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  1. nah, i dont have the drive nor did i upload them anywhere
  2. Hello, i was playing FM 2014 up untill 2 years ago and have over 8000 hours on it. Now, i recently reinstalled it, but since i have new computer since 2 years ago when i last played i dont have the old saves, tactics exc. Is it possible to retrieve those saves somehow thru steam files or any other way? I know those tactics in those save kicked ass so i want it back but i cant remember them. Thanks
  3. i was wondering if it had something to do with fatique, but when they get knocked out of CL they continue destroying in the league again. I was wondering also if it might be a part of the game code too, i mean i have 6-0-0 in group stage, i get CLub Brugge in 1/8 of CL who was 3rd in Belgian league at the time, and of course i will attack them from minute 1. Not only that i didnt win, i got outclassed, outplayed, they were better in every way and beaten me 6:0. Imagine how furious you can get with something like that. Especiallly when keeping in mind ive beaten Barcelona in the previous match
  4. Is there something like this for FM2014 somewhere to download? I would love that
  5. Ok, im playing FM 2014 with Real Madrid for 7 seasons now, i destroy everyone in the league with alot of scored goals, i win over even Barcelona and Valencia, and dominate in the group stage of CL, but when the knockout phase comes about, it does not matter if i just won 60 games in a row in La Liga, or that all of my players are 4,5 stars, or that they are Superb by morale for the last 6 months, or that the opponent had bad streak of results, i rutinely get knocked out. Obviously my tactics and training is not the problem, the players start acting like amateurs when 1/8 of CL comes and throw
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