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    Born in 1981, playing CM/FM ever since CMItalia (1993), before that, Elifoot.

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  1. It works! I only had to change the "54" code to "55", and check some things regarding the main cup. Thanks a lot!
  2. Well, I've tried that change and it loads better now Thanks very much! I'll give it a go!
  3. By hand, meaning: is there any way you know to create the file change by change? Manually, like writing the xml file yourself? I can understand the xml file format for FM10, because of the unique ids, but not anymore in FM13.
  4. But what have you done, basically? Just reload the file into the FM13 editor and save? Is there any way you know to create an editor file "by hand"?
  5. Yes, some affiliated clubs. B teams, to be more precise.
  6. I have several small files with around 300 changes each. One for each country, basically. If you could give me a tutorial on how to convert the files, I'd be really appreciated!
  7. Please try here: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/444016/Portugal-zip.html It's a zip file with changes regarding the portuguese league. Thanks!
  8. Hello all, I've created a few .dbc files (mainly new countries' leagues, and so on) for FM10. I've tried to import them into FM13, the FM13 editor loads them, but the new competitions don't load properly. I've tried in FM12 Editor and it works well. Does anyone know if there's any way to correctly import "old" (FM10) .dbc files into FM13? Thanks in advance!
  9. Really sad news, as it was a great story overall. Good luck to your next stories, and may them be as brilliant as this one. Looking forward to the rest of the story
  10. You can play in up to 4 countries. I'm currently with a save in England, Italy, Spain and Portugal. You can choose the full detail for only one of the countries, and the rest of the countries just the top division is selected.
  11. Another dumb conversation: "Fleetwood's scored." "Great! Who's the scorer?" "Fleetwood" "Yeah, but who's the scorer?" ... And it keeps going on and on
  12. That's the thing, Kenco. The £18M never appear in the bank balance! I'd be extremely happy if my club had £18M in the bank, but the TV revenue is close to £1M.
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