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  1. Nice spin on the Super League theme. Your top division set-up looks something like a league I would love to create for Scotland - Copying a little bit from the NFL had thought of local groups and teams quantifying for play-offs. I am a complete amateur when it comes to the editor - all I have really down is basics like move clubs or players around - how hard is it to create this style of league - is it something that would need the advanced editor? Cheers
  2. Hi this sounds awesome, football was much more fun back in the cold war years
  3. Hi Timo, Hope you don't mind the question but how similar are these updates to the ones Claassen use to do? Pretty much left FM19 alone since could not download the whole world
  4. Hoping to find some help here to complete a little pet project I am working on. After playing the Iron Curtain database that is available here and how I loved the idea of players going back to clubs in there own country it got me thinking, initially how strong would the Brazilian league be if all those Brazilians playing abroad had stayed in the domestic league!! These thoughts then drifted onto how strong South America has a whole would become especially the regionally competitions. So I decided to try and create such a world where all South American players head home. I have done most of the basic player editing, moving players back to domestic club sides for 8 out of 10 South American nations just the big ones to go. Rules I have used similar to the Iron Curtain db is that any player 30 or below I have moved back home, moving them to there last domestic club side, if they have not played in the domestic league I have looked at where they were born and put them to there local team. To be honest I am a complete amateur when it comes to using the editor for anything other than moving players about. What I need to know is how can I set up the database so that player do not leave there domestic leagues until after they hit 30 again as is similar in the Iron Curtain DB. If I also get adventurous was also hoping to kick out the Mexican teams from the regional competitions and also make the Copa America just the 10 South American teams again. Any help you guys can provide would be great. Some of the teams already look strong with Vidal Sanchez in for Colo Colo and a Nacional side including Godin & Suarez
  5. Think this is a great idea just 1 thing spoiling it for me on FM14 and that is how to get Germany to pick real players. Can someone give me an idea guide to this as I can wait to give this a go
  6. Great work here, I love how you have not tried to change league structures etc like a lot of other Scottish edits but just recreated Scottish football as it is. Really looking forward to the release of the Junior leagues so I can manage my team Hill O Beath
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