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  1. For the time being, you can use the program Wine Bottler in combination with Genie Scout 12 to scout. It works fine for me, and it's extremely easy to set up. Just follow the instructions at fmscout.com.
  2. Niang went to City on my save but Varane is a long-term target of mine. Mourinho seems to be using him a lot at Madrid so it might take a few years before our reputation is such that I can poach him away. Looks like he'd make a great ball-playing defender though.
  3. Gaitan is great. I also like Antoine Griezmann a lot, and he's French, which is an added bonus, and should help with his integration into the squad. He also seems to be a pretty good professional, so he should add the the character of the team. And of course there's Hazard, who is accomplished as an AML, but has all the right attributes.
  4. Same here. I think I'll be sticking with this save for a while. I like the idea of buying young (and French) talent and building a world-beating team. But I also want to single-handedly increase the reputation of Ligue 1 so I can buy the world's superstars in the future. Sadly, as much as I love David Beckham, I just don't see a place for him in my young and dynamic team built on a devastating counter-attack. If PSG makes some big marquee signing (like Berbatov or Hazard), I may edit them onto the team, but by that point I should be several seasons in so it wouldn't really be realistic. And in any event, I should be happy enough with my squad that I won't need anyone else. Like I've said in earlier posts, I spend big initially so I can reap the benefits of developing young players in time. After that, I only buy 1-2 players per season. Speaking of which, I'm due for an update, so I'll try to post after I get some work done. Still can't post pictures though...
  5. Depends on your needs and formation. M'Vila is a better DMC, Sissoko is a better MC. Both are great professionals - they have high determination and, in a few years, their influence will probably increase to make them potential captains of club and country. In my experience, Sissoko is slightly more dynamic in attack - his physical attributes are outstanding, and he can run up and down the pitch all day long. If you train him right, he will supplement solid defensive play with more than a few goals of all sorts - headers off corners, 30-yeard screamers, poachers' goals - he really can do it all. M'Vila is probably better defensively and more tactically disciplined. He will make a superb deep-lying playmaker, ball-winning midfielder, or even anchor man, depending on which attributes to choose to highlight through training. He doesn't score that many, but he will make the spine of your team rock-solid.
  6. I've had success in the past by having an anchor man mark Rooney all game. It is RIDICULOUS how good they made Rooney on FM, especially mentally - he's just so consistent and so determined. The only thing you can really do is hope Matuidi or someone can keep Rooney in their pocket. Other than that, maybe play a deep line to try to mitigate the pace of Chicharito. Good luck!
  7. Seems like a couple people on here are also trying to keep the squad France-based. Luckily, there are a lot of good, young French players that can be brought in within the first couple of seasons (M'Vila, Sissoko, Corchia) and some old favorites that might look to finish out their careers here (Evra, maybe Abidal?). I would recommend playing one striker up front to start. Gameiro is as good a poacher as you'll find in the game, and as long as he's getting decent service from Pastore, Nene, and Menez, he should be all the firepower you need. That being said, I can see him forming a good partnership with Hoaru as a kind of little and large duo. As for money, the chairman seems to inject money from "investments" into the club every few months or so to balance the budget. As long as you're staying within your wage budget and not going crazy with spreading transfers over 48 months, you shouldn't have to worry much about your finances. As I mentioned above though, the board did intervene on the sale of Ongenda for me. I'm not sure why they did this, and it seems like it has been unique to my save, but something to watch out for. Good luck!
  8. He did end up signing for City. I'm pretty disappointed, but I checked my "Confidence" and under "Transfers", it says that the fans are happy that we got a very good fee for Ongenda and that the club may profit if he is sold again, so I suspect that the board automatically included a "Percentage of Profit from Sale" option in the transfer. I guess I can always buy him back next year, after he rots for a while on the City bench. But I'm still unhappy that the board saw fit to sell my most promising U19 player, and someone who would have fulfilled the homegrown quota as well in a couple years. Although if I get regens like some of the one you're getting, I won't even miss Ongenda!
  9. I'm fairly certain that I left my assistant in charge of scheduling friendlies but I don't think he scheduled any. I would cancel them all. There's no reason to risk getting players hurt in a friendly in the middle of the season. Unless you're worried about fitness - in that case, maybe schedule a friendly for the reserves and make players needing fitness available?
  10. Ughhhhh, the board just intervened and accepted an offer from Man City for Ongenda for only £3.5 million! Now I won't even be able to put a buy-back or sell-on clause into the agreement. Why would the board do this? We have more money than most African nations. And what's worse, now he's just going to sit and rot on City's bench with their 427-man squad with all the other young players they buy and do absolutely nothing with. He'll be the same player he is at 25 as he was at 16. I could maybe have accepted it if he went to a club that actually needs a young striker, but City is just buying everything that moves in my save and half of their players don't even play. Now I have Real, City and Chelsea sniffing around all of my other young players. If the board intervenes again I will be furious - this is just not realistic at all.
  11. It's a lovely stadium but it's never full for me! Starting to run away with the league in January, Pastore, Gameiro, Nene and Menez all firing on all cylinders, and still I haven't had one sell-out in the league. I imagine other people must be experiencing the same thing. For those of you who are on seasons 2, 3, and beyond, are you finding that we have more bums in seats? I feel like we're missing out on valuable ticket revenue.
  12. I've chosen M'Vila on this save because he was available for a bargain and I've never had him before, but I've had Sissoko on a number of saves in the past and he is fantastic. After a few years, he becomes more or less the complete midfielder, and he's a little more attack-minded than M'Vila, which I like. Perfect box-to-box player, but I've used him as a ball-winning midfielder and deep-lying playmaker as well. You really can't go wrong. Great mental stats as well - determination, professionalism, etc.
  13. Man City is in the Europa League? WTF?! Great deal on Martin by the way. Let me know how he performs for you. I've been thinking of buying him to compete with Felipe Anderson (who's developing into a fine young CM), but I'm not sure. I might need strengthening elsewhere instead.
  14. Great stats my friend. I'm glad you've found success with Gameiro. He is such an incredible poacher, easily one of my favorite players on FM this year. I'm almost at the winter break and he has something like 20 goals in 17 games. I'm still unable to post pictures for whatever reason, but I'll provide a more in-depth update at the break. Also, MrSundlofer, a suggestion: Now that people have completed a season or two, perhaps a "Records" post might be in order? Most goals, most assists, highest scoring game, most points in a season, highest transfer fee paid/received etc.?
  15. Alright ANUBUS, here are the coaches and physios that I either hired or promoted from the role of youth coach: Anselmo Sbraglia - £1,800 per week <-- 17 Attack and Defense Coaching Jose Segura - £6,000 <-- Excellent for Ball Control/Shooting Luc Rabat - £2,000 Gian Nicola Bisciotti - £2,200 <-- Best Physio in the game, and free! Erick Mombaerts - £1,800 <-- Good all-around; gives good opposition instructions John Metgod - £2,900 Lieven Maesschalk - £7,000 <-- World Class physio, and free! David Bechkoura - £4,300 <-- I think he was at PSG as a youth coach; looked good, so I promoted him Rachid Chihab - £4,000 <-- Poached him from Lille; good Technique coaching Gianpiero Ventrone - £5,000 Ludek Miklosko - £2,000 Regis Beunardeau - £1,500
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