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  1. besides, even getting Llorente would not excuse strengthening one of the two clubs we're supposedly trying to catch up, the one that may actually be reachable.
  2. improved last season? you for real? cesc, nasri, clichy out and, tbh, only arteta a decent buy, maybe gervinho, who knows. may have finished third but that due WAY MORE to chelsea and tottenham wanting to do well even less than we did.
  3. not sure why i'd gaf what you're sick of *shrug*
  4. going to be another long, miserable season of mediocrity. which, after the invincibles team, is really unforgivable. way to take a club apart bit by bit dudes.
  5. whoever does his cruciates ima buy a shirt with their name on it
  6. and btw, if we're seriously going with our strikeforce for this season we may as well give up now.
  7. utterly raging at our unambitious management right now, literally ****ing steaming. ****ing WEAK as ****.
  8. twitter SO ****. trying to start my own rumour atm out of boredom
  9. if rvp goes to man utd then he is classless and we are clueless
  10. The thing that marks dj as a big **** **** for me is this "Le imbécile" Doubles and an unbeaten season and he can't afford him a little respect. just a **** fan tbf.
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2177566/Arsenal-rule-Yann-MVila.html read it and weep
  12. really can't see jovetic ever happening tbh
  13. I think what gets to them is that we HAD the draw power, we were the invincibles ffs, we threw it away. The bit that really gets to me is seeing the board at the end of the last title season justifying the stadium by saying it would generate more money to compete in the transfer market with the big guns where so far it seems to be the exact opposite.