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  1. The only way I have been able to get around this, is to go on Holiday for a day. It has also happened when my Head Of Youth Dev makes an offer for a player, and i've allowed them to negotiate their contract, when everything is Accepted and it's time to confirm - I can't. So, Holiday for a day and all good again. I have since set it to where my HoYD doesn't do this.
  2. Ask and ye shall receive. Steam sale is on, and I grabbed it for $37.49.
  3. Hoping for that X-Mas sale myself. I've had every version of FM (and CM before that)... but, $50 in the US seems a bit of a stretch this year.
  4. No worries. I lowered my graphics to medium and haven't had a problem since.
  5. Just started having this same problem. 2 crashes the other day, but 3 so far this evening.
  6. Not that I mind the changes to the tactic screen too much, but, is there anyone working on a skin that replicates FM15s tactic screen? The bars and fitness/match fitness circles are okay, but, I did rather like last years once I finally got used to it.
  7. Neither can I, and I have searched all over. The blurring is really doing my head in and making me not want to play right now. :/ EDIT: Made an effort and read the FM15 how-to thread. Managed to get the file I needed and edited...however, I must have done something wrong. The game is just sitting on the Loading splash screen, telling me it's loading in every language. EDIT 2: Fixed loading issue...but, the blur is still there. EDIT 3: After reloading the skin, and switching to the white skin...the blur stopped. Switched back to black skin, had the blur. Cleared the Cache (should have done long ago) and all is now good. No more blur, and I can finally play FM16!
  8. I've been playing Football Manager since the first Paul & Oliver Collyer (MBEs) collaboration: Championship Manager. I wonder if they ever thought that this is now where they'd be with they "simple" text based game? As soon as I fired it up, I immediately remembered everything about it and how many hours/days/weeks/months I spent playing it. It's cool to see that over 20+ years have gone by, and this game is every much as addictive as it was then...and there are still elements in those old games that are present today. Thanks Paul & Oliver for giving half my life a game worth wasting away on. Cheers!
  9. I hate the new version, and have complained as much as I can about it. Sadly, I don't believe they'll do anything about it in the future either. We'll see. Best hope is that someone can develop a new skin for the tactic/selection screen.
  10. drswit, I'm looking for something that completely removes the Position/Role/Duty column and makes it more like previous versions. Anything like that out there?
  11. My excitement for the new skin was quickly dashed when I realised that it did nothing to change the Tactics/Selection Screen back to the old way.
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