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  1. Hi, it is set up with which formation (442 - 451 ??)
  2. Hello, I will try those tactic, But for OI, what is exactly what you suggest : "-By playing narrow and compact, force all opposing wide players feet towards the touchline is a must" RD has to be shown Left Foot? Thanks in advance for the reply
  3. ok, I've put all the graphics I had somewhere else, then I was able to change to another skin without problems. Now I will implement the graphics little by little and see which one gives trouble. It might come from this one, Thanks for your help
  4. I will try to move it somewhere else, then I will let you know.
  5. Jimmy, It is still the same... Can I just delete preferences and cache folders while the game is launched? Please see screenshot below. After changing to "football Manager clair" then validate, and goes onto the last screenshot. Could it be a screen resolution problem, it is very fast to load, but it appears that it is kind of not loaded.
  6. Hello Jimmy, I have tried nearly everything... I deleted cache, I reinstalled steam, I reinstalled the game. When the game crashes after I hit the "confirm", I have to quit using "force to quit", then I rename my "football manager 2019" into SAV folder, then launch again the game, which creates a new folder. But when I try to change skin (even fm on built skins) it does the same. Attached the info of my operating system.
  7. Hello, I have something similar. I have a mac, before 19.3.5, i didn't have any issues. But now, when i try to change to whatever skin, or try to load graphics, when I hit the "confirm" the game stuks in a bad screen (see screenshot) and I am obliged to quit via the force to quit option. Any idea on what I shall do? Regards,
  8. Hey, Same problem for me here on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4 I will try without ticking reload the skin when confirming change in preferences and see what happens : It works. If I want to add any type of graphic (logo - pictures - etc) I do need to untick cache and tick reload then it craches. Very strange.
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