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  1. Definitely not a fan of this change. It's not so bad when I am managing a club I know the players and their actual positions etc... but, when I take a low league club i've never heard of, it's a bit of a nightmare.
  2. The only way I have been able to get around this, is to go on Holiday for a day. It has also happened when my Head Of Youth Dev makes an offer for a player, and i've allowed them to negotiate their contract, when everything is Accepted and it's time to confirm - I can't. So, Holiday for a day and all good again. I have since set it to where my HoYD doesn't do this.
  3. Ask and ye shall receive. Steam sale is on, and I grabbed it for $37.49.
  4. Hoping for that X-Mas sale myself. I've had every version of FM (and CM before that)... but, $50 in the US seems a bit of a stretch this year.
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