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  1. It depends on the player. Some takes a while before they put in steadily good performances. What "a while" is, also depends on the player. I've had players that played very well for their former team for many seasons come to my team and then needed 5 months to a year before they put in the same kind of performances for me. New team, new league, new tactics, new manager, new players ... some take to it quite fast, some "take a while", some never do.

    I understand all of that, but my problem is that the ratio of players who "take a while/never do" to those who take to it fast is way too large.

  2. I had the same problem with Falcao at Arsenal -- he was really bad, so bad I had to bench him so my team could actually score. I bought Phil Jones in January of 2013, and he wasn't effective until the following season. I had similar problems with Mamadou Sakho a year later -- I can understand him adapting a little with the language barrier, but he suddenly forgot how to defend and I wasn't able to put him back there without seeing a dreadful mistake. A mentally tough player like that?

    Also, I started a new save with Atletico Madrid, and from the beginning Arda Turan had problems adapting. Apparently he doesn't speak the language. How many years has he already been with the club?

    I exaggerated by saying "always" -- but for me it happens with much greater frequency than last year.

  3. Why is this? I've gotten to the point where I hate buying first-team players and only do it if absolutely necessary. In FM12, some players would need to adapt, but sometimes you'd get somebody who would be great right off the bat -- even if he didn't speak the language. In most of my games now I try to stick to bringing in players who speak the language and are from the same nation as the club, if possible. But new players never play well, and many of them play so lousy that I can't even think of playing them in the first team -- rendering the purchase pointless to begin with. It's like every buy I make turns into Fernando Torres. It happens in real life but not 90% of the time.

    Meanwhile, it doesn't always seem to be the case for AI-controlled teams. For example, in my Arsenal save, I bought Thiago from Barca, and he went on to take the entire year to "adapt" and was generally useless to me for the whole season. In my Schalke save, meanwhile, Man Utd bought him and he won the Golden Boot. I realize that every game's diffferent, but quite a difference!

  4. As the title says. Suppose I'm managing a reasonably high-reputation club with youth facilities that are merely "good" or "average". If I want to create a world-class youth system, to get to a top-quality youth facility, I must upgrade said facilities multiple times in quick succession. Nobody would ever do this in real life.

    I've just done this in my Schalke game; my youth facilities were substandard, so we upgraded them to "good" (or whatever the FM equivalent of that is). Then a month later the board approved construction of youth facility improvement, just after the previous work had been completed! This seems to me like building a base in some real-time strategy game -- there's a nice progression there, but not really with any basis in reality.

    I propose that "talk to board" is modified such that you can vary the quality of facility you ask for.

  5. The game AI has been and seemed will always be picking players based from the "potential" not form or anything else. Those with higher reputation players always getting picked no matter how crappy his games were.

    Welcome to FM

    That can't be true. Otherwise my U18 manager would pick my player with 5-star potential over a player with "unknown" reputation that was generated by the game to fill out my youth squad for a particular game.

  6. My youth team is small, with a core of 5-star prospects. I've set it up this way to ensure that they all get maximum playing time, and if there aren't enough players to fill out the squad for a match, the game generates players randomly to fill slots.

    The problem is that my best prospect, a 16-year-old midfielder, never plays in these games -- ever. He's rotting away with no match experience and his fitness is bad. The randomly-generated "unknown" players are playing ahead of him, for no reason. Is there anything I can do? Anybody know why this could be?

  7. I have this problem too, and had it in FM12 as well. It can be mitigated somewhat with tactical adjustment, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist and I don't think it's unreasonable to claim that poor teams can hit above their averages a little too often.

    Many people seem to have noticed this. I don't see how it follows that if the opposition plays a "different" or "more attacking" tactic that they should consistently outperform you. Often "more attacking" can be bad for you against stronger opposition, home or away.

    If it's true that, all other things being equal (attributes, morale, etc.), teams play the same regardless of venue, then why does the AI manager choose a different tactic depending on whether he's home or away?

  8. Thanks, I appreciate your weighing in here. As far as Spurs go, there are clearly 3 players who cannot be stopped: Dembele, Bale, and Jeremy Menez (they picked him up early in my save). There is simply nothing I can do to prevent them from cutting inside and running roughshod over my defense. All three of them get the ball, and then run all over my defense like gods among men.

    I've set my OI's for Bale and Menez to closing down - always, tackling - hard. (I especially think Menez can be physically bullied, but not so sure about Bale). It doesn't seem to matter whether I keep a fullback close to these guys, because they leave them behind either way. I have a stopper-cover combination with my CB's, so the idea is that the cover back will be there to help out when my fullback gets skinned, but the cover back gets skinned also! How many more guys do I have to put back there to stop this, and if I do need more, how am I supposed to attack?

  9. I think I've had enough.

    I stopped my Wigan game because it occurred to me that I just may not be good enough with tactics to succeed there, so I reloaded my Arsenal game. My first game was away at Spurs, and it was like watching a replay of my last Wigan game against Sunderland. Guys like Jeremy Menez, Dembele, Huddlestone run all over the pitch and embarrass my defenders one-on-one with ease. Why can't I ever make my players do that? If they are capable of running through three layers of defense, I don't know what tactical instruction I can issue to do anything about it.

    I really don't know what else I can do to help myself understand what incantations I need to perform to have my team play well. I've read all the guides (multiple times), I've spent way too much looking through these forums. I've spent way too much time reading TT&F '10. I've tried starting simple, watching matches over and over to understand what is going on. I don't feel like I'm any better at the game than I was six months ago.

    If anyone can tell me what else I can do to actually understand this game, I'd appreciate it.

  10. What I mean here is that FM gives us a set of "stock" formations to pick from, each with predefined roles/duties (e.g. if I do "Set to Formation --> ..." and pick 4-4-2, I am given a 4-4-2 with duties and roles already assigned in some reasonable way). Does the AI ever modify these? Or it it possible to cheat by determining that if the AI is playing a 4-2-3-1 with no wingers and 3 AMC's, the roles/duties will match that of the stock formation?

    If so, this could give us an edge in match preparation.

  11. Yes, I agree -- the gap between my side and Arsenal is much larger than Cleon's Spurs and Barca. So maybe I should temper my expectations a bit.

    I tried tight-marking the wingers because they were getting wide open, and easily cutting inside -- so I tried to prevent them from getting the ball at all. But we just don't seem capable of marking them well enough to implement that strategy. If we don't tight-mark, they have too much space; if we do, there's a risk that they slip by their marker as they're receiving the ball. Talented, speedy wingers seem a headache in general to deal with -- even if you can prevent them from driving straight in to shoot, they can always pass into the middle or cross.

  12. I thought this might work, but it hasn't. I'm on my third reload (each time I try something different to see what works). I've tight-marked their midfield and double-covered their wingers, with my lone striker marking their DMC, leaving my own DMC free to pick up whoever he chooses, and one of my center backs set to 'cover'. It doesn't matter, at halftime they have 72% possession and shots are 12-0 in their favor. The only difference is that they're only up by 1 instead of 3 or 4.

    I guess leaving their fullbacks mostly free doesn't help, but if I don't use wingers to help then their wingers can easily embarrass my fullbacks one-on-one. And if only Lukas Podolski played this way in real life (I'm an Arsenal fan) -- he can receive the ball near midfield and skate all the way into the box by himself to score.

    Aaron Ramsey completed 86 of 91 passes (94%).

  13. Great stuff, thanks! I'm actually trying this out now with my Wigan squad against Arsenal at the Emirates. Both sides lined up with the same formation (4-1-2-2-1), and Arsenal's midfield trio looks like:

    MCR - Arteta

    MCL - Ramsey

    DMC - Djourou

    I started by having my midfield three tight-mark their midfield three, but this created problems because my DMC was too far forward, and Podolski (as the lone striker) had tons of room between my midfield and defense. So I instead set my DMC to tight-mark Podolski, because I don't really consider Djourou a creative threat.

    I also noticed very quickly that having my team set to 'zonal marking' and 'press more' caused my midfield's marking to be not-so-tight in many situations, because they were all too eager to close down the ball-handler (if close by) instead of sticking with their men.

    The problem I'm having is that Arsenal's wingers are running rampant -- I've conceded two goals, both on crosses from wingers. I'm not really sure how to stop this. I set my fullbacks to man/tight-mark both wingers, but the fullbacks don't appear to really tightly mark until the ball has crossed the midfield line. Basically, if Arsenal is playing the ball out of the defense there's a good chance a winger will be open enough for a direct pass, and once they receive it they can cut inside right past the fullback.

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