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  1. Exciting new game announcement!

    there was a little game editor work done (mostly to the Preston NE squad) but a great effort with Photoshop from Ranj in SEGA's creative team to edit the screens.
  2. Exciting new game announcement!

    Glad to see everyone is fizzing for the game, but i'm afraid you will have to wait until Summer for it's release
  3. maybe not a national hero, but a damn good start!
  4. I think Big Andy Carroll will become a national hero... hm
  5. Euro 2012 Predictions: Round 3

    Saturday 16th June Czech R 2-2 Poland, 19:45pm Greece 0-3 Russia, 19:45pm Sunday 17th June Denmark 0-2 Germany, 19:45pm Portugal 1-3 Netherlands, 19:45pm Monday 18th June Croatia 0-2 * Spain, 19:45pm Italy 2-1 R.O.I, 19:45pm Tuesday 19th June England 2-0 Ukraine, 19:45pm Sweden 0-2 France, 19:45pm
  6. The challenge of a lifetime

    I'm loving the list of challenges, definitely going to be giving that a go. I have so far, won the league with Liverpool (a very proud day for a Liverpool fan) and have just started my reign as England manager. The Liverpool league title didn't look likely with United and City away as my final two games, an unlikely 3-0 win against both stole me the title!
  7. Neymar

    I foolishly bought Nilmar instead of Neymar a couple of seasons ago... let that be a lesson not to rush in the January window.
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    I'm very tempted to bring Jelavic to Liverpool now
  9. What is your favorite Centre-Back (DC)?

    This year for me was all about Hangelaand, he won me the league... as did Coates in about 2014, definitely one to watch in my opinion.
  10. FM12 Liverpool F.C Thread - Victory is upon us.

    For me, Sterling came good within a couple of seasons, scoring on his debut against Chelsea! Carroll also started banging them in in 2014 on my game, interestingly as the middle man in a 3 pronged attack.
  11. Edinson Cavani

    For me, Andy Carroll finally came good in 2014, rotating with Guiseppe Rossi they were prolific = first league title for Liverpool in 24 years
  12. FM2012 Release Day Activation Info

    For crashes and technical issues we will be able to assist you here - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/248-Technical-Issues-and-Crashes
  13. FM2012 Release Day Activation Info

    You will just need internet access to activate the game initially, after this you can play offline.
  14. FM2012 Release Day Activation Info

    On Steam, go to the dropdown menu, on the 'Steam' tab and then 'Go Offline', you then need to choose to 'restart in offline mode'. You will then be offline. Although please note that if you stay offline you will not get game updates