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  1. Just wondering what your greatest victory was against the odds. In my current save I beat Auxerre away from home playing as Neath FC . It was only 2-1 but I really wasn't expecting anything like that in my second season! So what are your best results against the odds?
  2. Target Man for Swansea City in first season.

    Magicdaps, Haven't patched the game, so that could be comething to do with it.... Also sold a couple of fringe players, but none for substantial money.... Thanks for the help everyone, have Bednar on loan just before I came back to read the thread so finger crossed he will bag some goals for me. Top scorer after about 24 games is kuqi with 7
  3. Hi, I'm playing as Swansea City in the first season. I play a 4-3-2-1 formation with the man up top playing as a target man. It is coming up to the January transfer window and I am sitting 5th in the league, but feel i could push for promotion with a good target man who would get goals. I have around £2 million to spend. Currently I have, Kuqi, Beattie, Slepicka (loan to sign) Dobbie and Jay Emmanuel Thomas (loan) as potential strikers. Anyone have any advice on who to sign to play as my target man? Thanks
  4. Prolific Strike Pairings

    Going back a bit, but CM 95-96 Ian Rush on a free up front with a young Marcelo Salas for 300k.... Obscene amount of goals for my Rangers team on the way to European glory.
  5. That is what I am trying to get at in my blog (http://bit.ly/buy6AC ) AndyRich , that games like this are great for gaining the knowledge that lays the foundation of good management. I am not talking about becoming a professional manager (football or otherwise), but gaining the skills that will eventually lead to success. For example in FML you have to negotiate often, and this is a vital skill in real life business. To get a better perspective of what I am getting at, it is best to read the blog. http://bit.ly/buy6AC Would love to hear more opinions from you all.
  6. Lankylars, I am not neccesarily saying that you have to be a Football manager, I think it can help in becoming a more accomplished manager in any enviroment. For example, in retail management you will need to adapt your approach to deal with different people at different levels. Similarly you have to adapt your approach on football manager for different players.
  7. I agree comfortablynumb, but it can only be a good thing to combin liesure time, ie, playing football manager, with what is ultimately a learning experience on what is essentialy the foundations of good management.
  8. Its not about becoming a complete manager, but showing that games can be of benefit, in learning some of the fundamentals of management!
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum guys. But i couldn't really see anywhere else to put it. I ama a business management student and I have just written a blog on whether or not football manager can make you a good manager irl. http://bit.ly/buy6AC Would love to hear your opinions on the blog guys. The link is above!
  10. It is now the 4th season that i have been in charge of Swansea, we have had a mixed time. 1st Season after struggling to make any signings due to my budget of 90k we finished 10th. Then after a ridiculous bid of 800k from Notts County for Dobbie. I started to build a team who could challenge. Notable signing in the 2nd season were Jordan Rhodes- earned a call up to the England squad before i was promoted Luke Young-free Steven Taylor-free El Hadji Diouf- free A young senegalese winger with a bright future Charlie Mulgrew-free, what a signing he has turned out to be, a dead ball specialist, chipped in with 6 goals and 12 assists in his first season with me. After a decent start my team slipped off the pace in the second season finishing 3rd and reaching the playoffs. But a great performance in the playoffs and goals from Craig Beattie and Jordan Rhodes saw me gain promotion. So third season already looked a difficult ask for a squad that had not changed a huge amount from its 1st season finishing 10th in the championship. Notable signings Ben Watson-350k i though i needed to strengthen things in the middle Wigan went down so got him at a bargain price Johnny Howson-300k out of contract so saw him as a prospect. Michael Owen- free was surprised to see him accept my contract, thought he would save my club, he was nearly always injured but did grab a few important goals. January Ryan Shawcross-£1.5 million had to strengthen a leaky defence as i was only 3 points outside of relegation Ze Eduardo-55k- A young Brazilian i had tried to sign earlier in season 1, who had now been capped, looks quality but yet to deliver. After grinding out a few important results i found myself in 7th place come the end of the season a full 12 pionts clear of relegation a surprising performance. So going into the 4th season i had a healthy financial status but not much money for transfer , for a squad that clearly needed strengthening. Free transfer were the call and i got a few good-uns Frees Samir Nasri Franco Di Santo John O Shea Signings Burdisso-1.7 million and a few regen youngsters So after 6 games i have won 5, beating Arsenal 2-0 away from home this is my team, i play the default 4-1-3-2 formation. Gk-De Vries- Now rated as a 5 star keeper, probably only good for 2 more seasons but has come on a lot Dr-John O Shea- needed a right back and he left Utd on a free, still has competition form and ageing Luke Young and an average Rangel. Dl-Charlie Mulgrew- Free transfer from Aberdeen would highly reccomend for any club outside of the premiership in the 1st season Dc- Nicolas Burdisso- Experienced and solid, has some competition from and ageing Kroldrup and will be replaced by Ian Barr in a few seasons Dc- Ryan Shawcross- Poor first season but looks rejuvenated in the 2nd, Has competition from Ashley Williams a decent CB and Welsh captain. Dmc- Ze Eduardo- Brazil international with great attributes, didn't perform in the 1st season, has Competition from Bodde MC- Samie Nasri- Enough said Mc- Darren Pratley- my captain and mr consistent for 4 seasons, Being pushed by Leon Britton Mc-Ben Watson- Looks a new player but is being pushed for his position by Johnny Howson Fc- Jordan Rhodes- England international, doesn't score that many but always performs Fc- Franco Di Santo- Argentina international- always scored against me, bags of potential, Pushed for his place by Craig Beattie who is starting to look quality. Hope the season continues the way it strted.
  11. Is the unlockable getting a grandson after your son has played for you for 30 years?
  12. Thanks, i don't know if i can attract them, seems Swansea doesnt have the greatest pull with the players!
  13. Hi everyone just got the new fm handheld. I am currently playing as Swansea city and i am in the January transfer window. I need a striker who can score goals as i am finding them hard to come by. I have 275k and can offer 8k a week, Any ideas???
  14. I saw Andrea Orlandi in of Swansea and Spain get called up for Wales after the Swans were prmoted to the prem
  15. Holland 2-0 Slovenia My 2nd game in charge, my first competitive game in 2012/2013 Sniejder and huntelar. Must win the champions league with Roma and World Cup with Holland at the same time! Think that would be pretty good going!