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  1. Thankfully I may not have to. I've just gotten it to verify by changing the stage from "1" back to "leag". I'm gonna run a test and see if it grabs the correct teams this time and I'll keep you posted. Cheers for taking the time to help me along mate. Really appreciate it
  2. Yeah I have the fate set up just like that. When I test the rules it keeps saying that only 1 team is relegated though due to me only having 1 automatic relegation place and 4 playoff spots outside of that. Do you think it's because I'm only trying to play one round of games where the winner doesn't advance to another round? I basically want the winners to have no fate assigned and the losers in the 2 games relegated.
  3. No luck remaking the round, so I must have done something wrong in the default Premier League round.
  4. Yeah that's the same setting I've applied to mine. 1 relegation place prior to the playoffs with 3 overall. I'll try deleting the playoff round and make it again from scratch to see if it verifies.
  5. Was that before the editor was revamped? I can't find "Relegation Playoff", only "Bottom Playoff". I'm working in advanced rules. I tried copying the Championship playoffs as a base but it's not working for whatever reason right now. I had it somewhat working at first but the winner of the first game was going into the 2nd game and playing another team. I then tried tweaking it to see if I could fix it and now it won't verify at all.
  6. I'm trying to create a 4-team playoff in the Premier League (2 one-off games with the 2 losing teams relegated) but I keep getting the error message that only 1 team has been relegated and it doesn't match up with the 3 promoted from the Championship. Is it possible to create playoffs where there are 2 winning sides that survive or does it have to be 1?
  7. File 30 had an error with one of the qualifying rounds which needed to be fixed. I'll need to carry all files over from FM20 and get everything verified and tested. Plus I'm hoping to add some new stuff so I'd imagine the initial release should be around the Christmas holidays.
  8. I'll be releasing one more update for 20 which is just a basic one to fix a file error in file 30. Hopefully they made some big updates to the editor this year but I can't see it happening to be honest.
  9. I'll see if I can work something around the qualifying period. The fixture dates in that file are pretty jam-packed as it is. There isn't much room for flexibility without clashing with international fixtures and domestic cup competitions.
  10. What exactly would you want to be different though? Just the Club World Cup with 16 teams? The Champions League only includes domestic champions, which was why I was able to include the Europa League winner also qualifying. One nation at the most may have 3 teams in the competition, depending on if the Champions League winner didn't win their domestic league, and the Europa League winner is from the same nation but also didn't win their domestic league.
  11. By default the nation that won the competition should get an extra place in their domestic league. Do you have the CWC winner qualifying for the Champions League or the CWC again?
  12. There will most likely be an oversight in the file somewhere. I've had this happen many a time to me, where it would be down to either a round fate error or an error in the teams section of the particular round where the wrong teams are showing up. How many teams are playing in 2 competitions? I'm guessing it's the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Man Utd as normally to fill the vacant spaces left by an error it will grab the highest ranked teams by default.
  13. Yeah I'm guessing that's what it is. The advanced rules for it are under "international competition" rather than a continent so there must have been some combination with that which caused the problem.
  14. @Wolf_pd I finally found the issue and got it working. Turns out that in the competition details the continent was set to Asia, and that was (for some reason) causing the problem. I set it to none and the competition and trophy now show up in club honours.
  15. I'll have another look into it, cheers. I'm using other created competitions as well and they all work fine. Emirates Cup, my CC merger competitions, Europa Conference League etc all work as they should and I can't see anything different in the editor.
  16. It's a created competition via advanced rules. The confusing thing is that the competition history is updating, so it's acknowledged in the competition overview and history/past winners pages, but not acknowledged in the honours page of any of the teams that won it.
  17. I just won the Premier League Asia Trophy and noticed that it's not being added to the club honours, even though the competition history is updating as it should. Past winners don't have it in their honours page either. Am I missing something in particular here?
  18. I've been having the same issue with the Premier League where I could only assign players the numbers 1-25 with the custom nation rules I'm currently using. In the editor I went to the fixture rules for the Premier League and I ticked the "Squad Number Rules Flag" box. I then selected "Allow Any Squad Numbers" and it fixed the issue.
  19. Hi there! I appreciate the kind words, thanks a lot It's a shame the coefficients can't be updated but I'm hoping they'll give us more flexibility in the editor going forward. It's long overdue at this point. I'm not too sure if a club's standing in competitions will change over time but I think it may be possible if it's tied in with a club's general reputation growing over time. I want to say from what I remember that it seemingly does but I'm not 100% certain. A nation won't get more qualification places over time but a specific club for example may receive a higher seeding. Regardin
  20. I'll be putting an update out over the weekend. Been busy with other work so I haven't had as much time to work on this.
  21. I just had a look in the editor and it should be grabbing one team from nations 1-54. Having ran a test on the file though it appears there is an error in the First Round of the Champions League where some teams are missing so the highest ranked teams in Europe are replacing them. I'll get that sorted later on today If you want to correct the error quickly to continue your game, go to stage 4-4 of the Champions League in the editor, go to Teams, and in the first row change "Second Qualifying Round" to "First Round".
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