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  1. Hi another question on doing the same thing moving the Welsh clubs in England back into the Welsh system - when the teams are moved back will the reserves / youth teams automatically move back into Wales as well? Also do I need to set the regional divisions in case 1 of them gets relegated?
  2. Hoping for some advice - sorry if it is an obvious question. Wanting to play on one of the world leagues from here but 2 things always annoy me on them - First the regens are always not from the club's own country - have sorted this by changing the based nation. The 2nd issue is that over time teams do not remotely represent their host nation so was hoping to give each club a club vision to sign players from their own country. How does the scale on 1-10 work? Want to try to get it as close to realistic as possible ie Athletic Bilbao strongly focused on Basque while some of the
  3. Hi, how are regens in regards to there nationality - will they be from their own country for each club or are they going to be flooded with British regens?
  4. Hi Wolf, hope the recovery is going in the right direction - if you want or need any help moving players back to clubs give me a shout and would be happy to lend you a hand.
  5. Nice spin on the Super League theme. Your top division set-up looks something like a league I would love to create for Scotland - Copying a little bit from the NFL had thought of local groups and teams quantifying for play-offs. I am a complete amateur when it comes to the editor - all I have really down is basics like move clubs or players around - how hard is it to create this style of league - is it something that would need the advanced editor? Cheers
  6. Hi this sounds awesome, football was much more fun back in the cold war years
  7. Hi Timo, Hope you don't mind the question but how similar are these updates to the ones Claassen use to do? Pretty much left FM19 alone since could not download the whole world
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