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  1. Ah I understand. Crusadertsar are you tempted to have a safe with Barcelona on themadscientists 2006/7 database, and recreate all of this with xavi, iniesta and messi! Would be fun to read about.
  2. Nice write up again. I have a basic question. Why overlap right and left if you are playing inverted wingbacks? Wouldn't that just stop the penetrating runs of the iw and if with no purpose as no one is overlapping.
  3. Yep has some good traits for the rb role. I'm always converting cm to fullbacks as there is such a shortage of good fullbacks but so many good midfielders.
  4. Is there a way when doing player search to just search for specific attributes and not someone who may be inside the desired attribute e.g search First touch > 15. I get a load of players 11-17. Now these players may have a first touch of 15 but the vast majority will not. It gets even more annoying if you are looking for a dpl and have a list of 10 attributes. 90% of the filter are just players who arn't good enough. Is there a way to turn this option off and just search for guaranteed attributes.
  5. This looks good. I've just downloaded. It seems thin on the ground on staff, was that on purpose so legends would retire and be used, or more would take another year to add them in!?
  6. Nugent should be your left side starter, I paired him with Davis as he is a club favourite so helpful to get the fans onside. They wern't that solid, but Ng and Guthrie were not better. Guthrie got sold second year. Ng is on loan now with a league 1 club while I am in the championship.
  7. I agree TMason was a great feeling! I'm glad Ryan, Kirk and Cooper are Liverpool fans too Just to update Jones got the POTY award oh and as i said earlier I signed Bolado knowing he probably didn't have the mentality or attributes to hold down the striker slot for the whole season but this is one of the moments of magic he produced that got him goal of the season!
  8. So how did the season go having said all that. Well it was up and down, a great start, a tired middle, and I picked up a lot second half once the tactics were ingrained in my players. Here are the transfers I made if anyone wants any tips Bell joined the previous winter for 200k which was quite a fee, but I knew how important wingbacks are in my system. It's hard to pick the best signing. Bolado, Mcanaley and Facey I signed because they were a decent fit for my system but more because I knew I could make a fee on them at the end of the season. You have to find ways to make money as a small club! They did all contribute at times though. Roberts proved a far better loan signing than Fletcher who had his moments but generally didn't live up to they hype. I've already mention Hyndman and Murphy who were key loanees for how I play. The one signing that topped them all though was the creative Spaniard Anton He was old and slow and didn't really fit my pressing game, but moving to a much more patient approach I knew i needed someone that could unlock a door and boy did this guy provide it. I've never been prolific from corners and set pieces and in League 2 I was awful. Although I wouldn't say my team was prolific or even above average in League 1 this guy just seemed to pop up with a free kick or corner just at the right moment. I played him as an advanced playmaker off the right am slot, and just let him have a free role. He was the guy my team turned too in their hour of need and none more so approaching the last game of the season... With five games to go I was in the hunt it was going to be 2 out of 3 for the automatic promotion slots. Fulham, Reading and Crewe. I was a couple of points behind them and having clawed back a bigger deficit earlier on and with them both having to visit my stadium I was confident even though they had a game in hand on me. However the home match with Reading with 5 games to go was a disaster, we lost 4-0 all but ending our automatic promotion hopes. The lads were distraught and I knew I was going to have to pick them up for the playoffs. I felt they were ready to move onto the championship so this would be a blow if we couldn't get up. Everyone has those moments where they try and justify rage quitting and I feel guilty that the thought did enter my head but I have never gone there and just couldn't bring myself to quit knowing it wouldn't feel the same if we went up on a false premise. We went to the next game which was the Checkatrade final against Southampton and our boys couldn't get over the slump and lost, however just as I was continuting I noticed that on that Tuesday evening both Reading and Fulham lost their games in hand, and so after a couple of more bad results for Reading we reached the final game of the season. Fulham were top and would win the title on GD, Reading were next and I would overtake them if I won and the failed to do so. I was playing the champions Fulham, with Tim Sherwood, who as a spurs fan I have a particular distaste for, and Reading were away to already relegated Fleetwood. I wasn't exepting much. Readings match ended up 4-4 and my match was 1-1 up until the closing 10 minutes when Alvaro popped up with this. The goal to get us promoted! A volley inside the area with great technique summed up our season. I couldn't believe it. This to me is what Football Manager is all about. Seing your team, influenced by your tactics and signings doing well and producing moments like this. Now I have a new challenge and am going to take on the championship. I will stick with the youth and have actually had a takeover as Bowler and Gradi have retired which have increased my budget to 4m so at last I have some money to play with! I hope if people like lower league saves they try Crewe because it has some great youth products to work with.
  9. I wanted to make sure that I still kept my focus on developing the young and opportunites were still given to Kirk, Cooper etc. The three standouts though were Pickering, Ainley but particularly Jones. I rotated him for the first few months as he was unhappy at me rejecting a bid from Celtic and I had such strong competion in my midfield with Hyndman and Murphy that he wasn't going to start if he was unhappy. However he eventually knucked down and completely turned his season around, getting 15 goals from midfield! If you go for a save with Crewe please don't sell this kid! He is worth persevering through the tantrums and he will deliver if you play him in the right system. Ainley's stats arn't as good as Jones, but I was trying to develop him into a more rounded footballer this season, teaching him to play an Iniesta type role off the left as I was already strong in cm. So he was very versaitaille for me and often would get the assist before the assist playing in the wingbacks. You will get big big offers for this kid, but again I would say its a lot funner trying to match the ethos of this club and try and develop the players a bit more before you sell. His composure teamwork and first touch make him such a tidy performer. Finally we have Harry Pickering who is a lot rawer than the other too but i've singled him out as others may overlook him. His stats have improved a fair bit, and first took notice of him when Bristol City were monitoring him. I put him in the first team and gave him a longer contract. The best thing about him is his goals return for one so young, and he has now got great pace. He was in and out the team both season and he is being mentored constintly to improve his mentals but he score some really important goals for me and I would advise you to play him. Second season he dropped out the team mainly because I moved Ainley out to the left to get the most out of my wingbacks, but he still provided a great threat of the bench. Give youth a chance!
  10. Tactically going into League One I knew I couldn't take as many risks with my defence, too many average teams in league 2 had got in behind me. I changed my tactics from Very Fluid / Control. To Balanced / Counter / Control depending on the games. This was for two reasons, I needed the team to implement positional play better and be a bit more spread out, to make sure I would not be beaten by so many long straight balls. The second was because I couldn't strengthen my personal in defence despite numerous attempts I decided that we would defend by keeping the ball and starving the other team of possession. I had managed to add Hyndman and Crewe favourite Luke Murphy which meant I was embarrassed with talent in the cm playmaker department. My average possession by the end of the season was 61.5% and pass completion of 85%. My use of the ball was vital in defending as well as attacking. The other bonus that Balanced gives you is that it lets your wingbacks get high up the pitch and be the teams main outlet. With me having no natural width apart from when I played Pickering my oulet was the two Wingbacks. They were remarkable with me as you can see from the stats below. Bell who I recommend anyone to sign got 12 assists and Randall got 10.
  11. So now it was time to embark on my league 1 adventure. My major problem to start with was Ben Garrett, his contract had ran out and he was attracting lots of interest from Championships clubs. I had tried numerous times to tie him down as well as getting Dario Gradi in the room to talk to him as well, but no successs! He knew he was good enough for championship football. Having said this Garrett proved just as difficult to negotiate with for other teams as well and the weeks ticked on and soon I found myself on the opening day of the season with Ben still at the club on a week by week basis. I decided to play him and for one reason or another he couldn't agree a deal with another team come the end of the transfer window. There was a window of about 5 days where Garrett decided he would at least sit in the room with me and I swiftly gave him the contract that he desired with a £10m release clause. I was so relieved he signed as he really is and going to be a great keeper. He swiftly realised 5 days later that he was too good for this level again and became unhappy but i didn't care, I wasn't going to lose this talent on a free and at least someone would have to stump up some cash for him!
  12. Hey Bergbatov and the rest of you here. I too have enjoyed a Crewe save this year. I always have a league 2 to Prem challenge and having done Plymouth and Portsmouth I wanted one which focused more on youth. For this reason I adopted a different approach to you and refused the big money for Ainley and Jones ensuring I tied them down to 2 year contracts each. I also refused to sell Garrett knowing that he was likely to leave on a free at the end of the first season. Should out to Pickering as well who also had interest but I promoted to the first team and he comes out with a great contribution. Much better than his attributes suggest. So I approached first season with my usual 433. I'd encourage you to build your team around Ainley and Jones in cm. Try and get the Kiwoyma isolated on the right wing and as Nugent and Davis are a solid pairing at this level you shouldn't go too far wrong. The squad has the right players for a possesion game. I'd advise having Hollands or I signed Bishop to go behind Ainley and Jones to let them roam free. As you can see they were really creative all season. I had to fend off a lot of interest for both of them and at times they were unhappy, but my first decision as manager was too extend their contracts and sign a determined leader. With Bishop encouraging them to stay and tutoring them it meant I got the best out of them for most of the season. I'd encourage you not to sell especially when you see Jones' performances in league 1! i didn't really make any signings and made sure as this was Crewe I used all the high potential youth I could. I wanted all the youth to reach their max potential. With that I had Davis, Turton, Jones, Ainley, Kirk, Pickering, Cooper, Saunders, Ng, Guthrie and Ray all play a key part for me throughout the season. Almost the full team with youth players! I finished the season top of League 2, promotion was never really in doubt, although there was some major brain freeze moments from my defence trying to play a high line with offside. My main issue was Nugent's aggressive nature pushing him to far forward which meant clubs exploited the space in behind him. I knew this was something i;d have to fix next season and I wouldn't be able to go so gung ho in my tactics.
  13. Since the patch last night, my game always crashes on startup. So it gets past the sponsers, but then when it says loading in different languages it comes up with a crash dump error. v1530510347? I don't really understand whats wrong!
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