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  1. Still got the 'need save game' tag on this so maybe I needed to tag @Russell Hammant
  2. Yep - just uploaded: CL - St Etienne.fm. I'm still at the club in that and the promise about confidence is still in the Promises screen with 18 days left.
  3. Summary: Asked the board to buy the stadium, they agreed, and I was sacked a year later for not improving performance even though I had Description of Issue: In my St Etienne game, in the board request options I spotted 'Buy stadium' and wondered what that would do. I asked the board and they agreed, though there was some nonspecific message (the text of which I can't remember) warning failure to improve performance would lead to me getting sacked. It didn't say exactly what would constitute improved performance in their eyes. A few months later I noticed in the 'Promises' screen that there was a promise ticking down saying the board felt I was running out of time to improve performance. I was exceeding the agreed expectations and eventually came 2nd in Ligue 1 (lost to PSG, obviously); they were expecting me to qualify for the EURO Cup, top six I think. The summer came and went. At some point the board confirmed the stadium had been bought. Club finances were fine (£40m+ balance, transfer pot available, below wage limit and loan repayment only 80k or so a month). Three games into the next season I had two wins from three (lost to PSG, obviously). I knew the promise ticker was about to run out, wondered what would happen when it did...and they sacked me. 'Failure to improve his overall performance at the club', it said. It never told me what I could do to avoid this, and I clearly improved performance, so I presume this must be a bug. It doesn't feel like there would have been anything I could have done to avoid the sack from the moment I asked them to buy the stadium. Steps to Reproduce: Ask board to buy stadium then wait for the promise to run down (about a year I think). Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: CL - St Etienne - sacked.fm
  4. No idea if this is a difficult thing to do with the match animations and that, but when a goal is scored it always seems weird that the players flock towards the corner or wherever...but never actually engage with each other. Could we have goal celebrations where they do what footballers actually do, hugging and shoving and piling on top of each other and that kind of thing? I'd love to see that, just for the immersion of it.
  5. Sorry if this has been asked before (I did search). If I increase my scouting package the number of players that show up in player search increases immediately. If I don't really use the player search outside of a transfer window (or a couple of weeks before) is there any point in leaving it on anything other than the very cheapest package, to save money? (I'm playing as Charlton and the debt is crazy, I'm trying to reduce costs wherever possible.) Thanks for any replies.
  6. I seem to be able to get a scout to give me match reports on players I have out on loan (or maybe just my chief scout, not sure), but I want my scouts off around the world. My data analysts do basically nothing all the time, so can I get them to do these reports on my players out on loan? It would be useful to have data on how, say, the player on loan's interception stats compare to the players in my first team squad, to see if he's worth recalling or whatever. I can't see if this is possible, or if so how to go about it. Cheers for any replies.
  7. And I have looked, honest. I can't see anyone else asking this question so I presume it's staring me right in the face - can someone tell me where you go in FM 2019 to add/remove a player trait/preferred move? Last year it was player page -> Development menu -> Training, but I can't find it there now. Thanks.
  8. Not a bad idea, though I'd like to see it as an option, not mandatory, a bit like player attribute masking. If you made it mandatory it would make anyone who likes the transfer side never want to manage a club with this head coach/DoF type of arrangement.
  9. Hi - I'm after a new all-round laptop that I won't use much for gaming, but that I do want to run FM18 fairly smoothly. Does anyone know if this would do the job? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-i7-7500U-Screen-Windows-Laptop/dp/B076ZP18X9/ref=sr_1_1 My main concern is the Integrated HD Graphics 620; I can't work out from the minimum game specs if that's going to do the job. I don't really care about the quality of 3D games or anything like that - the speed of the game overall is a bigger thing for me. I like PC Specialist but they seem a bit dear/overkill for this. Thanks inadvance for any help.
  10. Nothing doing here then? It's still happening, game's basically broken.
  11. This happens both when I save the game manually or when it saves automatically: the save bar goes about a sixth of the way up (gradually,as usual) and then stops. The game is then unresponsive; I leave it for minutes and nothing happens and I have no choice but to Task Manager out of it. This happens often. I have just uninstalled the game, deleted the Football Manager 18 folders from Documents, and reinstalled the game, but the same thing has happened on my first attempt at saving after that. There is no error message or crash dump. Any suggestions?
  12. Ah great, OK yeah that makes sense when you put it like that - it depends on your specific needs at the time. Thanks warlock.
  13. Thanks MrPompey but my question is more specific than that. Ignoring how much it costs either way, is it better to send a scout somewhere he has limited knowledge of, or somewhere he already knows well? Which has the greater benefit, or do both have their own benefits?
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