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  1. Any ideas for recreating his current use of inverted wingbacks? I'm not sure this is what I'm looking for as I'm only after a 4-1-4-1 as a starting point or when defending. I want a 2-3-2-3 in possession.
  2. I saw that. looks like that person is trying to recreate a different tactic as they aren't using inverted wingbacks.
  3. I'm trying to build a replica of Pep's Man City 4-1-4-1 with inverted wingbacks but I'm just not having much success. I feel like the shape should look like more of a 2-3-2-3 in possesssion but it's not quite right. The CMs don't push far enough forward and the wingbacks are either on top of the DLP or too far forward. When out of possession the CMs aren't working hard enough to press or support the defence but if I change them both to support roles then they play too deep. My current tactic is below: - Very Fluid - Control - Higher - Wider - Work Ball into Box - Exploit Both Flanks * Wingers and CMs instructed to push further forward to make room for the wingbacks to move into midfield. SK ( s ) IWB ( s ) CD ( d ) CD ( d ) IWB ( d ) DLP (d) W ( a ) MEZ ( s ) MEZ ( a ) W ( a ) AF ( a ) Any ideas?
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    CD (Support)

    There isn't currently a role or set of instructions that allows a central defender to join play as a midfielder when in possession. Looking at the pass map below it shows Vertonghen considerably higher up the pitch than Alderweireld, occupying the same space that an IWB would take. This triangle formed by the back 3 is rarely seen in FM with the back line mostly staying pretty flat. Watching this shape in action you can see that when Vertonghen moves up to supprt Davies and Wanyama in midfield, Alderweireld would then shift over with Dier forming a two. It would be great to have CD (S) roles which would allow this type of flexible movement at the back.
  5. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! "Select a Formation which sets defensive structure and facilitates your overall strategy." This is the bit I struggle with. An example being Arsenal's new 3-4-3 formation which can drop into a 5-4-1 when defending. No matter what PIs I use it seems impossible to have Alexis and Ozil playing further forward as 10s or in the half spaces in possession then drop to the wings to defend in the block. Is it just not possible in the game?
  6. Well, this seems to have sparked a lot of debate. Seems obvious that SI can't compete with EA Sports in terms of finance and man power. Many people are saying that they wouldn't like FM matches to look as good as FIFA matches. This to me seems disingenuous. FM is about realism, why wouldn't you want the actual matches to look as realistic as possible? And no, this doesn't necessarily need to be a comparison with FIFA Manager. I didn't ask for a comparison of the games as a whole. Just the graphical representation of football games. If I could only buy one football game a year, it would be FM. I would be insanely excited though if one year the graphics took a leap into FIFA territory. It would improve FM massively.
  7. This might be a stupid question as I know absolutely nothing of game development but.. Why doesn't FM look anywhere near as good as games like FIFA? I know it's not the most important aspect of the game and I still enjoy it but it has me curious. Is it due to the amount of people working on FIFA compared to FM? Budgets? Can't be spec can it as I'm sure people are always saying that pc's have higher specs than consoles? Will FM ever have super realistic in-match graphics? Sure would add to the realism.
  8. A couple of things I found in my Arsenal save that might be of interest.. - Koscielny as a stopper is fantastic and is basically the role he plays in real life. He's always sprinting into the back of defenders and nicking the ball. - Ozil works incredibly as an enganche. I wasn't going to use that role as it sounds static but I find it's the best of all the AM roles in terms of finding space between the lines. - If you can get another players close to Giroud then he is a great target man even as a lone striker. I'd say TM/DLF is an accurate description of his real life role. Linking play and letting others run past him.
  9. Yeah I've changed my instruction to hit early crosses and they don't hit them as early as you would think. In fact they're crossing pretty much from where I wanted them too in the first place. It's a work around but shame there has to be one.
  10. I'm currently playing with this midfield set-up: Giroud (DLP-S) Cazorla (IF-S) Ozil (AP-A) Wilshere (B2B) Ramsey (B2B) Arteta (HB) Giroud dropping deep works well with creative players out wide and the B2B players running in behind as play is held up further forward.
  11. How have the B2B players been for you? I've never had a midfield without one player set to defend so I'm interested how 2 support players would work.
  12. Didn't work at all for me. Was really inconsistent and my team struggled with possession.
  13. This is the exact style I've been trying (and failing) to replicate in my Arsenal save. I'll give your tactic a go and see how it goes!
  14. Has anyone ever created an effective tactic without setting one of the midfielders to defend?
  15. The problem is that there aren't really any instructions as to how players interact with each other besides swapping position. I wish you could form partnerships so you could set instructions such as covering your midfield partner.
  16. Has anyone managed to get an effective double pivot going? I like the idea of two box to box midfielders (Ramsey and Wilshere) who make late runs into the box and cover each other when the other is forward. Ahead of them would be an advanced play-maker behind the striker in a 4-2-3-1. The problem is I have never created an effective midfield without an anchor man or at least a central midfielder set to defend. Any tips are welcome!
  17. Can anyone explain to me how different teams and players are researched? Is there one person for each team who handles everything from attributes to finances? Have these people ever explained their decisions? Just curious.
  18. Great, there's a work around. Couldn't they just make it an actual option? If you can have a winger set as ML with instruction to cut inside and his heat map shows that he is AML in attack and ML in defence then why not have the option to set him at AML as an inside forward and have a separate option to instruct him to track back when defending? It's the same thing but without having to go through the rigmarole of a work around.
  19. On FM maybe but I'm willing to bet that nobody in the Bayern camp would call it a 4-4-1-1
  20. No, it would still rely on attributes. If a player had poor stamina, tackling etc then they wouldn't be as effective.
  21. Would it not just be worth making Inside Forward available as option at ML/MR then? Seems odd that it isn't an option. Easily fixed too. We are not suggesting the players be everywhere. We are acknowledging that there are different phases of play. Players are capable of doing more than one thing, it's just a matter of balance.
  22. I see what people are saying about player roles but I don't buy it. A 4-2-3-1 was not created so the wide players would do less defending. Bayern play a 4-2-3-1 and their wide players are constantly tracking back. I also don't believe that playing someone as an ML/MR but instructing them to cut inside is the same as an inside forward. Seems to me that if the formation you set IS your defensive shape and SI have no intention of allowing the user to see a visual representation of both attacking and defensive shapes then the player roles need looking at. AML/AMR and ML/MR should have identical player roles available.
  23. I too had that thought but then realised that it means you can't set the wide players as inside forwards as it isn't an option at ML and MR. Someone like Theo Walcott is basically another striker playing wide but is required to track back when not in possession.
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