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  1. Guys, How do you use to tutor Hughes first season? Not getting the option. Signed Litmanen but apparantly neither he can tutor him. Annoying
  2. I will try that. So basicly play a little bit more cautious? Slowing down tempo and narrow my play? Guess that makes sense.
  3. I am already playing a offensive tactic with 3 CBs and wing backs. Just struggling to keep it up when the opposition obviously playing defensivly and counter attacking. Really annoying!
  4. How do you really cope with this? Just can't seem to get it right. Playing as QPR and the first season i did not buy a single player. And was hammering the premier league. Fighting for the title until the end. At the end i lost the title to City by one point. But managed to grab 88 points! Now in the second season everything is going straight to hell. Got a few very good new players and sold some, but not any major changes. Have been trying to tweak the tactics for the second season but just getting absolutely raped. And I am no where near a top 6 finish, even with a much better squad. How do you guys deal with this? In Europe on the other hand, the tactic still works wonders and im smashing my way though the group stage. :saywhatnow: Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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