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  1. I'd personally appreciate it if there were non binary (they/them) pronoun options for the player (press conferences and news etc.)
  2. I'm playing an online game with a friend and he's watching my game. It's 0-0 on my screen and then in latest event updates it says that I've scored but nothing of the sort happened. My friend sends me a message saying good goal, having just seen it. It didn't happen on my screen and I score later and it says in latest event updates 1-0 to me twice with 2 separate scorers and times. So my friend has been watching a game of mine that never happened. I'm not the host, the result and match that I watched and played was the legit result however.
  3. As I use trials quite liberally I've been inundated with news articles saying "[trialist] faces former club" despite the player having only been on trial at the club for a few days, which I wouldn't really count as "former club". I feel like it's unrealistic to have this news article as they're not exactly players I remember, or that would have been necessarily public information, and I doubt they'd even be news worthy, especially at national league level. "The [player] played under X for 7 days after he was brought to the club ..." seems a bit redundant as a news article and it happens before so many games because I prefer to offer a trial than to scout.
  4. I'm playing Bath City vs Gateshead and I'm playing in my home kit (black and white) and they're playing in their home kit (white and black), very hard to distinguish between the 2 and wouldn't happen irl. Had this vs Eastleigh before and their listed away kit colour was wrong. I'm guessing that National League kits and colours need a little fix.
  5. Eastleigh have their away kit colour as yellow, which is wrong as they play in grey.
  6. Minor one but Sean Burke is listed as having no youth caps and doesn't have any club history after Leicester but according to these links he's been capped at "numerous levels" https://www.fai.ie/ireland/player/888841294 and that he's played at, at least, Cabinteely after Leicester http://loi.cabinteelyfc.ie/first-squad-announcements-of-2016/
  7. I think that the new system works for big clubs but that there's some oversight for lower leagues, such as National League South (the first transfer window ends on 28th of March). My perfect scenario is that the squads are locked until the beginning of the playing season, considering that many of the teams in these leagues will be missing players who are currently on short term loan deals which bolster their ranks. The problem I have with the National League scenario is that, for an option thats purpose is to add realism, it locks all loans and free agents until the end of March due to the window rule which is unrealistic. My own personal work around is to not select it and then start the season at the first champions league games in September, avoiding the transfer window but also allowing lower league clubs to sign realstically. I have to say I completely disagree with trials being stopped at all during this, however, it hardly counts as transfer activity to me they're essentially just training with the club with no financial commitment.
  8. I second this, just started a save with this on thinking it'd remove the budget, not enforce a transfer embargo down to free loans and trials. I've gone to a small club and planned to get some loans and free agents in, bearing in mind these clubs normally are bolstered by short term loans and as mentioned can sign free agents.
  9. Surely a case such as Iceland's shows what investment across the country in facilities and number of coaches per capita can have on a country's football. I'm not if that could accurately be represented in fm as it wasn't an individual club's output that changed everything but a concerted effort.
  10. Personally I find this happens when I bring on a sub when I'm winning, almost always when winning comfortably. I'll keep an eye out on players who come on while I'm drawing/losing because I'm pretty sure some come on motivated and change the game. I think it makes sense for the most part when winning comfortably, game's already won and all, but I'd personally like to see young players and players who get few appearances to react differently, it not being run of the mill stuff for them.
  11. I'd echo 1., I think it's not realistic to only expect a relationship to develop between winger and fb for example when they would be a part of passing triangles and diamonds with their sided cm especially. As well as that if the player playing mr/amr plays more narrow and is more a part of a front 3 then surely they'd develop a relationship with them too, not just a full back behind them. I'm not certain how to implement this without having lines take over the tactics screen but I feel like limiting relationships to certain positions paired together isn't realistic.
  12. One issue that I have with media interaction is regarding trials, it may be only an issue for me as a lower league manager without much scouting budget and so bring in a lot of players on trial. A considerable amount of my lower league media interaction is about players coming in on trial and whether or not I'll sign them, roughly speaking. I have an issue with this because I don't think trialists are very publicised and it seems a bit unrealistic to be asked about specific players on trial when I get so many in and constantly having to say "I don't know, this is why we've taken them on trial", or something. Apart from that I don't have any specific issues with the interaction, I only wish that it was more dynamic in a way even though I don't know how feasable it is to achieve that. I'd certainly not like it to go backwards in depth as I feel that's what FM touch is for and even if it's not perfect it's something to work from, not roll back.
  13. Ber-T

    Player search

    Oh, regarding the 2nd one, I think that having the option of searching for players at "top 10 divisions" (by reputation) etc. would be useful too, which would exclude top divisions from poorer nations while possibly including higher reputation 2nd tier clubs.
  14. Ber-T

    Player search

    I'd just like to have a couple of search options added in. The first would be to have the option to search for players by what division their last club was in, useful for say looking for free agents whose last club was premier league for example. The other option I'd like is in the searching by division I'd like the option to choose "top division", I know you can say, eg, "at least League 2" but I'd like to be able to choose at least a 2nd tier division etc. allowing to include several countries without having to create several additional conditions.
  15. Ber-T

    England C Team

    Having looked at the real England C fixtures I'm not so sure it's that difficult. They play full intl sides (like Estonia coming up in November), U23, B sides (which exist but I can't remember having much use) and some equivalent C teams (which if the leagues/players aren't in FM I wouldn't mind being a team of greyed out players). As well they're mostly friendlies and I wouldn't mind if the niche tournaments were replaced with friendlies. I just feel like it'd add a bit of depth, flavour and history to the game as you'd recognise that some players (e.g. Andre Gray, Steve Morison, George Boyd) would have played non league football.
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