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  1. Ok so I've taken on board the advice and made some changes With the 4-4-2 I've changed it to be based around counter down the flanks With the 4-4-1-1 its more about building possession and stretching the opposition The 4-1-4-1 is for pressing weaker oppostion and breaking down teams with quick short passes
  2. I'm trying to achieve winning football I don't care about the style of it I just want it to win games. I chose play narrower because I thought it would be better that players are close to each other for counter attack and be closer to the targetman for knock downs and flick ons I was not aware this shout reduced through balls and I chose it because I wanted lots of players to get into the box on counter attacks then have someone hoof it in I'm not quite sure what your saying here. I chose those instructions because I thought they would help me win games and get points I had switched from my 4-4-1-1 tactic to this but forgot to change the players I normally have Jordan Rhodes in the poacher role I went with that because I wanted my midfield 5 to have creative freedom within their specific roles I chose rigid philosophy because I have 4 specialist roles I chose that because I want to my team to build up possession then play off the target man sort of like Arsenal do with Giroud.
  3. I'm managing Blackburn in the premier league and its not going well. We concede too many goals and create very little chances. The football is just dire. These are my tactics I mostly use the 4-4-2 and the others really haven't worked. I think with the players I have I could get into the top half and challenge for europe. here some images with more info on the squad Thanks in advance I can provide more details if necessary.
  4. I have just won the championship in my first season with Blackburn Rovers using this tactic . My issue is that in the first half of the season (2013) I only conceded 19 goals but in the second half of the season (2014) I conceded 33 goals. Are teams sussing out my tactics or is it just my players getting complacent and unmotivated? (we were leading the league for almost all season comfortably)
  5. I have done what you said but I think the problem is that with counter and no pressing I think the other teams just dominate too much and have too much possesion
  6. Okay so I've taken what you said and figured this would be a better setup So I have Nuno Gomes upfront as a CF(s) so he can get on the end of crosses and he can drop deep and try and create opportunities aswell. I have Leon Clarke as a poacher so I figure He can get behind opposition defenses and try get on the end of chances and score lots. O'hara I have put as AP(a) so that he can create chances from midfield but with attack duty he can also get forward as a another threat on the attack. James Henry is a W(s) and Sako is a W(a) so Henry can ping in crosses for Clarke and Gomes while Sako, who is probably my best player, can run at and attack the opposition defense. I'm using High tempo to try and attack opposition defenses with quick movement and put lots of pressure on them. I have play wider and exploit the flanks so my teams priority is to get the ball to Sako and Henry so they can create chances. I'm using drop deeper so the team isn't caught out on the counter attack. I have more direct passing, pass into space and early crosses so the team is always looking to attack and get balls behind the opposition and into the box. I hope this makes it clear what I'm trying to achieve here and thanks in advance
  7. I want this tactic be aggressive and put lots of pressure on the opposition akin to the attacking 4-4-2 that Man Utd played under Ferguson
  8. I'm looking to for advice on how to play a direct Attacking 4-4-2 that utilizes the wings and crosses to break down defenses I am currently setup like this: I have played a 3 friendlies that haven't been great; a 4-0 loss to middlesboro, a 1-1 draw with Anderlecht and a 2-1 loss to barnsley.
  9. Hey the team instructions pics don't seem to be coming up on the post can someone post them please?
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