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  1. Does anyone know if the training intensity for the reserves/youth team is based on the level I set for the First Team? Or is it determined by the Head of Youth Development? My reserves (both youth and older players) seem to run at an increased risk of injuries due to training, while the first team is just fine or grumpy about low levels of training.
  2. Friendly Cup: No Second Day

    Game has now been uploaded to the ftp game-save folder as FriendlyCup.fmv
  3. Friendly Cup: No Second Day

    Yes, I’ll upload when I got home tonight.
  4. Friendly Cup: No Second Day

    No, I’m afraid not that close. Would one six weeks before help?
  5. I set up a pre-season friendly cup. I lost the first round on penalties. There was a meassage identifying my opponent for the 3rd place Play-Off. Neither my match nor the Final between the other two teams was generated.
  6. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    I’d like to be able to manage tutoring. If I make a board request, it would be nice to have some descriptive text explaining why the board refuses it (eg. insufficient funds, investing would cut into dividends, zoning will never be possible, we just don’t like you, etc). On screens with player lists it would be great to have a “Select all” feature to check all the PKD boxes at once. This way I could quickly select a whole team for resting, a group of players who match my filter for scouting, add groups to shortlists, etc. A history of final league tables retained as I advance through the years. This way I can see the long term progress of my team, points, goal difference, etc. If space in the save file is very limited, it could be retained only for 10-20 years and only for active leagues. Also, I don’t need the playing career stats of back room staff and other managers, so that data could be dropped.
  7. No sound

    Yep, that was the culprit. Thanks for the quick resolution.
  8. No sound

    I’m not getting any sound (using test in options and in match) on an iPad Pro unless I use headphones.