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  1. It may also be a bug... cause there is a bug atm which doesnt save the views in team screen.
  2. In version 3.0 i went through all pictures and updated where needed and possible. Also i added 2 leagues (Poland and Czech Republic), and other clubs in various countries. If you have a older version, please delete it and use this one. Stadium Backgrounds for club and team screen (And match also ). Download 3.0 England - 7 Divisions Spain - 6 Italy - 6 Germany - 3 France - 3 Brazil - 3 Netherlands - 2 Argentina - 2 Portugal - 2 Russia - 2 Belgium - 2 Scotland - 2 Turkey - 1 Sweden - 1 Norway - 1 Denmark - 1 Finland - 1 Ireland - 1 Switzerland - 1 Austria - 1 Greece - 1 Mexico - 1 USA - 1 Czech Republic -1 Poland -1 Other countries - 1-7 teams per league Btw, i started making this on Fm14, so the config is made on that season. So there may be teams that gone out of the league. Sorry about that! Enjoy!
  3. Alright, thats also fine. Can you tell me how? I know what file to edit but have no idea what to write for it to work
  4. Is it possible to add Left / Right Foot and how strong it is below positions? If so, how can it be done?
  5. Love the skin, but would it be possible to add height and weight to player profile screen? Thanks!
  6. Great work, like always. SI should have given you a legend title by now.
  7. A flex skin would be great for a change, cause fm13 was really boring with all those skins that looked the same.
  8. Not my skin, only gave a link hehe
  9. Think copying over stuff from old skin isnt a good idea cause they change lots of things in those xml's between skins. Maybe go into player overview panel.xml and edit some lines and see what it does, after a while its pretty easy to change stuff around.
  10. http://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/8282/fmc-flut-skin-for-fm-2014-v-10-released
  11. Yeah but thats because not many have finished the last part yet i guess, prolly will speed up soon after they get it. Hope ppl keep sharing after they get it.
  12. Just scroll all the way down on the link Mons gave you, and press download torrent file of complete pack 6.0. That worked for me after i also got the 404 not found.
  13. Hey Barkermush, are you gonna release this 2007 style skin for the rest of us? If so, how far are you from releasing it? ah nevermind, i see its for fm12 ...
  14. Congrats man! Maybe try and relegate back to your old division?
  15. Only idea that i have is to Try and open your Task Manager and look in Processes tab if its running. If it is, right click and end process and try to start the game again.
  16. Good question, been asking myself this for years. Im from the Netherlands and speak English, Spanish and a bit of German ( and Dutch ofc hehe), but the only way to get my character to be able to speak spanish at the start of a game is to take a 2nd spanish nationality lol. But i do seem to speak fluently german when i choose dutch nationality (which i dont ) SI are a bit slow with these kinda things it seems... Like Gimp_Basket_Said said, how hard can it be to implement this? I can name mutliple of these little things that annoy me but dont get changed.
  17. You can change it in preferences under the savings tab
  18. You planning to make a version for FM13?
  19. Not really... I never trust any links myself
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