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  1. Building off of this, as someone who also uses this same tactic, it's important to look at your wingbacks specifically in relation to the opposition team. I find if I'm playing a 4-4-2 or winger 4-3-3 I'll keep both my wingbacks on support and cut down on their crossing and risky passing to minimize their chances of being caught out 2v1. Against teams who have formations with only 1 player on each flank, I tend to compare my wingbacks to theirs directly. If I feel mine are better, ill set them to attack and try to control the wings.
  2. How do you deal with the lack of reserve/u-21 eligibility of senior players? I love playing in Italy as well but always run into fitness problems when my fringe players are not getting any game time in league matches.
  3. This is an issue that I've thought a lot about over the years and I think the problem of PA is not something that can be solved with 'dynamic' PA, due to some pretty serious repercussions that would arise. If PA is dynamic, that means, as many have stated, anyone can theoretically become Messi, or at the very least vastly improve beyond what a static PA would allow them to become. That sounds awesome on paper, but huge problems would arise in the execution. Number one on that list being it does have to be possible. World Class players have to be able to be created with some kind of frequency. Many have suggested it should come down to some kind of formula of training + coaches + facilities etc. The problem with that is that SI would have to come up with this forumula, then hard code that into the game. Once someone figures it out, it would be easily replicate, especially at a top club. If I'm playing as Real Madrid and have vacuumed up all the top coaching talent, kept my facilities at 5 stars while giving all my newgens a lot of playing time at various levels with optimal tutors and training regimes, what is stopping them all from being messi? Is it natural fitness? Personality? Work rate, determination? If any of those are the answer, all dynamic PA has done is shift the one number God stat to a different attribute. With the way these forums operate and the amount of people that play and post online about FM, theres no way whatever the algorithm or equation that SI would code into the game to govern a dynamic PA would remain hidden for long. Someone would figure out the optimal development path, post about it, then everyone would know what to do.
  4. I'll give this a try, Lukaku was ineffective without move into channels as well, so hopefully this will get him into the game!
  5. I'm currently playing as Chelsea with in a 4-2-3-1 formation. My tactic is working great and I'm sitting top of the league, however I've noticed that in comparison to my other attacking players, my striker is not performing that well. Lukaku is my current #1 choice as an AF with the instruction "move into channels" as a PI. Oscar is sitting directly behind him as a CAM Trequartista with no PIs. Oscar is performing brilliantly, but looking at my heat maps after the game, it seems he's pushing pretty far up and taking a lot of space away from Lukaku, which I suspect is part of the reason he's not playing as well as the others. Any ideas on how to set Lukaku up to get out of the way and get him more space?
  6. I've never tried this myself, but I believe issuing a player instruction to both wingers to mark the opposing fullbacks would cause them to get back farther than normal and track their runs?
  7. Defensive Wingers/ Wingbacks would be pretty necessary to avoid being completely overrun on the flanks. I personally haven't seen too much difference between a DW and a wingback, I think it might just depend on what players are at your disposal. In terms of the back 3, I've had most success with playing CD-D -- CD-S -- CD-D. I find that having stopper and cover together forms too much of a gap in between to be sliced open.
  8. As far as I know, the best way to achieve this is to use individual instructions. I give my attacking players the instruction: 'Close Down More' to achieve more aggressive pressing, while leaving it off my back 4/anchor man to keep a good shape defensively.
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