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  1. I have a bit of a problem with the Superdraft: So, the first team gets everyone. I haven't loaded the US league from the start of the game, this is the first year it was loaded. I don't use any custom leagues, the only editor data I have is real name fixes. I have used the ingame editor but nothing relating to the US leagues. I have uploaded mysavegame on the cloud, savegame is Divolinon.fm .
  2. I agree with the first part. But it's not because it's not a problem that it isn't cheating. Of course it is.
  3. Literally never heard that. Maybe it's Netherlands Dutch?
  4. 2 things: first "terugkoppeling" isn't a word that is used. Better is just "feedback". Second "Mijn client is onwijs geïnteresseerd" is not Dutch. Frankly I have no idea what it's suppose to mean. The best I have is that he's interested but his agent thinks he's a dumbass for being interested.
  5. Dejan Veljkovic is in the game as a scout for Lokeren. In reality he's an agent whose sitting in jail right now.
  6. Last sentence. He came for an amount of "Man Utd". Man Utd is not an amount, it is a club :). The last Man Utd should be the variable for the transfer sum instead of the club name.
  7. No, they changed it in English as wel. It's supposed to make more sense. Of course in Dutch it makes less sense. In English what used to be "control" is now "positive". So it should be something similar.
  8. Having a mentality called "aanvallend" (attacking) and another called "aanvallen" (attack) is quite confusing.
  9. It was back in the time with CM. You had to put the "Arse" command in though. You could have fights on the pitch, players punching other players, players punching the referee, ... Back then it was also regens only. Wish they put it back in. But I'm sure now they don't want to be controversial.
  10. So I remember this option where during the match in this screen: the game would automatically sort subbed-out players under the players that are currently on the pitch. I can't find that option though, anyone know where to find it? Something else: do national teams not appear in the social feed? Following Belgium & World cup and haven't seen anything from them.
  11. That doesn't worry you? Anyway, I've seen the data expert position that's new and then some ui changes (which were clearly needed because one guy in the comments section thought heat maps were a new feature).
  12. Obviously I was talking about what's different. You know, the whole reason why you would buy a new version.
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