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  1. Last I checked as of the 1.4 update, the stadium issue had been sorted but I'll run some more tests to see if it's still messing up I don't think a 2 week break between legs would be possible due to clashes with domestic cups and international breaks but I'll have a look and see what I can do.
  2. Cheers mate. The difference between files 20 and 24 is file 20 accommodates 54 nations in the UEFA Champions League via 3 qualifying rounds (I think - it's either 54 champions or some nations have multiple teams - I'll update the file guide to explain that one better), whereas file 24 features 32 champions. File 20 also has Champions League teams drop into the UEFA Cup, whereas 24 doesn't. I'm looking into adding a handful of files that will allow the Champions League winner to defend their title in the next season. Hoping to get the next update out in a few weeks. I don't th
  3. I changed the format of the Jupiler League from its original setting. I want to say I changed it from fixed rules to flexible or vice-versa.
  4. I believe there is, with the exception of there being 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup winner crowned instead of 3, and it having a custom format (group stage). I can't access the file guide right now but it should be one of files #13-18
  5. I figured it was best to note any changes I made that worked down in here for future reference lol. Glad I could be of some help
  6. Mate, you are running away with this. Absolutely outstanding work Is the full database still available for download with each update you put out or just the day 1 save?
  7. Excellent, thanks again. Hoping to get back into the editing in the next week or two so this and the Portugal fix should be a big help.
  8. Basically I've just been looking to change the transfer window rules/dates but I've been unable to verify the file. It seems like the link you shared provides the solution though. I haven't been able to access the editor in order to check however. That's brilliant mate. Thanks a lot
  9. Hi mate. This is due to the domestic league's qualification places being linked to the nation's rules as opposed to the continental competition's rules. I've brought this issue up in the feature request forum as the league tables also lose their colour-coded positions. Basically I would have to rebuild the Premier League from scratch in order to get the qualification places to display in the rules page. It's unfortunate but I don't think there's any way to work around it right now.
  10. As far as I know there is only a "Use Runner-Up" or "Use Third Place" box you can tick, but when I tried it with one of my files it really didn't seem to be of much use. SI definitely need to address this going forward so we can specifically determine who enters a competition if the previous winner has already qualified via other means.
  11. Yeah I tried looking through all of the leagues, specifically to see which one had 72 teams and why it was saying no rules could be found. I ran out of ideas in regards to what it could be.
  12. Yeah just basically looking to change the transfer window rules. I tried verifying the Portugal file without any changes to it at all and it still wouldn't work lol.
  13. That should be right, yeah. There's a Cup Winners' Cup style competition included so Canada as a nation would have a representative in it.
  14. I think I adjusted the number of teams in the competition and it fixed that problem. The one I got after that was something about not being able to find rules for the division with 72 teams.
  15. You would need to check the seeding in the UEFA Cup to make sure no teams are missing. If a number is wrong and doesn't correspond properly with the amount of teams in that round then there could be one or two missing. Did you edit anything to do with the UEFA Cup? Hi Dai, It's basically 5 competitions that grab teams from 2 continents (North & South America). Canadian teams are eligible to take part and have representatives in the competitions. I'd imagine it should be compatible with anything domestic-based. If there are continental competitions in Yellow's megapatch it
  16. It may be something I look at for FM21 but for this year I'm mainly looking at one more update, bugs/errors aside. If Liverpool are showing up in the UEFA Cup it could be due to the UEFA Cup seedings having a team missing. Normally by default it grabs the biggest teams to fill in the gaps so you may see the likes of Liverpool, Man City, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus or Chelsea etc in there when they shouldn't be if that is the case.
  17. You would need to reconfigure the seedings in the Continent > Teams tab. There needs to be a spot free at some stage in the competition for the last winner. The extra spot (if they already qualified via the league) will then likely go to the next highest team in the winner's domestic league. If they didn't qualify via the league then they would just take that Champions League spot as normal. You would also need to add an instruction in whichever round it is you want them to enter that grabs the last winner of the Champions League. This would be in the Teams tab in the stage you want th
  18. Thanks, I appreciate the offer However I'm hoping to get cracking on 4 new files in the near future to round my project off at 40 UEFA files. These will include Champions League winners qualifying for the following season (Europa League too, if it works properly).
  19. The only other thing I can think of doing would be to delete everything below the second league and see if it verifies. Have you tried anything with the Portugal rules? That one seemed really confusing to get to grips with as well.
  20. I was just thinking that myself lol, I'd have to unverify it by making any changes. Never mind. Keep me posted though if you manage to find the issue.
  21. Brilliant, cheers I'm thinking if it's verified I might be able to apply my transfer window rules and include it in my next update.
  22. Great effort mate. Do you have a verified version as a backup I could work with once I get up and running?
  23. Yeah I was getting the same thing. All of the errors were related to series III. Fix one and another one pops up elsewhere. Left me baffled to the point where I had to take a break from it lol.
  24. I can't try it right now as I'm waiting on a new graphics card to arrive. The editor and the game keep causing crashes lol. I'll definitely give it a shot once I'm back up and running though, cheers
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