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  1. In the transfer history tab it shows some early pre-season transfers as occuring in the season before. (Spanish 2nd Tier)
  2. I do not have a save beforehand, I'm afraid. I did find that I could put them in the playing squad and they were then registered for the game, though.
  3. According to the rules of my league I can register a free transfer at any time yet when I've selected the player (which is still within the restrictions) I can't confirm, the only button available is "Testing Changes Only" (which is greyed out)
  4. Haro's number and name colour doesn't show up as its black on a black background.
  5. I think a nice little feature would be that once you've completed a new stadium or an expansion you could view the stadium in 3d to see the changes that have taken place, perhaps with a before and after. I think this would be especially nice for players that make their way up through the leagues and build a club, to see how a stadium changes, because the only other time to really see a stadium is at half time when it cuts to different views of the stadium.
  6. This suggestion might be a bit of a pipe dream but I thought I'd share it any way as I think in theory could add a real depth to immersion and also give players much more tactical freedom while also giving players clear tactical information and options that would encourage players to think about tactical decisions as opposed to a plug and play mentality. I'd like for there to be analysis of specific moments in games (either post-match or half time) where specific key moments or mistakes are played back and certain aspects are highlighted. This could be mistakes or causes for an opp
  7. I think a nice, small, addition would be seeing in a players history the bids that have been placed on the player - dates, amounts, teams (if public) and whether accepted/rejected/break down in contract negotiations. That way you can track previous rejected bids by yourself and other clubs (if public/leaked), moves that could have been and when bidding for a player you could see, for example, that they'd rejected a move to a club in your league due to too low competition reputation or something. Just something small that I think could add a bit more depth and flavour to considering transfers.
  8. I was just trying to look for stats from the previous season (such as goals conceded from IFKs) because I've just started a new season but the data is no longer available. I know the game probably has to get rid of that for memory reasons but before those stats are lost I would like a report of the previous season because I often forget to check before the next season, to see how the season was stastically - ie yellows against the league average etc, to maybe highlight tactical issues to sort out through changes (personnel or otherwise). I can find goal types conceded over the last 50 games bu
  9. So I've updated the graphics drivers again, to what it was at originally as I'd rolled it back. I think I've worked out what it is though, so I had global settings set to the AMD "gaming" graphics profile as default for all games, having switched it back to standard for FM I am yet to have another crash. I haven't narrowed it down as to which specific setting caused this but it's one of those that are changed between the gaming and standard profile.
  10. It has just happened, it seems to happen after less than 5 or so minutes after loading, during a player contract offer screen this time.FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.07 17.42.39).dmp Edit: Happened again after less than 5 mins, squad screen FM 2020 v20.2.4.1343694 (2020.02.07 17.46.02).dmp
  11. I didn't notice it happening at any particular point, as I said it has happened in the inbox and during player search, I'm yet to have it happen during a match yet though. DxDiag.txt
  12. Since I updated my graphics card drivers I've had a few crashes and I've done a clean install of an earlier build and I'm still getting crashes while just scrolling through the inbox and player search, the crash says that I need to reinstall my drivers and I've done it a few times (and rolled it back as I mentioned, but no dice). Attached the crash dumps.FM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.02.04 19.58.30).dmpFM 2020 v20.2.3.1330207 (2020.02.04 11.52.14).dmp
  13. I'd personally appreciate it if there were non binary (they/them) pronoun options for the player (press conferences and news etc.)
  14. I think that the new system works for big clubs but that there's some oversight for lower leagues, such as National League South (the first transfer window ends on 28th of March). My perfect scenario is that the squads are locked until the beginning of the playing season, considering that many of the teams in these leagues will be missing players who are currently on short term loan deals which bolster their ranks. The problem I have with the National League scenario is that, for an option thats purpose is to add realism, it locks all loans and free agents until the end of March due to the win
  15. I second this, just started a save with this on thinking it'd remove the budget, not enforce a transfer embargo down to free loans and trials. I've gone to a small club and planned to get some loans and free agents in, bearing in mind these clubs normally are bolstered by short term loans and as mentioned can sign free agents.
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