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  1. im in scottish div 3 with east stirlingshire was doing terrible but 1st away game won 5-0 but had to push the 2 dm up to cm as have no dm but the tactic looked solid will keep u informed of how i get on
  2. the game is getting beyond a joke at the moment against man city they had 45 shots against me , i am having an average of 25, 30 shots against me every game this is no real i am experienced with this game and never seen any thing like this before si really needs to sought this game out by looking on the forums no- one can crack what to do with it
  3. shot out the dark but do you upload any of your tactic becausefrom reading this u are the master of this game
  4. by the looks of things u have used my tactic as a base and made a few slight changes take a look at inhale the beast
  5. was just reading differant threads from what i know the full backs have alot of possesion and time on the ball
  6. oh if there was something i wish to improve on is probably possesion really
  7. ty very much i feel this tactic is proving to be very good and i would say is the finished article and is holding its own in the german league
  8. like is said i gave all the info i can i am a lazy manager the only buttons i press are continue and play and i have created a tactic that wins thats all you need to know
  9. yeah its classic glad your having success with v2 i knew you all would lol
  10. then tight mark wing backs if they are using them but if not no instructions
  11. wow glad its working for you im thinking of sarting a new one with a lower leage team or abroad as i have only tried it in the english league
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