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  1. In general the UI just seems sluggish, like if I move my cursor it takes a while for the item underneath to become highlighted.  Even dragging stuff in the tactics is a bit sluggish, in general even clicking buttons doesn't feel snappy.  This is a problem I feel like has been steadily getting worse since FM 12 or so.  I thought it was maybe because I was running the game on machines with only average specs in recent years, but now I've installed the game on my new Surface Book 2 (16 GB RAM, GeForce 1060).  This is a pretty fast machine but even lowering the resolution to 1900 x 1440 doesn't seem to alleviate things much.  Has anyone else experience this and if so, any tips on how to make things snappier?  Thanks all!

  2. Since 2012 at the start of every single match I have to pause the simulation, and then command + click on every player on the pitch.  I don't just want to know who is on/around the ball, I want to be able to quickly see where everyone is on the pitch at all times.  But what if I accidentally click randomly on the screen?  I have to do the whole song and dance over again.  Please, please add this as a simple checkbox so we can see names hovering over players on the pitch at all times.  I'm desperate for this and hope I'm not the only one.  I would even pay for this feature.  Please!

  3. I added custom graphics to FM16 using the logo pack I've used for every FM since 13 -- by just copying the images to the 'graphics' folder. The custom logos show for all clubs fine, except for the English Premier League ones. Has anyone else seen this? I can't figure it out. The club ID's for EPL teams haven't changed, so the images should be loading correctly.

    I should note that the smaller logos work fine even for EPL logos -- it's only the larger ones that I can't seem to get working.

  4. I added custom graphics to FM16 using the logo pack I've used for every FM since 13 -- by just copying the images to the 'graphics' folder. The custom logos show for all clubs fine, except for the English Premier League ones. Has anyone else seen this? I can't figure it out. The club ID's for EPL teams haven't changed, so the images should be loading correctly.

    I should note that the smaller logos work fine even for EPL logos -- it's only the larger ones that I can't seem to get working.

  5. I have this problem in general too, especially when playing away. I use a more defensive formation (a 4-5-1 wide), but I also struggle because top teams usually press heavily and my players seem to be pretty nervous -- not being able to pass at all coherently. My defense is solid and I usually lose 0-1 or thereabouts, but I can't figure out a good way to mount a serious attack. My general strategy dealing with heavy, high pressing is to increase tempo to move the ball around more and wear out the opposition, waiting for the heavy press to leave one of their defenders out of position. But higher tempo seems to exacerbate our bad-passing problems.

  6. How about the ability to tune the frequency? I feel unable to make tactical substitutions because I am either forced to play whack-a-mole with knocked players or am too worried about future injuries to use up my subs. From the football I watch on TV it looks like this is usually not the case for real-life managers.

  7. Is there a way to reduce the frequency of in-match "knocks"? (I mean a setting, not doing all of the usual preventive things like not playing tired players, etc.) I personally do not enjoy having my substitutions dictated all the time by who has "taken a knock", but others may like it, so maybe it would be nice to allow players to tweak it.

    Frequency aside, I think the current "knock" system is unrealistic and an example of a game feature which actually makes things more difficult for us armchair managers than they are for our real-life counterparts. A player's overall health is represented as an integer between 0 and 100, much like you might find in an arcade fighting game. The problem is that this single metric is used to represent both "energy level" (how tired a player is) and "injury severity", with severely injured players being at the 25%-or-lower mark (or thereabouts). A player may become injured in-match, at which point his number drops significantly -- but over time it may either increase or decrease, without any indication to the manager which direction is more likely. In real life, a player can communicate to his manager how he is feeling either directly or by interacting with the physio, who usually can give the manager some direction regarding whether the player should continue. Sometimes this sort of thing is simulated in the game with "hard" injuries, where the red-cross icon appears over the player's head (and occasionally we are required to sub because the player cannot continue) -- but these are much more rare than the all-too-frequent "knock".

  8. I want to create a new 'Iberian League' -- imagine that La Liga and the Portuguese league decide to merge and form one league, where the second-tier leagues in both nations feed into the main one (but still 20 teams or so). Is this even possible? It seems that a league can either be a 'domestic cup' associated with a particular nation, or a club championship associated with a continent (but not a limited list of countries).

  9. An option to always show all players' names on the pitch in the match engine (instead of just the player with the ball or those immediately around it)? I really hate having to command-click on each individual player in my first match after starting the game up each time. And if I accidentally click on an area of the screen which doesn't contain a button...then I have to do this all over again.

    Maybe it's just me but when I'm watching a match I like to know immediately where everyone is, not just who's on the ball at the moment.

  10. I'm trying switching to a 4-1-4-1 (from a 4-2-3-1) in my FCP save and the problem I'm currently having is that most of my wing players aren't familiar with the ML/MR slots. Are you finding this to be a problem, particularly on the right? I don't think Walcott is familiar there and his attributes don't really suit what the game says a WM should have.

    I have Juan Iturbe, who's young with potential to develop into a pretty good winger but won't ever have strong defensive attributes. I don't know if it's even worth it trying to retrain him.

  11. Well my computer just had a meltdown and my harddrive is now gone, so I need to start a new game today.

    @zoe: There are a few things you need to consider, I'm gonna go by each so you have an idea how I prepare my team:

    - team talks - If I'm winning with less than 2 goals I always tell my team I'm expecting better; unless I massacre the opponent and they have no shots and no possesion or they are the big four, than I go with I'm please with the victory.

    - match preparation - Preseason and until my tactic bars are full I go with "tactics only" and after that with "teamwork".

    - during games - If I have a lead by 2 goals I switch to contain, if I got an extra man I switch to control (I'm using 3 match preparation tactics; with the same player positions; this way my team gets used to contain, standard and control).

    - training - I prefer to train the players on the respective position (ex: Wanyama on BWM) so I only train them in the respective roles. I handle the preseason training aswell, first week go with Fitness, next 2 weeks go with tactics after that balanced, this way the team will get used to the tactics much faster. [all of this needs to be done in the preseason, I dont know how to handle changes during the season, thats why I lost too many games in December when the team was underperforming]

    Gonna start up a new game tonight, I'll come back and post some pics after.

    Thanks izzydizi. I had done all of these things (except (3), but my problem is that I'm going down early, especially at home) and I still failed -- I don't understand it. I think I've read every thread in the tactical forum as well. But this is nothing new for me. I haven't succeeded with any team since my FM12 Arsenal save.

  12. Other situations where this doesn't make sense.

    • If you sign a player from the club you just left, but use the same tactics as at your old club, familiarity will still drop, even though the player that joined had full familiarity with the tactic.

    • If you get sacked and add a new manager at the same club and load the same tactics familiarity resets.

    • A player who joins but isn't in the first team squad makes familiarity lower. Loaning the player out immediately does not raise it again.

    • There is no way of finding out what tactical set-ups a player would be more or less familiar with

    For me, the root cause of all of these is that tactical familiarity isn't tied to anything logical, it is just an arbitrary penalty that will diminish or grow based on certain, illogical triggers.

    It should be tied to the players, and I should be able to see what tactical set-ups my players are used to, and use this to build my tactics.

    If my tactics involve playing a high line then I should be able to sign players that I know (after extensive scouting) feel comfortable in this set-up. In these situations I should suffer a minimal dent in my tactical familiarity, perhaps sometimes it should also increase.

    For example, consider this slightly unrealistic situation. You get appointed Madrid manager in January. Your previous team, Newcastle, were 'fluid' at their tactic, the same tactic you want to use at Madrid. You sign the entire first 11. Your tactical familiarity should be high shouldn't it? Perhaps not 'fluid,' but certainly not 'awkward,' as it would be in the current system, as far as I can tell.

    Yes, exactly! This is what I was getting at in my third paragraph in the previous post.

  13. Well, I certainly could be making too big a deal out of it. You probably know a lot more about tactics than I do. I read through a thread the other day in which somebody from SI -- I can't remember the specific thread -- said that unfamiliarity can cause big performance penalties on the pitch. If that's true, then it's difficult to diagnose problems. The symptom may be obvious, but who knows what the disease is. But that's probably a little off-topic for this particular thread.

    My basic point is that, assuming that unfamiliarity causes a significant drop in effectiveness, it is kind of unfair that we have no chance of avoiding this drop especially by the start of season 1. But maybe the consensus is that it's realistic for that to be true given a new manager and (possibly) new tactics.

    Like jayahr, though, I'm not sure I like the fact that new signings seem to negatively affect familiarity in a uniform way (that is, making a £50m splash on a new core player affects it in the same way as signing some bit-part aging veteran or U19 player on a free). If I sign a squad-depth player why should that affect how well my usual starting XI plays within my tactical system?

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