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  1. Goalkeeper receives ball, turns around and just casually rolls ball into own net. Happens at the 90th minute, attached pkm. FYI, this is in Touch, but it's a pretty game-breaking bug. https://streamable.com/ncm86 Birmingham v Chelsea.pkm
  2. I've had this exact same issue for the past two versions. I've also contacted Sega, but they've been pretty unhelpful to say the least. They even told me to forward it to to Steam support, which of course sends me right back to Sega support. It seems no one has any idea what's causing this, yet I wonder if this issue has even been brought up to the devs. I've seen numerous topics posted related to this bug across the web yet not one resolved case. It's very frustrating as a customer who's purchased the game since CM01/02. I'm willing to send any logs, specs, whatever
  3. I find it odd that players don't try to go around the keeper in a one on one situation. In real life I would assume strikers try that around half the time. If SI incorporated this more I'd feel we see better (and more logical) conversion rates.
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