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  1. Hi @Felix Wilkie, Thanks for the reply. I created a new user and loaded up the game, I first tried to load the game save from the games folder in my original user account which, when trying to save, experienced the same issue. So I then copied the save files from the original user "Sports Interactive" folder into the folder within the new user account which seemed to solve the issue of not being able to save. I think you're right when you say it's a permissions issue, I'm just not sure how to solve it.
  2. I loaded up a game save on FM 17 only to find when I tried to save it I was getting the error: "SAVE GAME FAILED - The game could not be saved" I decided to load up a different game save, same problem when I tried saving it. I even tried opening FM 16 and other previous versions which strangely are experiencing the same problem?
  3. This happens to me all the time! I'd say 70% of games I play the first shot on target against my team is a goal. Kind of annoying, unfortunatly I haven't found any way to stop it.
  4. Not sure if this is the right section but i'll try anyway.... Playing FM14 I tried to check out the World player of the year award but for some reason i'm unable to see it, the option is grayed out. I am subscribed to the award and I do get messages about it but just don't seem to be able to view it.
  5. Surely it would just take a bit of time when setting up the game, creating the regens... But i'm sure most people wouldn't mind that?
  6. I agree, i love playing the game with regens... makes it a bit more interesting with no previous knowledge of the players. If this option is improved it sure will make it easier than having to go on holiday till the 2020 season
  7. In FM 13 will the option to start the game without real players be different? Starting a game with this option not selected in FM12 always seemed to start with the same players attributes, age, nationality etc but with different names. I was curious whether this has changed in 13?
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