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  1. Do you got like many version of one skin in your skins folder? I noticed one time it would revert back to dark with me... after i removed most of them it was fine.
  2. Default it should be in there: C:\Users\Khalev\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics If there isnt a graphics folder just make one
  3. This is a direct link to the pack uploaded to mediafire, which some ppl were asking for. Download
  4. I talked to him and he doesnt mind. I already told someone else in this thread that i dont want this to be an officially released skin on its own, its just a modification. Meant for myself, family and friends firstly and decided to share it with the rest. Been posting for so long now in this thread dont see why i need to move now. Been very clear that this isnt the original skin aswell (I know, some ppl dont read... not my problem hehe )
  5. You need some graphics from the graphics folder or change some code lines to let it load a graphic you already have
  6. Oh man i want that too! Mine is so dull atm... Need to have a look... And dont thank me, thank them for their work
  7. Alright, its easy to do... just copy over 2 files from one of those skins. team upcoming fixture badges manager home.xml and team upcoming fixture info manager home.xml from panel/team folder Done!
  8. Yeah looks nice doesnt it. I think its not that complicated to do, need to put the stadium background for the next game, the one on the right in fixtures list, and put it behind it... Can have a look What skin is that btw in the link, maybe i can steal it
  9. Ah like in it ... well yeah should be possible.. Yeah only changed it for that one cause i thought you wnated it inthere... so much code in that file so didnt wanna go through it all
  10. Had another look at it and it can be changed. Yay! (So stupid i didnt see it before) What you want changed about it? Lighter or can make it team colour... Like this... doesnt look to bad right?
  11. I dont even remember haha... Just fixed some things, changed and added stuff
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