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  1. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    Yeah, thought about it, but this is really only just a modified version of his and just my personal skin that i share, dont want to officialy release it.
  2. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    2.1 version. Added some tabs above attributes on player overview screen. (Credits go to Flut skin maker)
  3. Khalev

    Titlebar colours

    Alright, thanks for the answer Michael
  4. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    Hmm i have no idea tbh. Maybe ask this question in a new post in skinning forum. Probably someone who can answer that
  5. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    Just made it cleaner, changed some colors, redone the match screen (all credits to OPZ skin maker for his awesome scoreboard) and some other little things.
  6. Khalev

    Show your skin... and inspire

    Loved that skin. I miss you...
  7. Khalev

    Show your skin... and inspire

    There is a reason for that. No white skin is easy on the eyes Why would you torture yourself, when you can have a nice stadium background or a even just some green grass at the back!
  8. Khalev

    Show your skin... and inspire

    I really like it that everything you really need is in the centre on top
  9. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    What does it matter, atleast you are enjoying the skin you got
  10. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    My MODIFIED neub skin version 2.1 for anyone that is interested. So DONT pm Krysler76 for questions please Download 2.1
  11. Khalev

    Titlebar colours

    Hey Michael, is it still possible to change those colours? I tried it with your old mod but it didnt work.
  12. Khalev

    [FM19] [Skin] Neub Skin FM19 v1.3

    I have no idea, sorry
  13. Try panels/tactics/tactics overview side panel.xml Only thing i know is that if you reduce the height there, it will shrink.
  14. Khalev

    Khalev's Stadium Background Pack 2.0

    Go into Preferences/Interface and tick Show screen ID's in title bar to assist skinning. Then you can see the numbers on the top of the screen. If you also want a stadium picture on match day you need to go into the Editor and search for the club then the stadium and it will give you another number. Good luck!