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  1. I have an assistant manager and a coach who are both very young and been with me on my rise through the divisions, for about 3 years now (now League 1). They've both only got National A Licences and since I've signed them I've tried to get the board to send them on coaching courses (and a technical director but I've not actually seen that role function either), whenever I ask the board says that they agree but the coaches don't have any interest. Why would they not? They're both young coaches in a senior squad (one is an assistant, for christ sake) yet won't develop as coaches for some reason.
  2. Thank you. It does list it as blue and yellow in most circumstances, but I played a team in yellow and my colours were listed as blue and white but it was still the home kit so the kits were very similar.
  3. Basingstoke seem to have their main colours listed as blue and white, when they play in blue and yellow, meaning that teams in yellow don't cause an away kit to be used even though they match. edit: they also play with white numbers on a yellow shirt, almost impossible to see
  4. Whenever I boot up FM it defaults back to the default fixtures view instead of my copy of fixtures, meaning I have to manually select it upon every boot. Not a huge issue but it doesn't do this for any other views in game.
  5. @Russell Hammant Do you need any further information? It's still yet to be fixed. Is it something you can replicate or is it more likely to be my end? I have a Logitech G402 with all drivers up to date if that helps.
  6. I've just had it where it continues with the same issue even without hoving over the player status info.
  7. When on player search and I hover over the 'i' icon the pop up appears, if I move off of that and hover over player status information before it has disappeared and there are more than 2 items there (e.g. Wnt & FrA) then the pop up gets stuck open regardless of where the mouse is and you have to click elsewhere to remove it. It's been happening since the beginning but I've just now been able to reliably replicate it. I'd also say that the icon sometimes seems quite precise as I'll have my mouse over the icon but it won't pop up, it requires the mouse to be on another part of the icon.
  8. Hello, I do, yes, I'm looking to remap it to inbox. Thanks.
  9. I can't set any shortcuts to mouse buttons - ie, changing inbox to middle mouse click. It recognises keyboard inputs but no mouse buttons.
  10. Just wondering if this issue was still under review as my issue has continued after full release.
  11. The selection info view on the tactics screen keeps making the pkd show, but when you select the selection info view again it'll disappear, until you come back to the page then the pkd shows again.
  12. I'd personally appreciate it if there were non binary (they/them) pronoun options for the player (press conferences and news etc.)
  13. I think that the new system works for big clubs but that there's some oversight for lower leagues, such as National League South (the first transfer window ends on 28th of March). My perfect scenario is that the squads are locked until the beginning of the playing season, considering that many of the teams in these leagues will be missing players who are currently on short term loan deals which bolster their ranks. The problem I have with the National League scenario is that, for an option thats purpose is to add realism, it locks all loans and free agents until the end of March due to the window rule which is unrealistic. My own personal work around is to not select it and then start the season at the first champions league games in September, avoiding the transfer window but also allowing lower league clubs to sign realstically. I have to say I completely disagree with trials being stopped at all during this, however, it hardly counts as transfer activity to me they're essentially just training with the club with no financial commitment.
  14. I second this, just started a save with this on thinking it'd remove the budget, not enforce a transfer embargo down to free loans and trials. I've gone to a small club and planned to get some loans and free agents in, bearing in mind these clubs normally are bolstered by short term loans and as mentioned can sign free agents.
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