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  1. I'm trying to boot FM Touch 2016 (so not the full version) for the first time on a Mac. Stuck at the loading screen for ages and forced to do a 'force quit' every time. Not trying to use any custom graphics. I've successfully verified the integrity of the game cache and restarted Steam, but couldn't find the Sports Interactive folders under ~/Library/Cache and ~/Library/Preferences respectively. Appreciate any help with this issue. Specs: Edit: Solved. Just needed to update OS...
  2. Thanks for the swift reply Marc. I was just curious if it was a possibility, I had no idea you've already tried this on the PSP version. I'm a bit surprised that online play is so unpopular but it makes sense when you explain it. Anyways, I'm sure FMH 2013 will be fantastic, really looking forward to any info you'll be releasing in the near future
  3. I've been thinking about this for awhile now: is there a chance that we will see some form of online/multiplayer play in future versions of FMH? I don't expect SI to answer directly to this, just yet anyway. However I think that if Marc or someone else reads this, I hope that they will at least consider it for future editions of FMH. If properly implemented, it could enrich the game in more than one way and I wouldn't be surprised if the game's popularity increased either. It may not be for everyone, and most of the time you will want to play alone but all of the major apps and game nowadays have online or multiplayer modes available. I'm not sure how SI could implement it; maybe there could be a button on the home screen that reads "Online Play." You could connect with other users through GameCenter or browse through a list of servers or something. Then you could start a career with another person online (or via bluetooth if they're nearby), whether it's a random player or a friend, and take turns managing clubs in the game (similar to the network gaming on the PC version, except this would probably be a lot faster since it's much more simple and doesn't take long to process). Other possibilities are being able to play the challenges in multiplayer (online/bluetooth) mode with more than one person vying to complete a challenge, just playing a single friendly match online (as on FIFA where you select one club in the database to play against whichever club the other person selects), or even be able to setup a tournament/league by selecting various clubs in the game and hosting/joining a server with several players. These are all just basic ideas and I don't expect SI to make any big plans on this (for FMHi 13, at least), but multiplayer play in any form would definitely be something worth looking into, especially on a mobile platform and a game that's not as complex as the PC version, I definitely think it would be a hit. But of course, it's all up to Marc Vaughan, Miles Jacobson, and everyone else at SI to decide whether this idea is good enough to consider implementing in future versions of Football Manager Handheld.
  4. :thup: I don't think Marc or anyone else will respond directly to this though, for now anyway, because they're not supposed to reveal anything yet But hopefully they're still reading our suggestions and considering them. And honestly, Marc & co., I don't mean to be naggy and annoying with these posts, it's just a really important step forward for future editions of the game, in my opinion, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be willing to pay extra to be able to use my favourite clubs or sign more wonderkids in smaller leagues, etc. I do however realise that you have several other high-priority features to add to the game itself, such as new layouts & skins, more media interactions, tweaks in match engine and transfer system, more filter/search options, scouting, etc. Despite this, implementing downloadable leagues into the current FMH store system along with the challenges would really put the icing on the cake and allow the game to appeal to more fans around the world.
  5. Just thought of something that could solve the additional leagues/database issue (unless SI already have something else in mind for FMH 2013). SI should do something similar to the new downloadable challenges; allow users who can afford the space and extra 69p/99c per nation (or whatever the price will be) to download extra leagues/nations. So for example, SI might add a couple leagues to FMH 2013 that will already be included in the game as soon as users purchase the app. But people who want and are able to handle more leagues would only need to click on the Store button and select from a wider variety of leagues. This would allow users who want a smaller database or just don't have enough storage space on their devices to be satisfied. In addition, it would also allow other users who are big fans of other leagues (not necessarily less popular than the ones currently in the game) or people who just like trying all kinds of leagues and want to challenge themselves to be able to play with the club they want and have a wider selection of leagues, teams and players. Please note that, on the iOS version, only three leagues can be loaded anyway, so it wouldn't really affect game speed, only the size of the app on your device. And also, it's not making the game more complicated or annoying, the layout will still be easy to use etc, but users would have more freedom of choice I hope SI consider this or come up with something similar that would allow all FM fans to be happy, at least in this aspect of the game. It's very important to many of us, I know many people have been dying for a larger database and more leagues, and this seems like a great solution. EDIT: I know there's this issue of having to get new licenses for some leagues and actually creating the leagues (although you could base the players and clubs off the PC version) but hopefully it can be done as it would be great opportunity for all parties.
  6. Great news, I love challenge mode! You (SI) should do something similar with leagues/nations for FMH 2013; allow extra/optional leagues to be downloaded for users that can afford the space and extra 69p/99c per nation.
  7. Thanks man, and I agree with you completely. Read your full list in the other thread, great stuff Hopefully SI will add most (if not all) of them as they're quality and it just makes the game that much more fun when you can sign loads of youngsters and turn them into world class players BTW, out of the four you mentioned in the post above, my favourite is Betinho. He's scored boatloads of goals for the Portuguese U19 NT, and I've seen him on youtube as well, looks to have a great future. The rest are all top wonderkids as well. Hope you liked my Romanian wonderkid list, I'm looking to expand it and make other lists specific to single nations (ex. Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Austria, etc). Cheers
  8. I agree that we should have captains and vice-captains. And I'm divided on the topic of having staff such as AM, scouts, and coaches on contracts. It could be fun to try and sign staff members but there wouldn't be as many available to sign as on the PC version and I don't think it's as much of a priority as other possible additions/features. But I definitely think it would be a good thing for SI to look into in the future, even if it's just with small database of staff or just having them on payroll. I believe SI's goal is to make them as fun as possible (obviously) with loads of features & a wide range of players and leagues in the database while keeping it simple, fast, and make the interface/layout easy to use. No matter which ideas they decide to implement for this next edition of FMH, I'm sure it will be great. And even if your idea wasn't executed into the game, maybe it will be considered more seriously in future editions of the game. As usual I strayed way off-topic lol but I'm done now
  9. Deadline Day

    You should post your suggestion/request here -> http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/297381-FMH-2013-Suggestions-and-Requests
  10. Good list there Dr.Football1. I have a few to add, of course there's a bunch more I could post but these few would be great additions to the game. Btw these's are just the Romanian players that aren't already on FMH that I'd like to see (except the first two aren't Romanian). I didn't fill out some of the last ones because I got lazy lol Vaclav Pilar (23 - Winger/ST - Wolfsburg - Czech) Wesley (31 - AM/F C - FC Vaslui - Brazilian) __________________________ Gheorghe Grozav (21 - Winger/CF - Standard Liege - Romanian) Liviu Antal (23 - AMRL - FC Vaslui - Romanian) Laurentiu Branescu (18 - GK - Juventus - Romanian) Bogdan Ionuţ Ţîru (18 - CB - Lazio - Romanian) Denis Alibec (21 - ST/FC - Inter Milan - Romanian) Cristian Daminuta (22 - CB/DMC - AC Milan - Romanian) Bogdan Stancu (24 - ST - Galatasaray) Sergiu Bus - (19 - ST - CFR Cluj) Bicfalvi - (24 - CM - Steaua) Ionut Neagu (22 - DMC - Otelul Galati) Chipciu (23 - AMRL - Steaua) Mihai Radut (22 - DM/MRC - Steaua) David Lazar (19 - GK - Pandurii Targu Jiu) Leonard Dobre (20 - ST - Sportul Studentesc) Stefan Popescu - (19 - DLC - Cesena) Gheorghe Tucudean (21 - AM/ST - Dinamo Bucuresti - very talented and being tracked by several clubs in Italy and Spain) Raphael Stanescu (19 - MRLC - Dinamo Bucuresti) Adrian Stoian (21 - recently made a switch from Roma to Chievo, the transfer being part of an exchange (Michael Bradley to Roma in exchange for Stoian)) Nicusor Stanciu (19 - AM/F RLC - FC Vaslui - Romanian - has huge potential) Alexandru Maxim (22 - AM/ML - Pandurii Targu Jiu) Cristian Tanase (25 - AMRLC - Steaua - being tracked by Olympique Lyon and several other clubs) Paul Papp (22- CB - Chievo) Vlad Chiriches (22 - DRC - at Steaua but wanted by FC Barcelona, AC Milan, and OL (all confirmed - the owner rejected an offer of 6m already, wants 10m) Valerica Gaman (23 - CB - Astra Ploiesti - was close to a transfer to Dutch club Vitesse a couple years ago but at the last minute contract discussions broke down - several big European clubs have also been tracking him) Florin Gardos (23 - CB - Steaua) Silviu Lung Jr (23 - GK - Astra Ploiesti - great young keeper and has been tracked by a few clubs in the past, deserves better if you ask me) Sergiu Muth (21 - DRC - Gaz Metan Medias) Alexandru Pena (22 - GK - AS Roma - currently on loan at Dinamo Bucharest) Sebastien Mladen (20 - CB - AS Roma - currently on loan at FC Viitorul Constanta (Hagi's Academy who were promoted to the Liga I for this season)) *non-wonderkids below - just a few of many that have the quality to be at bigger clubs but stupid owners etc ruin possible moves by asking for too much, not letting them go, etc...* ________________ Florin Costea (27 - AMR/ST - Steaua - Romanian) Mihai Costea (24 - AML/ST - Steaua - Romanian) Ianis Zicu (27 - vers mid - Pohang Steelers in South Korea.. went there for the money I think) Ciprian Deac - 26 - Winger/Mid - CFR Cluj (was at Schalke for a while though) Sepsi - 26 - LB - CFR Cluj ________________ *youngsters/wonderkids again* Alexandru Matel (22 - RB - Astra Ploiesti) Costinel Gugu (19 - CB - FCM Targu Mures) Lucian Filip (21 - DM/LB - Steaua) Constantin Nica (19 - RB - Dinamo) Valeriu Lupu (21 - LB - Steaua) Andrei Marc (19 - MC - Ceahlaul) Florin Andone (19 - ST - Castellon) George Serban (18 - GK - Viitorul Constanta) Alexandru Ionita II (17 - MRLC - Rapid Bucuresti) Gabriel Iancu (18 - CM - Viitorul Constanta) Vlad Rusu (22 - ST - Viitorul Constanta) Mihai Onicas (22 - DMC - Viitorul Constanta) Cristian Balgreadan (24 - GK - Dinamo) Cristian Gavra (19 - ST - Viitorul Constanta) Bogdan Taru (18 - CB - Viitorul Constanta) Ones that aren't listed are already in the game or I just haven't added them to the list yet. Also, there are many more I could post that are playing at youth or reserve teams , mostly in the Serie A and La Liga (ex. a couple youth players at real and barca, and many young players play for Serie A clubs). Also, I haven't added all of the wonderkids and certainly not any older players to the list, I will do so in a more organized fashion later on, by creating a thread for this. I also intend on making lists for other countries in Europe that have had many quality youngsters, as well as older players, but were overlooked in the handheld version.
  11. Do you mean a newer device or a better/updated OS? Have a look at Alari Naylor's reply mate
  12. So there is a chance that in the future, the Android version will allow more than one league to be loaded? As many of the devices will be upgraded and most people will have newer ones?
  13. EDIT: nvmind , it's the memory lol. Makes sense for people using older devices, but I have an HTC Evo 4G and I've got a lot of apps installed with over 40 MB of memory
  14. German National Team

    Unfortunately it is not, at least for the moment. The biggest reason for that is the fact that you would need the source code to make any changes, and mobile apps are very different from psp and pc. the source code and other files in the game's source folder were zipped and created into one file for each mobile platform it is currently available on (only Android and iOS at the moment). ex. all files were turned into on .ipa doc for the iOS version , and .apk for Android. I know this because I've created my own apps and uploaded my files to phonegap, which is a service that builds a version of your app for each major platform (except for iOS as you need a mac to compile all the files and get a signature etc from apple). So you can see why it's impossible to edit any of the files directly, although it may be possible for SI to create an in-game editor of some sort that would allow you to make changes to the database, although I don't think you would be able to delete a specific file in the game... Sorry for the long explanation lol