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  1. Ah yeah thats in between highlight right, i did the layout really fast cause i dont use it... so some dont work But i can have a look for ya
  2. Thats because its an older post and not needed anymore because its in my skin Only the transparent inbox i still got on there cause some ppl may like it, i dont...
  3. If you mean the skin on the screenshot on the opening post, that was taken on Fm17.
  4. Yeah not many seeding it and i dont seed at night... Also i wasnt seeding it yesterday and day before cause i had problems with my pc which i was trying to fix But normally i upload at max if i can, so sorry for the inconvenience And no i didnt.
  5. Dont think its a problem with the torrent, should working fine
  6. He is only asking for it only if he is able to... not a big deal imo. Think it wasnt meant that way like you read it
  7. Just send me a pm and tell me what you want into the original and i will tell you what files are needed
  8. Yeah, thought about it, but this is really only just a modified version of his and just my personal skin that i share, dont want to officialy release it.
  9. 2.1 version. Added some tabs above attributes on player overview screen. (Credits go to Flut skin maker)
  10. Alright, thanks for the answer Michael
  11. Hmm i have no idea tbh. Maybe ask this question in a new post in skinning forum. Probably someone who can answer that
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