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  1. Mr Hough. I have to say, some brilliant work done here. Having played the last six games with your tactic this has been the outcome: Won 6-2. Won 4-0. Won 6-0. Won 4-3. Won 3-0. Won 4-1. Very impressed with the attacking display from my team. Keep up the great work.
  2. Interesting read. I look forward to further analysis of this.
  3. Yes mate, thats all i changed. Played only two games since, results were 2-0, 3-0 to myself. Enjoying this game immensely now no thanks to yourself.
  4. A result of a few tactical tweeks using your tactic as a foundation - thank you very much Mr U Rosler. And before any suggests, (big club, should be easy, i know) but i tried a Man City save previous and with my own and a variation of other tactics i struggled hugely. Here are the results: Tactic became fluid at the Chelsea game but notice the last 8 games. I went for a 'very fluid' approach and switched the CM (A) for AP (A) Training on Att. Movement with a High Balanced general training.
  5. I dont understand why people sell Holtby, as a CM (A) he is doing great for me.
  6. Start of season 3 team and formations [Home/Away] Home First Team. Away First Team. The Subs/Reserves.
  7. [CNTD...] Not had much first team game time but is still rated highly, as soon as he turns 18 will look to loan him out in the hope he will get a good amount of first team football. Future star goalkeeper, came through the youth ranks this season. Have high hopes for this one.
  8. End of Season 2 - Player Updates. My main man. Star in the under 18's last season and pushing Henderson for a starting spot towards the end of season 2. Has been tutored by Gerrard x2 and Lucas x1. Imagine he'll be a first team starter this time next season. Forever reliable and my Mr. dependant, only been out for 1 five week stint this season otherwise looking sure of himself in that left back role which will be his for years to come. Currently doing exceptionally well for the u-21's. Has been tutored by Suarez x2 and is pushing Sturridge for a starting spot. Looking to give him more game time in that False 9 role next season and hoepfully push on his stats, mentally though, doing very well. Described as a wonder kid, spent the whole of last season in the u-18's only playing in cup games (League Cup) this season he has had to fill in for Skertel when out injured and has performed well, currently in the u-21's with the opinion that he may well be a first team starter for Agger at the end of next season.
  9. Gone the entire second season with Liverpool on a month by month contract having not been offered a new one... bug.
  10. Just as i say that the boy scores a hatrick... Then scores two in his next game. BIZARRE.
  11. Cannot get Suarez to score consistently. Starting to annoy me, missing guilt edged chances costing me valuable points. Thinking of shipping him out. Updates shortly.
  12. Ter Stegen would be a good purchase if you can get him. Look for Goretzka if you need a box to box midfielder, all the attributes to be a star - may set you back £20 million but only 20 and so worth it. Good luck.
  13. Hey lads, giving my Ajax save a break and starting a Liverpool save. Looking forward to it.
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