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  1. You need Work Rate (to want to perform more actions), Stamina (to be able to perform more actions), Teamwork (to follow the relevant closing down/marking instructions to mark the relevant player or zone), and Concentration (to not switch off once the attacking phase ends). These attributes, arranged with the most important one first, will make attacking players track back.
  2. One of the things that has always perplexed me is the way players progress IRL vs FM, and perhaps unnecessarily so. I find that, in real life, younger players have more stamina and run more. They can also run for longer before they have to stop. However, in FM, I often see players gaining stamina, seemingly as often as they lose it. I find that strange. Stamina seems to decrease consistently only once the player's other physical attributes start to decrease as well. This is important because I would like to put younger attacking players on the pitch to eat up the first 60 minutes and tire
  3. People say the timebar is unrealistic because that's not how managers IRL experience a match. However, these people need to realize two things: (1) In real life, teams have a bunch of coaches sitting on the bench and watching the pitch to catch all the little details. Being able to rewind on the timebar is how we get that same ability from the game. (2) Unlike real-life coaches, we don't get to watch training and work on our formations and tactics in training. So we need to be able to rewind during the game to see the things that normally, you would already know from being in trainin
  4. So this means that, even when you set general Opposition Instructions, they won't become active in a game unless you also hit that blue button in the game? I'd been wondering about that...because surely the whole point is for that to happen automatically...
  5. Why does the game force you to tell a tired player that he's getting rested because he's tired?
  6. goranm, you're a terrible communicator and you don't even know it. You shouldn't have a discussion with someone if you don't even know what you yourself are saying. I read your post and you are spewing nonsense and not allowing people to tell you why it's nonsense. That means you're also a terrible listener. I'm not going into specifics because others have already done that to no avail. It's one thing to disagree, but if you can't even communicate properly, then you should leave people in peace.
  7. Absolutely correct. However, since researchers have no way to know the PA for every skill, SI generalizes by creating a PA for the player in general. I do not code for FM, so I cannot say for certain that FM has the ability to replicate every development arc that has ever been witnessed IRL. But I suspect the development of players, in general, is more nuanced and accurate than some forum posters would like to believe. Now about the Dynamic Potential Ability idea...it is quite silly, isn't it? If Potential Ability is dynamic, then there is no use for Current Ability, is there? Lol. A
  8. As a manager who has been starting to worry a bit less about tactics and a bit more about how players can carry out tactics, I have found this to be a fascinating discussion to read. I can agree that there probably isn't a need to have an attribute for Penalty-Taking (How can you know who the best Penalty-Taker is if only 2 or 3 people in the team take penalties? How many other attributes could go an ENTIRE GAME and not be used even once?) or Kicking (tbh I don't really care if my gk has the ability to kick the ball all the way to the opposing gk). Similar idea with Thr
  9. Only one of those screenshots actually shows a possession difference that I would consider statistically significant. Anyway, possession isn't nothing. A more accurate statement would be: possession isn't everything.
  10. What a player you've got on your hands! I would say his Concentration and Tacking are a bit low for midfield work. Because of that, I'd play him as a striker (DLF, specifically).
  11. I went through the posts and I only saw Teamwork Five times. This is a game about making winning teams...how is Teamwork not important to people?!? Anyway, my five are (in alphabetical order): Composure.....(Don't want players getting red cards or giving the ball away when it's unnecessary.) Decisions.........(Speaks for itself.) Stamina or Pace, depending on position...........(I saw at least one person put Natural Fitness, but I think Stamina is the more important one?) Teamwork.......(It's a team game...) Work Rate........(Also self-explanatory. However I noticed a
  12. jamie, don't you need something for your chair to roll on, other than carpet?
  13. This post is so funny to me because I literally posted about the same thing two months earlier because I honestly can't understand how the thousands of people who come to this site could play the game and not find this man marking at all costs super annoying. I honestly don't know how anyone who plays the game with regularity would not find it weird the way it works currently. I guess people just decide that they are just going to adapt by just not using the instruction at all. But if you have to tell your players to play differently than what you actually want, what is the point of playing F
  14. I don't think Liverpool could pull off results like that even if they were playing Championship teams. I don't understand why y'all are giving OP crap when he clearly has a point.
  15. Why don't man marking instructions for individual players get shut off during set pieces? If I have a player's Attacking Corners instructions as Stay Back, for example, but their man marking instructions are to mark someone, then they will run all the way forward to the opponent's goal to mark that person even ignoring dribblers that are going past them with the ball in a counterattack. Well, this is troublesome if there are only 2 players staying back and one of them just leaves their post to go all the way forward during a counterattack. It seems like it would be an obvious thing to switch m
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