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  1. @knap I've spotted 2 i the google doc, but links are not leading to the tactics. TIME 442 P103 EC FA TIME 41212 P103 EC
  2. Hello @knap Do you have any 2 strikers set up with Time set of tactics on 21.5?
  3. Hey Pianardier can you show me a screen of how you set it up with the actual Bordeaux team?
  4. Hello, I will try those tactic, But for OI, what is exactly what you suggest : "-By playing narrow and compact, force all opposing wide players feet towards the touchline is a must" RD has to be shown Left Foot? Thanks in advance for the reply
  5. Hey, Same problem for me here on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 I will try without ticking reload the skin when confirming change in preferences and see what happens : It works. If I want to add any type of graphic (logo - pictures - etc) I do need to untick cache and tick reload then it craches. Very strange.
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