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  1. I don't see how this would work unfortunately. Each version of the game essentially starts 12 months on from the previous version. How would you include honours from, let's say, 2025 into a game save which starts in 2019?
  2. Thanks for your tips. I agree that stripping a tactic back can be really helpful. That will be my next step.
  3. Hello, I am currently managing Doncaster Rovers and have won promotion from League One. I have followed this up with 9th and 10th placed finishes in the Championship, however have had a poor start to the latest season. Are there any fundamental changes you would make to the following home and away tactics? I am particularly struggling to get my wingers to contribute with goals and assists.
  4. Standard FM skin. I have tried reloading the skin and clearing cache, however neither has worked.
  5. Why has the information box which shows player injuries etc (normally above the statistics on the attributes page) been removed?
  6. I've never had a player so good come through my own youth system. I'd be throwing him straight into the mix! Keep us updated!
  7. I'm currently managing Southend in League Two in the second season of the game. My last lot of call ups were Corey Whelan (Ireland U21), Jayson Molumby (Ireland U21), Angel Gomes (England U19) and Rhian Brewster (England U19). All of the above are loan players and none are yet full internationals which may be why I wasn't able to postpone the fixture.
  8. Any information regarding this? It's cropping up several times a season.
  9. I was under the impression that three international call ups would result in the player being given the opportunity to request that a fixture is postponed. Has there been a rule change as I have had 4 call ups on several occasions in League One and League Two, however I have not had the option to postpone the fixture?
  10. Nope. Only a promise made to a different player. Admittedly, I didn't initially check this page so I assume it was there prior to the player kicking up a fuss. It seems to remove the promise once the 'duration' limit has been reached.
  11. I have signed a player who, five games into the season, is now unhappy that I've broken a promise made when convincing the player to sign. The issue is that the player is providing no details as to what promise I've broken and I cannot find this on any page in the game. It seems a bit daft that I now have an unhappy player with no indication of how this can be rectified. Could anybody point out to me where this information is hidden?
  12. Would managers and other backroom staff require a work permit?
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