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  1. I've quite enjoyed watching Dortmund whenever I have been able to, and I'd like to create a similar play style for my Manchester United save. I've been reading some zonalmarking write ups about Dortmund matches, and it seems obvious they heavily rely on fullbacks getting forward. But that's about all I can see. So far, I have this: Any advice is welcome.
  2. Hello. I'm playing a 4231 with Man Utd, and I'm just wondering how I can get my AMC more involved. I want the AMC to play as a goal scoring midfielder. GK - Def - De Gea DR - FB Sup - Rafael DC - CB Def - Rio DC - CB Def - Vidic DL - FB Sup - Evra MCr - DLP Def - Carrick MCl - CM Sup - Sandro/Fletcher AMR - W Sup - Valencia AMC - AP Sup - Rooney AML W Att - Kagawa FC - AF A - RVP Rigid, Control. Short passing, more expressive, press more, more roaming. No playmaker (I think this may need changing). I welcome any advice on my tactic, but my question is how to get more from Rooney (AMC position as a whole).
  3. Every time I switch to AMC as playmaker, my team starts playing awfully. Any idea why? (Tactic still the same as posted above).
  4. So you would say my AMC should be set as playmaker? I currently have the AMC and DMC playing playmaker roles but the DMC is set in team instructions.
  5. Here's a screenshot of my team instructions: Playing the AMC as advanced playmaker attack because it's getting goals and assists. Every other role didn't work.
  6. Simple question. Do you have a playmaker set in your team? I can't work out whether it's a good idea or not. Please post your reasoning for having/not having one set. (I mean set in team instructions, not just the player role).
  7. How can I get my DMC to be involved in the game more? Currently set as deep lying playmaker support, but I don't have a preset playmaker as I feel this may disrupt the flow of my team.
  8. Have you seen this done before? I'm a big fan of Cleverley. Joe Allen is quality. Swansea want near enough £28m for him at the moment. Will check back at the end of the season.
  9. I'm a big fan of Lars Bender. Do you think he can cut it as the team metronome though? 14 passing is fine but 10 creativity worries me.
  10. Sent Martin Ferguson off to central Europe to find me the next Scholes. He better deliver the goods. Thanks for your replies. Just been offered him by his agent, gonna scout him. Looks good though.
  11. I have an updated database that includes some 2012 summer transfers so PSG have Verratti. Will scout him though, can't see him being cheap because he's crazy good!
  12. Yeah, I scouted him. They want £25m for him. I have an entire season to find and scout my potential signings. Scholes can cut it at top level for the first season, just planning for the future.
  13. He's nothing like Carrick. He signed for Juventus unfortunately, rejected me
  14. Thanks for the reply. I think I always knew that playing a Poacher wouldn't be best suited to this formation, but it's Hernandez. Someone I can rely on for 25+ goals a season, kinda has to be played to his best abilities. Any advice on how you would play such a prolific goal scorer in a 4231? I've changed my AML and AMR to inside forward attack (Nani, Young), and advanced playmaker support (Kagawa, Valencia). Not entirely sure how this is going to work but I've just won 5-0 vs Dortmund and 2-0 vs Benfica in pre-season friendlies. I also sold Berbatov to Malaga for £7.5m, which I now regret. I'll post back as I progress through my first season.
  15. I need to sign an understudy to the infamous midfield maestro that is Michael Carrick. Needs to be able to defend and pass. Will be playing the deep lying playmaker role in my team.
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