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  1. Hi there. Still cannot get the file to show up, even after subscribing on steam. Any ideas?
  2. Windows 10 gtx 750 Ti I always have to "sign out" of windows, losing what I've done on FM. Then when I try to reload, it always tries to verfiy my FM and check for updates.
  3. OnePlay tried to scam me out of my money. Highly recommended that people stay away!!
  4. Windows 8 Intel Core i5 3210M Memory - 6 GB (DDR3 1600MHZ/4G*1+2G*1) HDD - 500GB Wired - 1Gb LAN how many leagues would I be able to play on this laptop, with a large database - with the game functioning pretty quickly, with hardly any obvious pauses ?
  5. so what did we decide here? what do i have to do to get my chivas team into the copa libertadores?
  6. however, does it mean incoming or outgoing transfer preferences?
  7. any chance you could upload this or send it to me? sounds like a magnificent idea!!
  8. i just registered on dugout to download this tactic, and then immediately got told i was a spam bot and that im banned from the site. i've no idea what a spam bot is, so if someone can pm me, that would be great. i've emailed dugout to try and resolve the issue, so hopefully it'll work out in the end. very interested to see this tactic.
  9. first game with barcelona, xavi gets a straight red for a dangerous tackle....hmmmmmmm ok. second game, against real madrid, ronaldo gets a straight red for a dangerous tackle....hhmmmmmmmmm
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