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    im 19 , play football manager way to much and also to many console games :P

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    currently moving fm house :P


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  1. Something similar to the French football thread which I think is very well done, anything involving Spanish league?
  2. Once I pick a team my managers face in game is different, am I doing something wrong?
  3. I go into the game & send assistant which crashed the game, so next time I just clicked no comment & got through the game. After the game asked me a question again,which I tried sending the assistant & it crashed again.
  4. Is there a way to remove this buy back clause that Juve have for Zaza? I already lost Berardi to them & don't fancy losing 22m valued player for 11m
  5. Mines at 420 hours. Usually my most played game & I rack up stupid amount of hours on it.
  6. Just curious to how many hours people have played on this game so far.
  7. Playing as Paris fc in my third season & it was all going well & then comes the winter break & the demise..I'll show my results for now & I'm not sure why this happens second half of the year Current season below - I know I can't win away this year Season before I had a slow start but a great run once I got going then shortly after the break they imploded again Just unsure why it always seems to happen & it's frustrating I can't get them out of the hole once the slump kicks in,chopping & changing formation but nothing seems to work
  8. I asked his agent to get 80% of his contract & I ended up paying 3million for him but now when I'm trying to bid to buy the agents half it's giving me some complications when he negotiates for example.. the number in a yellow circle is on transfers yet there is no bids or anything & It shows up saying what the agent wants 22m in the transfer offers of the player yet I didn't make that offer..it just goes there straight from negotiations & takes a few weeks to move so I can offer again. unsure if this is a common thing with agents, never really made offers to them before
  9. Nation: England Division: Championship or lower European Competition: None Media Prediction: anything but relegation Board Expectation(s):same as above ^ Transfer Budget: A little money is nice or players I can sell Wage Budget: No one over spending Finances: Just not poor Other: Main thing I'd like is a decent youth set up or the team to already have some good/decent youth players who I can build around
  10. The player power is ridiculous imo & needs somewhat toning down. Why on earth would my players want one of the best players to leave the club is beyond me & doesn't make any sense.
  11. As the title says.. Updated my drivers, went back onto the game & now this is happening making it unplayable really. Only happens on fm
  12. Yeh it does but it's very time consuming .. must be a filter or something
  13. Is there a quicker way to find out if a player is a high profile signing ? I thought it might go on a players rep being continental but it doesn't & having to click on a million players just to find someone is quite time consuming .. especially with a little budget It's so confusing because Andreu Fontas is a high profile signing. Hasn't played for Spain,7m value & at Celta. Yet a player who's played for his country & at big teams isn't ? :/ Might be the wrong place to post this,unsure but there doesn't seem to be anything on this
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