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  1. I have a similar problem to JulesD I think but not quite the same. I am managing Helmond Sport in the Keuken Kampioen. I have definitely not selected 'Automatically make unfit first team players available for this team' in the U18 Match Day options. But every week I have players who play for the U18s and I don't seem to be able to stop it. I try to pick them and I get the message 'Players cannot feature for both the first team and B team in the same week (Under-23 players are exempt) (Currently x)' x being a number obviously. I have no B team but the players in question are inde
  2. Hi editors. Does anyone know if it would be possible to create a world knockout tournament (across a whole year I think rather than in a short month or so like the World Cup), where the top 128 teams in the world rankings are paired up in a random draw? Just those 128 teams in a knockout and a new random draw each round like a normal cup competition. I think it would be fun to see Holland v Uganda and Kuwait v Argentina in a knockout with no qualification or anything. It'd be good to have all the world teams in it but that would presumably be hard with the 211 teams or whatever number there i
  3. Right, yes, thanks. I beg you, nobody else try to explain to me what a big club is.
  4. Yes I'm not asking what counts as a big club, obviously. But say Real Madrid were, in game, the club with the highest world reputation, in the league with the highest reputation, and the ability to pay plenty, would their players still be 'considering a bigger club'? Does this message turn up even when there are no 'bigger' clubs?
  5. Out of interest, is there a club in the game where players won't ever end up with the 'pre-concern' 'Is starting to consider whether he should be looking to move to a bigger club'? I mean, managers at whatever the biggest clubs in the world are, Manchester United or Barcelona or whatever, do they never see that from their players? Or is it universal, so 'bigger' actually means 'different'?
  6. "I'd rather stay on £30 a week in Glasgow than have to live in London and get paid 100 times that" said literally no 16 year old ever.
  7. Yeah, fair point. But mate, real world...he's asking for 3-4k a week maybe, and I'm thinking that's worthwhile for a punt on a kid. But in the game, he loves Celtic so much he's asking for a good 2-3 times what's realistic...Celtic for life, what can I say. But he's no Tierney eh.
  8. Yeah look I'm not moaning really, just trying to point out the lunacy of it in a game that prides itself on realism. I gave you Tommy Brown, and here by contrast is Osas Brown (no relation). Sixteen years old. Also decent but not amazing attributes. He'll cost me about the same amount, up to £1.7m ultimately, from an English club. He already gets paid five times as much as Tommy at a staggering £150 a week. But he only wants £1k - £1.5k a week, presumably because his agent isn't mainlining clozapine. It's not that he wants a lot of money that strikes me as crackers, it's just the absolute
  9. Well I didn't see that when I approached him - if I had I wouldn't have bothered. But that's not my issue. You can't be telling me that, in real life, you think a 16-year-old kid on £30 a week at Celtic, with no pedigree, an average scout report and respectable but hardly outstanding attributes, would ask for between £9k and £13k a week? I mean, he might ask, but the laughter would be ringing around the boardroom for many weeks to come.
  10. You tell me mate, here's the scouting screen. Does it say anything about his wages being an issue?
  11. I found him again, here he is. Decent attributes but nothing special. Never played a professional match. Currently gets £30 a week at Celtic - that's thirty pounds a week. And he wants ten thousand or more a week? Have a word mate. To be serious though, that's not right is it? I mean this game's all about realism but that's the opposite of realism. If the agent of a kid in real life did that, that kid would be playing for Celtic for a few years, then Alloa, then maybe Selfoss, then working at Poundland and his agent would be in jail.
  12. It almost seems fair enough that you'd get paid loadsamoney if you move for a huge transfer fee - maybe not £44.5k, but a good few grand a week. But this eejit at Celtic was £625k compensation 'possibly rising to £1.7m'. Even whoever decides compensation had an eyebrow raised as this muppet's agent was looking for his pen, before I pulled the plug.
  13. I'm managing in the English Premier League. I found a 16-year-old midfielder at Celtic who my scout rated at 55/100. His attributes were decent enough for me to take a punt on the £625k compensation to take him off their hands. Little %*&$ wanted a 2-year contract for 12k a week, with a raise to about 30k after 20 games. I wish I'd taken a screenshot but I binned the greedy mondayfunner in anger before I thought to. That can't be anywhere near realistic for a youth kid, can it? I mean, he was 16, so his contract would run out at 18/19, it's not like it was taking him into his early 20
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