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  1. I'm still playing FM 18. In most of my saves, I find that Man U is winning the title at least half the time. I tried to nerf some of the Man U players a little to avoid title wins, but it hasn't helped. The only way is to do major nerfs on a few players, which I don't want to quite go there because then it's unrealistic, just in a different way.
  2. You guys ever notice that players sometimes send a pass in the air that could have easily been sent along the the ground because the recipient of the pass was not actually far away? I have seen a lot of possession lost from these unnecessary air passes that forces the receiving player to take more time trapping the ball and gives the opposing player more time to close the ball down. I don't know if if this is (1) a ME issue where the ME does not recognize that, in real life, air passes are harder to execute and therefore players only make air passes when they cannot reach their target through a ground pass or there is an opponent blocking the ground pass option. Or maybe its (2) a Decisions attribute thing, where the ME has calculated that the individual player does not recognize that an air pass is not necessary. I wonder which of these two issues it is. I would like to hear from anyone who thinks they might have some objective insight on this.
  3. You just gave me a wonderful lecture on how soccer works, but you didn't answer the question. I understand that even FM soccer is a complex game, but each attribute still matters. All I want, if anyone would be so kind, is to know: What are the limits of the Positioning attribute? What can it affect and not affect? Is Positioning a necessary or helpful attribute in order for a player to properly understand how to calculate the trajectory of a pass that is already underway or is it instead an attribute that only focuses on a player's understanding of the tactical set-up to know where they should be compared to other players and compared to the goal?
  4. I understand that sometimes players put in good passes. What I'm talking about are situations in which it was possible to cut out the pass but the defender failed to do so through their own error rather than because the pass was superb.
  5. Really appreciate the answers, in particular from Jack. Hearing that marking is a technical attribute helps me understand that it is active in specific situations even if you choose not to have your players man mark specific players, but it isn't required for successful zonal marking, which has more to do with team tactics and attributes that help players defend well as a unit (Teamwork, Anticipation, Positioning). If I could trouble you for a bit more information, there is still one major thing I lack understanding of after watching a lot of matches to try to figure out how to defend consistently well. After years of football and FM, I have finally learned that when the opponent is 2v1 and I have one defender and the opponent has a wide player with the ball and also a central player, the correct option (in my opinion) is usually to have my defender stand between the two players in order to block the through ball and force the wide player to shoot. This is risky, but not as risky as letting the wide player make a through ball to the central player. Sometimes, though, my defender chooses to close down the wide player and I can live with that because I can attribute that to poor Decisions. But what I don't understand is when my defender stays between the two opposing players but fails to intercept the through ball from the wide player to the central player. This leaves me wondering whether (1) the defender failed to Anticipate the pass or (2) the defender did anticipate the pass but then ran to the wrong Position to cut out the pass and therefore missed the interception, or maybe even (3) defender was already in the wrong Position when the pass was made and therefore was helpless to react even though he correctly Anticipated the pass. I'm sure that Anticipation has a role somewhere. What I don't know revolves around positioning. Positioning puts a player in the spot that minimizes the most obvious dangers. It discourages opposing players from trying through balls and it minimizes the effectiveness of all but the best through balls. But what about after the through ball has already started? Will players with high Anticipation but low Positioning fail to cut out passes because they see the pass coming but don't understand where to run in order to intercept? Is Positioning required for the defender to understand how to cut out the through ball that is already coming? Or is that only about Anticipation?
  6. Is there anyone who understands how marking is interpreted in the match engine? For instance, I know that there is man marking and zonal marking. I'm sure that the Marking attribute is active in situations where you want to mark a specific player and have your player stick close to them, intercepting balls that come to the marked player or preventing that marked player from doing anything dangerous with the ball. But what about zonal marking? Since zonal marking is not technically sticking to one player but yet is considered a type of marking, does that mean zonal marking is still governed by Marking attribute, or is zonal marking actually governed mainly by the Positioning attribute? If you want to play the Offside Trap, does Marking affect the ability to play someone offside or is it mainly Positioning that does that? I'm working on building a top defense, but I'm not sure exactly how a player's skill is represented through attributes for the match engine.
  7. What I don't understand is how people who make this game, and then play it, would continue to leave the media interactions as it is. Don't they themselves realize how useless it is? I don't mean that to sound insulting, I'm just genuinely confused about this. And don't tell me it's hard to code. It's nowhere near as difficult as coding, say, the match engine. Clearly it's just not receiving the proper attention. Why is it not getting the proper attention? I would like to think it's because whoever is doing it has a lot of stuff on their plate other than this. As OP said, I wouldn't mind doing it if it was fewer questions but higher quality. But it's one of those things that, if not done right, you should just remove it. It's not a crucial part of the game like picking a line-up, for example. I mean the social media Twitter stuff I can tolerate because, even though it's somewhat repetitive, you are not required to give input into it. You either read it or don't read it. And I do occasionally look at it with interest. But, of course, like many people, I leave the tunnel interview, press conferences, etc, to the AssMan. What I find interesting about the tunnel interviews, for example, is that they sometimes ask me questions about stuff I don't even know the answer to. Guess what? If I'm the manager and I don't know the answer to something, then that's because that thing is not important to me. Maybe for a 12-year old this repetitive stuff is immersion. And maybe if you are playing FM 8 hours a day then having some repetitive, pointless questions feels like a breath of fresh air. But I'm an adult and immersion to me means getting to the part that matters. I care about the players, transfers, tactics, training, that's it. And don't ask me to use FMT. I'm not trying to play faster, I'm trying to play the stuff that's worth playing. If I wanted to be a real manager and answer pointless questions, I'd go and start a real course. Of course IRL these press conferences can affect player performances but I'm pretty sure press conferences is not how Guardiola became arguably the best manager in the world.
  8. Alexis Sanchez isn't interested in discussing a new contract. Then he comes to me and asks why I let another player leave. I'm not allowed to ignore the discussion. In that case, I should have the option to tell him that, if he himself wants to leave the club, then I don't consider his opinion relevant.
  9. It does help, yes. Thank you. A lot of people are saying it makes the player move into vertical spaces, so I'm interpreting that as between a central defender and a midfielder (for example). After moving into that space, the player then looks to LEAVE that space by going either left or right (moving horizontally) in order to be free for a pass. And as a side bonus, this movement may attract defenders to the player that is moving into channels. Now I need to watch some FM and learn when the game is showing me a player moving into channels.
  10. I want to be 100% sure I am interpreting the Move into channels explanation correctly. Can we get the Move into channels explanation clarified to something more like "move into the vertical space between a defender and a midfielder, 'then drag them apart with his movement by going sideways'". That would help me out.
  11. An entire ME re-write is not required just because of a numbers issue. All you need to do is give the women normal numbers...and then have the game reduce the numbers (if it's a woman) under the hood before they are used in any calculations, which is very easy to do compared to the actual complex calculations that are always going on under the hood. However, the not-so-sensitive among us realize that it is simply a fact that men are faster than women and so women should obviously have lower attributes. I also tend to think you are not going to be running a game world that has both men and women playing at the same time. In that case, there wouldn't be any men numbers to compare the women numbers to so you could just give the women the actual numbers they should have according to the standards currently being used for men. I've never heard of a high-level instance where men coaches switched to women soccer or vice versa as each world is quite separate, so I don't think both worlds need to be simulated at the same time. A men's coach is not going to be affected by what's happening in the women's scene and vice versa. Not that this matters, anyway. There are already so many men's games and mens leagues saturating our time that womens soccer can't make headway on the global level. And it's not like women soccer is not entertaining. They usually make smarter decisions and have more teamwork than men so those are some attributes that would actually be higher...
  12. If it's played differently, that's why there are attributes and PPMs to reflect that. The rules of the game are still the same afaik.
  13. Can we stop the game asking if you want to keep your tactical changes, please? I mean, I get it when it's the 70th or 80th minute and a goal is scored, but when I change tactics in the 20th minute, it's about making sure my team plays well, not whether or not a goal was scored. Or at least give us the option to turn that thing off. It's doing more harm than good for me.I assume everyone else is not having trouble getting the Editor to work? Can someone help me with this, please?
  14. Obviously, there have been improvements since FM 17. However, there are some things about FM 18 that I don't like that is making me ponder whether to go back to 17. 1. Some replays randomly cause the match engine to pause infinitely requiring a reboot of the game. This means I had to turn replays off. This one doesn't concern me that much because it will be fixed eventually. Here's what really concerns me because they are not meant to be bugs: 2. In order to access the rewind button, you have to open a menu at the top. In FM 17, the rewind button was directly on the screen at all times. Obviously there is no reason to hide such vital buttons behind a menu when you can just display it on the screen. If I try to rewind by clicking on the timeline, I rewind by like a minute. Well, I want to see what happened 10 seconds ago...not a minute ago. Very inconvenient. I'm surprised that anyone who plays this game could overlook how important it is for the rewind buttons to be easily accessible. 3. I was excited when I heard about more camera flexibility, but it turns out that although you can customize the camera more, there is actually less flexibility. The lowest camera height for the Sideline view is still higher than the camera height for Sideline view from FM 17! 4. Why are the U23s and U18s buttons moved to the very bottom when they both do the same thing as the Squads button...I'm certainly going to be needing those buttons more than say...the Finance button. 5. The new Tranfer screen is nice, but you shouldn't have to click another button to see all the clubs that have made a bid for a particular player. That information should be shown as a default. Just indent all the bid tabs and don't indent to player tabs so we know that all indented bids are for the same player. You should only have to click a button if you want to HIDE the extra tabs. Also, when you leave the Transfer screen, it doesn't remember whether you collapsed or extended a tab. That should be changed. UI team has work to do. The User Interface is a surprisingly important reason for why people will or will not use software! 6. The theme song for FM 18 is nice, but it needs a fade-in and fade-out. When you get into a save it just cuts off suddenly. When you enter the Preferences screen it just comes on at full volume all of a sudden. I get what you're trying to do, but you could at least ease the music on and off rather than startling people. Now to say some nice things... 1. I like the new Dynamics feature because it's now easier to figure out who you can sell without upsetting the dressing room. This is obviously something that real-life managers would be aware of. 2. I like the Tactics intensity bar which helps clarify things. 3. Some of the descriptions for certain roles or settings were improved it seems like, which is nice. 4. Props to the graphics and the match engine teams, they do marvelous work. (However, that weird animation where the keeper catches the ball and then seems to purposefully step out of bounds is still there.) 5. The avatar building has improved. 6. You have a scouting inbox now so the regular inbox is not like 80% scouting reports. Thank goodness. That was really needed as it made me not look at the inbox anymore in FM 17. Generally, a lot of the improvements like the Tactics screen are not necessary because they were already good enough in FM 17. What's necessary is being able to do basic things without wanting to gouge my eyes.
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