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  1. I have spotted this is issue too, I notice it especially when: When you make tactical changes subs, formations, etc...) Shout instructions Apply OI changes recommended by the AM And match events such as goals, corners, etc... The background crowd audio just stops for a split second before restarting, it's a minor gripe but it's really annoying.
  2. I'm having this issue on my 2018 MBP there is a workaround but you have to do this every time you play the game. For Mac users only: Close the game. Open Steam and find FM19 Two finger click on FM19 and select properties Uncheck the box that shows Enable Steam Overlay while in game and then close that window Quit Steam (to exit the app altogether Command + Q) Reopen Steam and find FM19 Two finger click on FM19 and select properties Check the box that shows Enable Steam Overlay while in game and then close that window Now you can open FM19 but when you get to the main menu don't load your Save yet. Click on the Downloads option and that should open up the steam store. (It will see that you have bought it and re-enable the IGE) This issue hasn't been fixed in the 19.2 / 19.2.1 updates so the above way is the only way to have it work on Mac as far as I can tell.
  3. I have the 2016 model... I’ve never tried FM on it just looking at the spec requirements seemed it cripple the MacBook within minutes. Which model are you running.
  4. Early doors testing it with United, my defence looks a lot better as does the overall control on matches but it does lend itself to referee's book. How much does unticking 'Get Stuck In' effect the tactic?
  5. Started what I think will be a long term save with United a couple of days back, I started with no first window budget to see how I'd get on with the original squad. I'm about halfway through the season and all is going well so far. Competitions I'm leading the PL on goal difference over Chelsea after 19 games, my opening 7 fixtures in the league looked winnable up until Tottenham away however an injury to Carrick for the first 3 months really made it hard with the original squad. I drew 4 of my opening 8 fixtures before going on a 6 game winning run which was ended by West Brom, then came four ridiculously placed fixtures one after the other Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City in December. Got through a tricky looking Champions League group as winners over Zenit, Leverkusen and Milan in that order, I've drawn PSG in the 1st knockout round and I've got COC semi's against Fulham. Won the Community Shield as I suspect everyone has and finally I drew Reading away in the FA Cup. Fixtures and Results Screenshot Screenshot of PL Overview Page Players Starting with the original squad I knew where the strengths and weaknesses of the team where and I knew who I'd be keeping and those that will eventually be let go of. An injury to Carrick right at the start of the season was a huge blow for me, knowing full well there no one else with the quality to replace him. I attribute my slow start to his injury and trying different players in his role, Rooney has had an average start thus far and I'm not sure how to get the best out him an injury to RVP means he'll need to step it up for the next few weeks at least. Rafael has been a revelation putting in some superb performances playing as CWB he really is outstanding, Evra too has been great playing as either a WB or Full back. De Gea has been top quality keeping 13 clean sheets in 19 games, I try and rotate Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans and Jones just to keep players fresh. Fellaini has been decent as my main partner to Carrick in CM playing as a BBM, I use Cleverly as my first choice of cover after him its Giggs and Anderson the former getting the winning goal in the San Siro. Valencia seems to be my best winger in terms of goals but Nani seems to be better at assisting them, Young has done nothing of note and I'd like him off the books as soon as. Kagawa hasn't nailed anything down yet a bit like in the real world playing him in hole doesn't seem to be doing it, I've gotten more from him out on the left as an AP but that isn't saying much. Screenshot of Squad including Stats Tactics My intentions were to go with the obvious 4-2-3-1 formation but I found it was not getting the best out of my team so I switched to a 4-4-2 with advanced wingers to play the 'Man Utd way'. My team looked better and seemingly played better too, I have recently pulled to the wingers back to create a flat 4-4-2 for a little more balance in the side. I set the team to play with an attacking mentality with a balanced style of play, I created a custom shout getting the team to play at a higher tempo and to push right up etc... In terms of attacking play my side creates a lot of chances and we usually take possession of around 55 to 60% enough to satisfy the board I hope. I created a 4-5-1 formation as my secondary tactic using it against some of the better teams away from home. Jones plays the anchorman role with Carrick and Fellaini just in front, the only problem this formation creates for me is whether to play Rooney or RVP up top. Normally I've been going with RVP upfront and Rooney thrown out left as an AP, I set the side to play a balanced style with standard mentality. I created a second custom shout to retain possession and play at a slower tempo. This tactic creates fewer chances but keeps around 60% of the ball. Screenshot of my main formation with custom shouts. Screenshot of my second formation with custom shouts. January Transfers The board has given me £13.5m to spend but I mostly happy with the squad as it is, I will need to sell off a number of players too up my money. PSG and Monaco have been sniffing about Evra but I'm reluctant to let him go without getting someone in who can be a starter. Alaba has signed a new contract so I'm looking at Shaw or maybe Coentráo as Baines at 29 is overpriced and a little too old. More quality in the midfield is a must but who do I buy? Any suggestions will be more than welcome. Another winger may also be on the cards. Potential Outgoings: Young, Amos, Anderson and Búttner. I will let Zaha and maybe Januzaj go out on loan. I've had to use Steam for my screenshots as Imageshack doesn't seem to work for me anymore.
  6. Create a new folder in the Skins folder call it Sliders, Put the download files into that. Then in game enter Preferences > Interface and hit the 'Reload Skin' button. Make sure that 'Use Skin Cache' is unticked
  7. Loving this tactic, early days yet though and I've just had my first non win with it. I'm playing as United and I'm around 10 games into the season, won the opening 6 games including beating City away before slipping 1-1 away to Fulham. Kagawa playing behind the striker is unreal, 11 goals in all competitions so far my top scorer and he manage all 4 in a 4-1 win away to Southampton. I've also switched my Wing Backs Evra on the right and Rafael on the left, to relative success both getting into the box and creating and having chances.
  8. First Team Goal Keepers: Anders Lingegaard - Sam Johnstone - De Gea - Defenders: Rafeal - Evra - Buttner - Vidic - Ferdinand - Jones - Smalling - Evans - Midfeilders: Scholes - Giggs - Carrick - Anderson - Flether - Powell - Cleverly - Wingers and Attacking Midfeilders: Kagawa - Valencia - Nani - Young - Strikers: Rooney - Van Persie - Welbeck - Hernandez - Henriquez - Macheda - Hot Prospects: Davide Petrucci - Larnell Cole - Adnan Januzaj - Andreas Periera - Mats Dæhli Nicholas Ioannou -
  9. Of course I wouldn't want to just put them out there ruining the experience for some, I will use the spoiler tags.
  10. Anyone interested in CA/PA of the Man Utd Squad? I may or may not have access to these values
  11. I think I may have a few early records.... Biggest Domestic Cup Win - 8-1 vs Liverpool (League Cup) Biggest Win vs Liverpool (8-1) Highest Scoring Game 8-1 vs Liverpool
  12. Download Link: Coming Soon How to install to Default Skin: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/skins How to Install to Other Skins: /Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2013/skins/Other Skin/Panels Update 1: I have the Slider's working on the Team Instructions Screen Update 2: Player Instruction Screen not showing at all when trying to add modded file....
  13. FMRTE v5.25 Download Link: http://www.fmrte.com/forums/index.php?/files/file/3-fmrte/ (Windows only)
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