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  1. In an effort to change things up, I went with the suggestions: lower LOE, no prevent GK distribution, changed FB roles. The results? Five games, three goals (one from the spot), one win. Two chances created and one assist by the Enganche (all in the same game). I do appreciate the help, so I'm not crapping on your suggestions - just giving the results. The thing is, based on the stats above (particularly chances created), the system is working relatively well. Granted, I'm using teams that are tipped for promotion, but I don't think I'm underperforming. My main RMD is the second-leading goal scorer on the team, so he's getting plenty of opportunities, and I've seen times where he's open for a run on a throughball but whoever is on the ball doesn't see him. So I think it's there, just needs a little tweaking. I'll get bored easily with a standard 4123, which is why I wanted to go strikerless, but maybe it's time to give a No. 9 a look.
  2. ...Or is he my No. 9? I'm a long-time FM player but just giving FM20 a shot after using FM14 for a long time. Despite the fact I've been playing awhile, tactics are not my strong suit and I'd prefer a 'set it and forget it' system that I know works so I can focus on other parts of the game. That said, I'm trying a system on my own to start and see where it takes me. I've decided to try a strikerless 4123 wide system with a raumdeuter for the first time (used a narrow 5230 in FM14 to great success). I've tried it with three different teams and for the most part it's been successful. My biggest issue is figuring out what to do with the No. 10 (9?) at the top. I initially envisioned a Trequartista there - the focal point of the attack, hitting the RMD with through-balls while also chipping in with goals. That hasn't happened like I thought it would. Here's what I've been using with Leeds: The TRQ has turned into a deeper-lying Enganche. Despite my best intentions, the DLP has been the biggest part of the attack, hitting the wingers and the Mezzala on deep passes behind the defense. Anecdotally, a good number (most?) of my chances come from long balls from my outside backs and DM. I've seen them routinely hit my MEZ-a and W-a on the run for a one-on-one. I'd say a majority of my goals have come on crosses from either wing to the RMD or W. After a slow start - went six (SIX!) straight games without a goal in August - things are going well: Through 34 games, here's where I stand: 4th in the table (1 game in hand) 10th in possession (51%) Distant 5th in goals (58) - West Brom has 81. 1st in chances created (101) 1st in conversion rate (13%) 1st in shots on target ratio (57%) 1st in goals allowed (16) I went a slightly different route in a test with Dulwich Hamlet: Through 17 games, here's where I stand: 3rd in the table 1st in possession (57%) T11th in goals (21) 2nd in chances created (49) 19th in conversion rate (7%) 1st in goals allowed (9) With Arsenal, I used a IF-s and FB-a on the right with the MEZ on support and had the AMC as a Shadow Striker (won't post pic or stats for that one). Results were pretty good - top 5 in everything above except for possession and 7th in table with game in hand. So after all that, my question is: what do I do with the AMC? Obviously what I'm doing is working overall, but I feel like the AMC is almost a lost position. The RMD isn't getting through balls - just crosses mainly - and the AMC isn't scoring or creating a ton of chances. I've halfway considered making it another MC on attack duty and go for goal from even deeper. I like using Shadow Strikers but don't want another attack duty up top and the MEZ-a is working well. Any suggestions?
  3. It seems as if there are three files that are the issue (located in App Data\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2014\Temporary): tc_league_history_dt.cmt tc_history_dt.cmt tc_cup_history_dt.cmt When I load up an old game, their file sizes are 2.11M/2.09M/1.86M which tells me they have information in them. When I load up a game after that information disappeared, they are much smaller (kilobytes). I've tried copying-and-pasting replacements to no avail - the history is gone.
  4. Sonofa! So no chance I could load an earlier version of the save and repopulate those files?
  5. Several seasons ago, my Best XI information disappeared and now the competition history for all of the leagues and cups in my game has disappeared as well. Is it gone forever?
  6. Yeah, I did plenty of Googling but came up with nothing. Didn't know if there were demos stashed away somewhere.
  7. Is there a way to get the demos for FM 15 and 16? I want to try out tactics people have posted but all I have are FM 14 and 17. TIA.
  8. I'm trying to retrieve my information for Worldwide Soccer Manager 2006. I have an email when I purchased it that contains my customer number and order number, but I don't have a serial number needed to run the game.
  9. I incorporated this into my FM14 game, with some minor adjustments. While it was very successful at first -- lots of wins, shots and scoring opportunities -- the goals did not materialize. I only scored more than a couple of goals in league games once or twice in 10 games, with no wins by more than one goal (I blew out two Championship teams in the FA Cup). The more I used it, the less effective it became, and I soundly lost to a Championship team, so I had to give it up. I have found your "defensive fortitude" tactic much more effective.
  10. Thanks all for the responses. I've tried out a few different setups with varying success. I'll keep tweaking it and see what shakes out. I'd love to see what Cleon did, but unfortunately, the images in his thread don't show up and his web site is down so I'd be guessing as to what he's doing.
  11. Has anyone tried a three-striker system? I have a glut of good strikers and would like to try and find a way to get them on the field. Any recommendations on roles and duties? What would you play behind them? Thanks.
  12. Update on my season since I made some tactical changes: it's still early (10 games played), but my defense has improved. I lost my top DC but added several comparable replacements and improved my standing in the league in the defensive attributes. I am tied for fifth in the league in goals allowed with 11, just two off the top spot. However, my offense has completely cratered: I am tied for 16th with 12 goals in 10 games. Worse, my team is Jekyll and Hyde. Coming off three straight wins by a combined 9-1 (two PL, 1 CL), I get completely bossed around by the last-placed team (60% possession), one that has a grand total of four points (1-1-8). I give up three SoG (in five attempts) to a team in the relegation zone... and they all go in, while I have four SoG in 17 and get shut out. I beat PSG 2-0, then lose my next four, scoring two goals in the process. I guess I'm stuck in a situation where I don't know what to expect from my team, regardless of what tactic I use, or who I use in it. So basically what I'm saying is, my season is going to hell and I can't figure out how to stop it.
  13. Thanks for the help. Any tweaks to the roles/duties of my MC pair? I have them both on "close down less" to keep them from getting pulled out of position. What about the CM-s to help more on defense?
  14. I guess my question was, which role will be more attacking/less defensive, a wingback on support or fullback on attack? (BTW, is there a chart that has all of the roles and duties and how aggressive they are in relation to one another?) I just concluded the season so I'm a ways out from starting again, but I'll experiment and see. Sometimes it's hard to tell what will be effective in preseason friendlies since I'm usually playing either minnows for fitness/confidence reasons or really big clubs for money.
  15. Would you recommend FB-a or WB-s? What are the differences between the two?
  16. Current setup GK-d: Distribute to defenders WB-a: Cross more often, run wide with ball, more direct passes CD-d: Pass it shorter CD-d: Pass it shorter WB-a: Cross more often, dribble less, more direct passes CM-d: Pass it shorter, close down less CM-s: Pass it shorter, close down less AM-a AP-a: Roam from position, move into channels AM-a: Get further forward CF-s: Move into channels, roam from position Thoughts behind team instructions: Play out of defense: maintain possession, although with my defenders' tendency to panic when trapped and pass it straight to the opposition, I'm thinking of removing that Lower tempo: relic from season's past when I saw passes go everywhere Float crosses/early crosses: forwards are great jumpers with high anticipation Expressive/roam from positions: goes hand-in-hand with very fluid - want my players to move around into open spaces and give them the freedom to create chances. Once I went to these instructions, scoring improved drastically Shorter passing: maintain possession I got my fluidity and team instructions through a bit of trial and error. I went with this one game and it worked, so I stuck with it. This past season was my most successful to date, finishing 4th in the EPL. I was second in the league in goals with 85 but was tied for 13th in goals allowed with 64. While most of the time I was scoring enough for it not to matter, I never felt comfortable with a two-goal lead and when I wasn't scoring, I rarely scraped out 1-0 wins. My tactical knowledge is decent but far from thorough and I lack the ability to diagnose what is and isn't working to adjust in-game to make a difference. It seems like I gave up a bunch of goals on crosses, defenders getting pulled out of position, and a ton of stupid mistakes (wildly sending the ball from the corner into the center of the pitch, right to an opposing player is one of our favorite moves). I realize this is a top-heavy, attacking formation, but are there any adjustments -- through team or individual instructions -- I could make so that it was more solid defensively? Changing formations probably isn't in the cards as I have no (good) wide players on the roster. I've experimented using supporting roles in the AMC strata but it hasn't seemed to make any difference defensively. I've used two CM-d's before, but it seems to create a big gap between them and the AMCs. And I'm in the market for better defenders but I seem to have as good as I'm going to get considering I don't have a ton of money to spend on world-class talent.
  17. The rest of the season was a mixed bag. After I made changes as recommended, I went W3, 1D in my next four with a +6 GD and I was making a late push for a playoff spot. Then I lost my next three (-6 GD) before winning the season finale. So who knows.
  18. I only have one DM on the squad, so if I went with dual DMs, one of them would be playing way out of position. I started with a 4-1DM-2-2-1 in my first season, but I lost my only DM the season after and couldn't find any suitable replacements so I had to go with the 4-2-3-1 just based off of my personnel. My DCs are getting beaten on long balls from free kicks by the GK, so other than not getting offside or committing fouls, there's nothing the other eight outfield players can do to avoid this. It's an extremely small sample size (one game) and I'm probably jinxing it, but I went with a DLP-d and CM-s in the midfield, went with 'push higher up' and got rid of 'play out of defense' and I won 2-0 against a team I was heavily favored to lose. Won possession 54-46 and outshot them 14-11. I would have gone back to 'hassle opponents' but my familiarity in Closing Down drops from fluid to awkward. Maybe during preseason I'll add that back. What PIs are you using?
  19. I think I should have posted my original tactic rather than what I'm using now (out of a desperate search for something different) because what I posted isn't a true representation of what I wanted to do. That's actually exactly what I was doing when I was getting promoted and finishing near the top of the Conference. I only changed it due to my DCs getting beaten over the top on long balls more times than I can count (hence, drop deeper), and my back four were getting abused constantly, particularly my two DCs where they would leave guys wide open to chase the ball (hence, close down less). I had 'hassle opponents' checked but was afraid I was going to get opened up too badly. The 'play out of defense' option was added to add more chances to keep possession.
  20. . It may very well have been a bad decision but since they were carving me up I had to try something - they were running free regardless (I think I marked one with the DM and one with a DC, leaving the spare DC in a 'cover' role). Like I said, tactics aren't my strongsuit (which is why I'm here), so what may be the right decision isn't second nature to me. And I realize possession isn't everything, but it can be frustrating to control the game, yet see the opposition do something productive every time they have the ball (shot/corner/scoring chance), and score twice on two shots while I have eight and no goals. I know, a common refrain around here, just pointing out how my season is going right now, and the difficulty of judging how well a tactic is working.
  21. Got it. I tweaked things a little, putting the MCs as DLP-d and BWM-d, or dropping one back as a DM (I only have one DM on the squad, otherwise I'd drop both back) in a HB-d to help the central defenders. I thought it was working fine in a few test games, then when I tried it for real, despite man marking both STs, they combined for three second-half goals in a 3-1 loss. Of course, nothing is working for me now as I sink to the bottom of the table: I lost 1-0 on an own goal by my GK, then 2-1 when having 61% possession and holding them to two shots in the first 60 minutes (they both went in). So as you can see, it's hard to tell what's working and what isn't.
  22. The 4-2-3-1 tactic I've been using has been pretty good to me, getting me a promotion via playoff to Conference Premier and into the playoffs the following season. 15-16 (Conf N/S) 80 goals (2nd), 60 allowed (9th) - 4th (promotion) 16-17 (Conf Prem) 83 goals (1st), 62 allowed (10th) - 4th (playoff) 17-18 (Conf Prem) 57 goals (T-5th), 51 allowed (T-16th) - currently 11th The 2017-18 numbers are through 33 games and I've been shut out three times in my last five games, so my offense has fallen off lately. As you can see, I've been scoring lots of goals and slightly above average (good enough) on defense. But this season, with little changing in the way of personnel or tactics, my defense has been horrible, with some repeating issues. Formation: TIs: Control/Balanced The PIs I use for by DCs are 'Close Down Less' and 'Mark Tighter' - the only one I'm using for the outside backs is 'Fewer Risky Passes.' GK has 'Distribute to Defenders.' I usually win possession (by design), but also usually get outshot. The first two years I used this tactic I had 'Push Higher Up' and 'Hassle Opponents' checked but since I was getting opened up with frequency, usually from long balls over the top, I dialed it back some but am still leaking goals. I seem to have more trouble with the 4-4-2 than any others (outscored almost 2-to-1). The PKM I'm uploading was against the last-placed team in the league (by far - 11 points from safety) using a 4-4-2. http://www.filedropper.com/stalbansvfcunited Highlights of note: 21:52 - DCR leaves man to go after ball where there is already a defender, creates 1-on-1 with GK 24:22 - DCL sends pass back to middle of the field, straight to opponent, leads to goal 42:22 - long kick from GK, over head of DCR directly to their ST 84:20 - wild throw-in - player throwing it in has a rating of 20 but can't for the life of me get him to throw it long, even when specified in the set pieces, and many times he can't even get it to a wide-open player near him. The repeating issues are my back four inexplicably leaving men wide open - as seen in the highlights - and DCs letting their man get behind them on free kicks (which is why I set the TI to 'Drop Deeper'). Another problem is my players passing wildly toward the middle, straight to an opposing player. I also get hammered a lot on the counter. Here's another PKM - allowed two goals on long balls from the GK (this was against a lower-division side using a 4-4-2): http://www.filedropper.com/chorleyvfcunited My DCs aren't bad - one rating under 8 in the major categories and most 10 or better - but it could be a case of them being total donkeys. Despite having a college degree, I'm pretty much a dunce when it comes to tactics and even more so, knowing how to fix what isn't working or make changes so something works better, which is why I'm asking for help. Thanks in advance.
  23. I guess my question is based more around, does that make any sense tactically and am I accomplishing anything? My issues with tactics have less to do with coming up with a vision of how I want to play, and more with, are the instructions/roles conflicting with each other/my overall style of play? If I decide to tell a player to do X, is that helping me or actually hurting me?
  24. Thanks for the insight. My main issue dealt with just slight changes (changing from poacher to advanced forward), but I'll keep the larger issues on my mind for other positions. I thought about going with two IF-s and two FB-a instead of just one on the left side now that I've found a RB that can perform the attack role. Should I look into making the change or just stick with what I've got?
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