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    Heading back to the boardroom to request an increased transfer budget.
  1. Very Few Paki's In The Premier League

    Let's all go and **** on that **** SFraser's grave.
  2. Very Few Paki's In The Premier League

    Anyone else happy SFraser died?
  3. Very Few Paki's In The Premier League

    Valid point though? Those smelly little bastards playing Cricket too much?
  4. Very Few Paki's In The Premier League

    Nah those dirty little ***** don't mind mate.
  5. Why is there so few Paki's in the Premier League?
  6. He is playing it and he's finding it hard. Don't blindly attack him like that it's not fair to gang up on him.
  7. Enter either of them mate, you're not going to win lol.
  8. I don't see why you need to start a new forum. Especially one that looks terrible, just put all your updates on here and ditch that nonsense.
  9. Come on Grep, we're all friends here. Build and bridge and get over it.
  10. I have ESPN and ESPN America and there are loads of shows that talk about different sports and whenever Football is brought up the panelists just ridicule the sport and say Footballers aren't real athletes... Refreshing to hear there are Americans on here who love the sport, the U.S. have some really good players after all.
  11. I wish i didnt have a Girlfreind!

    I keep FM a secret from my girlfriend. Should just wouldn't understand...
  12. Absolutely awful tactic. Avoid this at all costs.
  13. Tried this with my save with Sunderland and I just lost 3-0 to Norwich and 1-0 to Swansea...
  14. Isn't this just like any other game? If people play it year after year then of course you will win a lot. There's people who will buy FM for the first time this year and not have 1% of the knowledge of the game as some people on here. If you're finding it easy then you're just good at the game, congrats.