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  1. Thanks, seems like there's always parts of the editor I've not discovered yet! Does it often just turn into a Brazilian takeover as the years go by then? As I've not been an national tram manager before I've never paid too much notice to the international scene.
  2. Cheers pal, very helpful numbers. Probably gonna give Mexico a try, looks like a good choice. Can I ask where you got these numbers from?
  3. Short and sweet.... I recently started a save with England U21s and really enjoyed it. My question: are there any nations with exceptionally good youth that in turn in future years on the game have generated exceptionally good talent for the U21s team? Or is it just Spain and Brazil? Not sure if that made 100% sense, basically looking for the best Under 21s national teams over the course of a long save, or wondering if Brazil and Spain would just dominate as perhaps expected.
  4. Cheers, must of been 2012 when you could then! Best not use custom databases where people have tweaked players to better reflect current life situations then!
  5. On my current save I've edited the database slightly and put Crewe down into the Skrill South among a few other slight tweaks to make the game more enjoyable for me as Crewe. I'm sure when I did this on FM2013 I still appeared on the leaderboard (to compete with friends, not with the world). But it doesn't appear to bring my current save up on the leaderboard even though I've done 3 seasons with 3 promotions. My question: SO....Do you not appear on the leaderboard if you use the editor AT ALL? Or is it because I changed their league? This is the normal editor NOT the in-game editor I'm referring to. Thanks guys
  6. Unfortunately 2012 was the year of the game that I missed out on, however, on 2013/2014 there are two ways and I assume it'll be the same on 2012. Firstly you need to go to preferences and find the section there which relates to twitter/facebook/youtube and put your log in details in. After this, you should observe that on certain news events in the top right of the piece of news and look for a "social networks" option. Bare in mind though that this only comes as an option on BIG events such as winning the league/cup. If you press the "social networks" button on a time that isn't a big event you will only be able to post as a "facebook note" and not to twitter. To clarify: 1.) Preferences > put your log in details to twitter in the relevant section 2.) On big events such as winning the league, on the news article declaring that in the top right of it click "social networks" and "post to twitter". 3.) The "social networks" button appears on lesser events but you're only able to post and a "facebook note" unless the news item is very important.
  7. So following on from the fact that ambition and professionalism play a big part in developing a young player, how would you know this about a newgen player? Is there anything like his reputation or what not in the information tab that hints at the level of these stas? Or is there simply no way of knowing?
  8. In theory that's what it should come down to. But I've got a weaker squad this year than I had last year. I'm just pretty positive that it boiled down to the reputation of your team on FM13, so was just curious if there was a simple way like this to do it on 14. It's no biggie if not as it doesn't really affect things, it just means when you get back up to league 2 and beyond you're considered an underdog and I enjoyed that better than being expected to win everything
  9. Hi there guys, just a post about something I was able to do in the last few FMs but not in 2014. So to start off, FM is one of the only games in which I'll "cheat" as it allows you to bend and shape things how you like through the editor to makes things more ENJOYABLE for yourself. Last year, the most fun I had was swapping Burton Albion, one of my local teams, with first a blue square premier team, and then a blue square south team so that they were in the lowest league of English football. From here I would give myself 20/20 in all the youth and training categories while lowering my finances and releasing some of my players. My aim here was to create the best young players so that by the time I took the team back up to the Npower League 2 all my usual starting players were replaced by 16/17 year old's with great potential. WHAT I NEED HELP WITH One thing that you could do on the editor last year was to lower your teams reputation to make it the lowest in the league you started in and this would in turn would make your "predicted finish" 22nd/22nd. This year however, I've lowered the reputation again to make it the lowest in the league yet I'm predicted 1st this time so it appears lowering reputation no longer subsequently lowers your predicted finish. So this whole long winded post is getting to.........Is there a way of lowering your team's predicted finish on this version of the game as it seems lowering reputation no longer works? Thanks, sorry for the long winded post.
  10. Sweet, so all the others you want high except for injury proneness and controversy? Always enjoy learning something new!
  11. Cheers, I wasn't sure about that one and as to whether or not it's how they deal with it or how likely they are to create it or how much it negatively affects them. I'd always assumed it was how well they dealt with it.
  12. And on the note of "invisible" attributes which are: I assume the higher attribute for each one is better than a low attribute? For example, with the attribute I'm sure it's better to have a 1/20 rating than a 20/20 rating, right? Are there any other of these attributes that follow this suit, or is it better on all the others to be 20/20? Hope that came across clear, I got a bit muddled up xD
  13. I've put numerous spoiler tags in that post so it doesn't now make anything blatantly obvious.
  14. Oh my mistake then guys. I always had it in my head that determination was the key attribute for youth player development, I didn't think of the ones outside of the "attribute page" in game. So if it a definite that the higher ambition and professionalism a player has, the better he'll develop? And on Januzaj, yes he's looking very promising at the minute, but I don't think giving him a potential would be right. Don't forget that however good his performance against Sunderland was...it was against the team struggling at the bottom of the table with a manager clearly out of his depth. So I agree with the potential rating he's been given.
  15. I tend to use Luke Shaw's potential as an example to judge people against. Considering his is that's the kind of ability -9s on average will achieve during the game. However, as most of them don't have set determination attributes, this contributes greatly. Having above 15/16 determination with a -9 potential will make them so much better, in my experience, than a -9 with low determination attribute.
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