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  1. For me the game came practically unplayable after the patch. Opposition keepers are all Neuers, scoring is pretty much impossible. Defense of my own team is much worse than before, defenders and backs are clueless. Crosses don't connect anymore and most attacks are offside. Maybe the patch did good for many of you but not for me.
  2. Uninstalled FM and reinstalled. Now it works. I did lose my last save so have to start a previous one. But other than that no problems. Thanks Neil.
  3. Do I have to uninstall FM or Steam? If I uninstall FM, how do I keep my save files? Where are they stored? Sorry for the noob question.
  4. Get this error since the update. Game doesn't start in steam. Steam says the game is active.
  5. Don't know if this is a bug. I started a carreer with the beta. I promoted with peterborough to the championship in first season. Currently I'm in my third season in the championship. If one of my players has a good season they want to move to a bigger club. During the year they ask several times to be put on the transfer list. When on the transfer list I get bids from league 1 teams and I sell to them when they meet my valuation. So these players, who whined all season to play on a higher level, suddenly are happy to play in a lower league, for 1/3 of the wage. Doesn't seem right. And another problem is that I can't offer new contracts to most of my players, because the wage demands are outrageous. My top earners are on 11.000 a week and suddenly they want 30.000. I can't pay that so I sell them or their contract runs out. Next they go to other clubs, lower league and abroad, to play for 5.000 a week. Not very logical.
  6. No they don't. Statistics show my tactic is ok. BTW, are press conferences removed? I don't get them anymore.
  7. The first beta was pretty good. The full game must be the worst fm in years. I really finetuned my tactis. This shows in the game. High ratings, 65% possesion, 20 shots on goal every game and only 2 shots on goal against me. Yet,most of the time I lose 0-2. 20 shots - 0 goals, 2 shots - 2 goals, very realistic. This happens in 80% of the games. Sometimes it happens I score first, and I hate it, because after that the opposition suddenly starts playing barcelona style. What's up with the opposition keepers? Can they fly or something? And on goes my rant. Why does it take up to 2 minutes of gameplay time before a throw-in or goal kick is taken? SORTITOUTSI
  8. Wtf red cards

    know what you mean, I had the same. I had to set my tackling to "more cautious" and now it's fine. I still get alot of disallowed goals that are clearly onside (1 every two games approx.). In previous versions they asked about this in press conferences, that doesn't happen either in FM12.
  9. In previous FM's, when you scouted your next opponent you got this report about playing width, tempo, defensive line position. Is this still in FM12? Cause I can't seem to find it. Thanx in advance.
  10. Yeah really doesn't work too well. Clubs are always interested, but are afraid they can't afford the players wages. So indeed you are stuck with deadwood till contracts run out. Especially at lower level it's hard to sign someone better as the deadwood you got because your wage budget won't allow it. But it's probably realistic considering the crisis we are in.
  11. Official Countdown Thread

    nothing in Belgium so far
  12. Steam Downloading

    8 min I guess. DL speed was around 5mb/s. I'm not in the uk Lankylars.