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  1. Apologies if this is a stupid question but I'm wondering if there is a column you can add to your squad screen that says if a player has English nationality or not I know you can show first and second nationality, but occasionally a player might have England as a third nationality. There are also players from Scotland/Ireland who count as local under these purposes but don't show as English
  2. The issue also affected the last save overwrite backup at the time It doesn't effect other saves
  3. Done but it didnt fix the issue (as far as i can tell, it was already in that location)
  4. Getting a crush dump when I try to open a save Also applies to a few of the saves further back I've saved the dump file, save file and a screenshot in your upload section FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2019.12.31 14.51.38).dmp FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2019.12.31 14.51.38).jpg FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2019.12.31 14.51.38).fm
  5. I doubt i'll get an answer on here but... Given the type of game Football Manager is (CPU intensive but ping rate easy). It would be a very strong candidate for streaming/stadia type services. Are there any plans in that direction? I'd love to play full fat FM on the bus or at work without a massive laptop
  6. What's the tiniest playable team in the game (that's capable of eventually qualifying for Champions League/UEFA League)? Answers on a postcard
  7. Yes i'm that guy... What's your most overpowered formation to use in FM19? This (attached 5-2-3 with 3 advanced strikers) seems to the be strongest i've come across thus far. (stolen from here: 1228856493_super1.fmf
  8. qaz

    In game editor

    Actually I tweeted it to Miles. He said it was because they couldn't do the marketplace thing while it's in beta. Probably due to steam rules or something
  9. I'm playing in Vanerama South league with a good squad (the best in the division). But i'm struggling badly. What tactics do you use in the lower leagues (part time, non-league) to gain success?
  10. qaz

    In game editor

    The FM in-game editor is better than any of the others available. Can't you guys just release it at the same time as the beta? By not doing it, you are letting your competition (FMSE, FMRTE) get in ahead of you and take your own sales away.
  11. I've never bought a game other than FM that has denuvo out of principle. But damn it, I like FM too much. That doesn't mean I don't think far less of any publisher that lowers itself to use denuvo
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