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  1. Does anyone know if this has been addressed by anyone at SI? It happens after every goal since the beginning for me at least and I've not seen a thread with this problem get a reply from SI.
  2. Is there any update on this as of yet?
  3. That's fine, I did it in another save anyway. Good to know the reason was found. Cheers.
  4. I was just trying to look for stats from the previous season (such as goals conceded from IFKs) because I've just started a new season but the data is no longer available. I know the game probably has to get rid of that for memory reasons but before those stats are lost I would like a report of the previous season because I often forget to check before the next season, to see how the season was stastically - ie yellows against the league average etc, to maybe highlight tactical issues to sort out through changes (personnel or otherwise). I can find goal types conceded over the last 50 games but it doesn't specify things like IFKs DFKs etc.
  5. Me and a friend are 2 seasons into a network save and both of our fixture lists have been a mirror of each other's with 1 game difference - ie in season one when I played a team my friend played that team next, this season the same but the other way around - and I can't imagine that it's like that in real life.
  6. I'm afraid it's still happening for me, literally every goal. (the ball is behind the keeper)
  7. Uploaded as "Bertie Russell - Basingstoke Post-Promotion". Thank you very much.
  8. The only save I would have had from prior to promotion would have been uploaded to the cloud as Bertie Russell - Basingstoke but I don't know how close to promotion that was. Started career in beta, same manager, same steam account, no changes to the manager, no loading manager on another steam account. Thank you.
  9. Is this something you can replicate? I can provide my DxDiag and anything you need.
  10. I'm not sure if that's true, last year I got the achievement after getting De Graafschap promoted from the Dutch 2nd division to the Eredivisie (only 2 playable divisions in the Netherlands) and I took them over years after as I had started elsewhere. I did get Basingstoke promoted from the VNS to the Prem in one continuous spell. If it is true that seems a harsh condition to impose, that it must have begun in 19/20.
  11. I've got Basingstoke promoted to the Prem from National League South (I took them over in 2022 and they'd been promoted to the NLS) and I've not been given the achievement and I've played the first game of the prem season.
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