and probe the defense. TIs are: retain, shorter, work into box, play out of defense, sometimes tighter marking. I found roaming to be counter-productive a few seasons ago due to lower quality players. Second tactic is a more physical 'bum-rush' attacking style. TIs are: Pass into space, work into box, hassle, get stuck in, more direct passing, offside trap, push higher up. Had tighter marking in the past, found counter-productive. Also played possession orientated 4-4-1-1s and 4-3-3s in the past. I'm at the stage in the game where teams are countering my strategies every 6 months or so. Previously I was successful with my possession 4-3-3, then couple months later that became ineffectual, so switched to possession/harassing 4-2-3-1, when I won the league that then became useless, forcing a switch into the possession 4-2-3-1 I use now, which lasted 6 months before having to switch to my 'bum-rush' 4-2-3-1. That got me the CL, and now that tactic is useless. My possession styles used to unlock teams and now they just hold the ball but do nothing with it. My high tempo styles used to win the ball quickly but now teams run circles around them. I'm now at the point where my possession style and 'bum-rush' style are both ineffectual, which amazes me as they're 2 polar opposite strategies. I'm very much into building a 'dynasty' or project with a single club and being successful with them long term. I like to invest heavily into my youth setups and pluck promising youngsters from other teams and infuse them with the teams identity and playstyle. Obviously teams will adapt to your playstyle. This hasn't been a problem in previous FM editions but I've no answer for it in FM14. I am not looking for threads re effective midfield combinations or how to read the game etc. I am looking for advice on how to build a long lasting playstyle or concept. eg Barcelona's tiki taka or Arsenal's possession game with Arsene Wenger. Afaik Guardiola and Wenger didn't have to radically change their playstyle or formation every 6 months or so because teams figured them out. Obviously Barcelona has been successful why Arsenal haven't been as successful, but I'm sure if Arsenal spent as much money as Chelsea and City things would be different, though that's another discussion. I treat FM14 as a game (not a simulation) so I'd like help from that perspective. I don't understand how (or why) this game forces me to play on its terms. I believe my team has enough quality to dictate how they're going to approach the game (I could be completely wrong about my team's ability), and should be good enough to beat 90% of teams in the league by playing the football they prefer. Instead I'm finding I have to change my game plan every 6 months or so, forcing me to rotate a carousel of tactics until i find the right one that's going to last me another 6 months. Unfortunately this isn't fun at all. Again, I'm not looking for advice on how to read the game and making adjustments every game, that tends to go against what I'm trying to create. I do make minor adjustments (wider, deeper, slower, quicker etc) but I'm really not interested in watching the game for 10-15mins. Because of that, I'm not expecting plenty of trophies (Arsenal has won bugger all in last decade). I just want to know how to play a style of football for long periods of time, and not having to change radically every 6 months. Ie are my tactics horrible? are my players not good enough? am I playing in the wrong league (multiple formations in Serie A)? etc.
  11. My advice is similar to bababooey. You'll eventually figure out a tactic that is going to suit the style you're trying to create. I would advise you to clear all the individual instructions apart from non-ambiguous ones like shoot less often. I say that because without sliders the whole individual instructions system is very abstract. Eg more direct passes doesn't mean anything unless you define a starting frequency of how many direct passes and maybe also how direct those passes are. Unfortunately the starting frequency varies with each philosophy, even more unfortunately, you're going to have to watch the game to grasp it. However unlike past versions, FM14 tactics play out quite well without multiple individual instructions. You've got to shift your thinking from using individual instructions to define your style from the get-go, to using it sparingly to correct inconsistencies you see on the pitch, through stats, analysis tab etc. However I disagree with needing to read stacks of threads to figure out how to play. I haven't found any threads re FM14 particularly useful. This game is the first version of a multitude of FM games that's going to be built to be played the same way. Take time to figure out successful combinations and you'll be set for future versions as well as this one
  12. Decisions, determination, and technique. Strength is an added bonus. Those 4 look for pretty much across the board. It really does depend on each person's preferences too. For example I'm not particularly worried about my CBs having lower than average marking, tackling, or jumping. Back in FM10 I had a CB pairing of 4 and 11 for jumping and we still did alright against crosses and set pieces. However I put an emphasis on acceleration and somewhat for pace too. Positioning is an added bonus.
  13. As per thread title, I'm confused with how DMs interact with the defensive line. I'm set out to play a possession/"counter" 4-2-3-1 deep strategy where the aim is to retain possession and pull the opposition into my half then launching quick long balls into the final third. As I want the ball deep in my half, I've set the team to drop deeper and stand off opponents. My understanding of a deeper D line was the defenders dropping deeper than usual, and the rest of the team falls a bit deeper too, and maintain shape. But what i've come to see often is the opposition exploiting the space between the 2 CBs and 2 DMs. I felt it was due to my drop deeper instruction pulling my CBs back but my DMs not following suit. So my question is really general, how do DMs (and perhaps CMs in a normal 4-2-3-1) interact with the defensive lane. In my situation my instruction the instruction backfired and did the opposite of what i wanted.
  14. Or you can make Dembele dribble more. He's got 18 for dribbling right? If your entire team is marked that often means only 1 person on Dembele, if he beats that person he's in the clear
  15. Oh definitely dual footed over single footed players. Wide players, fullbacks Really useful as they're more dynamic in which way they go to, can go down the line or cut inside towards the middle, can also help get crosses in after they go down the line. Eg a left footed player on the right side of pitch will need to cut back to whip in a cross. Central midfielders Increases passing options and ball retention, particularly if they're shown towards a certain part of the pitch, they can often cut back and spread play to the other side. Forwards, other players when shooting. A single footed forward would likely be shown towards his weaker foot side when he receives the ball, and when he dribbles he'll have a tough time finding an angle for a shot as he needs to cut onto his stronger foot. Will also help when he's in acute angles as he can use his outside foot for another option. If I gave a dollar away everytime I had a striker in the box but on his wrong foot and unable to score because if angle problems or having to cut onto other foot, there'd be no poverty in Africa, or I'd just be homeless.
  16. I do believe playing defensively is going to make it worse, that's why I suggested a proactive attacking approach. But despite dominating the game with superior players and tactics you are still going to be at a disadvantage against some teams and philosophies. My Leverkusen team dominates the league and most of Europe but struggle against Schalke. I've struggled over 10 seasons and 4-5 different managers that manage them, so it's not players or play styles. Basically what I'm saying is **** happens. Across a the course of a season your team should win the team since **** can't happen every game, and by virtue of possessing better players you should win games despite isolated incidents of getting outplayed. It happens IRL too. Barcelona has never been able to truly get the best of Chelsea despite rampaging around the world. I don't think Messi has yet to score against them either. Aberrations happen in games too, look at Joe Fart. Of course you'll feel it happens to you more since you can play through a whole season in a week or so.
  17. If I recall correctly a DLP in the CM position doesn't have any forward runs, but the support version has run with ball set to sometimes. If that's going to be a problem you can put him on defend instead. By classic AMC/old fashioned partnership I mean a creator in the AMC and scorer in the ST. Eg ozil/higuain at Real Madrid, Gerrard/Torres at Liverpool. IRL, this sort of setup is easier to achieve and quicker to achieve and you'll see it a lot in international football where there isn't much time to build cohesion. Even Argentina who has the world's best F9 resorts to playing that way. It doesn't have to be a AP/AF combo at all. I wouldn't be considering Gerrard as an AP because if his impressive scoring record and he isn't particularly smart. Your AMC doesn't even have to be a playmaker either, since you might not want him to have the ball all the time. I had a Schurrle/Kiessling partnership earlier in my save which I considered a creator/finisher partnership. Neither were smart or creative but Kiessling as a TMa pushed the D line back which allowed Schurrle to run at the D with pace. The defense couldn't handle Schurrle on the ball and collapsed which left him with a clear shot or an easy pass to Kiessling. Arsenal's a bit different since you've got a wealth of midfield talent and Giroud who's neither clinical or quick. But he's got good team work and workrate to set up his team. Of course this is going to be harder to achieve since you got to get 4-5 players on a string instead of 2-3.
  18. I haven't played FM14 yet so can't comment on the match engine. But in previous editions playing defensive football becomes a recipe for disaster for me. So I would suggest you look to play proactive football with your stacked team instead of defending.
  19. In terms of 4-2-3-1 in FM there is one thing that makes or breaks your strategy, and that's the AMC ST partnership. This is less so in a real life 4-2-3-1 as your wide players combine well with the AMC ST but that's much harder to accomplish in FM. Obviously what type of partnership you go for depends on your players, but I'd recommend you work on the classic playmaker AMC with an old fashioned striker as that's much easier to get right. The CM partnership is basically having one player holding the midfield and the other having the license to get forward. Many players associate 'holding midfielder' with defensive play and 'getting forward' with attacking play, and of course end up with an AP/BMW partnership which doesn't work very well. The idea being the BMW closes the opposing ball carrier intensely and gives up space behind him. On your question regarding playmakers. A creative player doesn't need to be assigned a playmaker role for you to utilize his skills. I think people tend to associate playmaker as the player that plays the fancy through balls and racks up assists, but its probably better to think of the playmaker as the 'tempo setter' or 'ball distributor'. IRL this would be saying Xavi is a better 'playmaker' while Iniesta probably makes more assists. For your Arsenal team, this might mean setting Arteta as a DLP as he's a calmer passer of the ball than Ramsey and Wilshere.
  20. I see, perhaps it's not a big enough point to stress compared to getting your tactics right then.
  21. Agreed 100%. Especially since your opponent is an AI which is limited by algorithms. Against another human player you might need to make changes.
  22. It could, it also might not. It'll be near impossible to prove a good team talk has significantly increased your chances of winning. I'm not 100% convinced it does, given you only need 3-4 talks (depending on what team you are). When I took over my Leverkusen team in FM13 we were projected to finish 3rd or 4th. 10 seasons on we are title favourites. Yet I still used the same set of team talks. -Start the game with 'relax we've got this' -at half time, despite result, aggressive 'where's the passion lads?' -at full time, happy if win, angry if draw or lose. Works every single time, against the Barcas and Madrids or the relegation contenders. So I decided to give talks to assistant. Sometimes he gets them right, sometimes not so right, but result on pitch still the same
  23. First of all, press conferences and team talks really don't do anything IMO. I signed mauro tassoti as an assistant manager with 16 for motivation and he does all press conferences and team meetings for me. I also think there's too much focus on in game management. The only reason you need to make in game changes is because your pre game management didn't work out (or the opposition has made changes, but for most people this isn't the case, they struggle right off the bat). So perhaps the answer isn't making all the cutesy changes Auqakuh was making but looking at your starting strategy. If you're a big favoured team then you should be dictating how the game is played, and that should be achievable because the ME is designed to allow users to play football, and not treat the thing as a game
  24. Maybe have a look at those long shots and see how many of them were bad? I reckon a couple good long shots keeps the opposition honest. And what's the average decision rating for your first team?
  25. The AI tends to figure out your tactic at the end of the season and at the middle of the season. So it's not surprising that you dominated the previous season and struggling now. The simple answer would be to try something different with your AMC and striker. Instead of focusing on neat interplay maybe attack more directly by dribbling from deep.
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