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  1. Yeah this is what I was referring to in my post. It's really hard to tell when someone is actually having a good or bad game. You can't do in match analysis until halftime anymore, and you're looking at your DLP who has a couple of key passes, has won a couple of tackles, has over 90% pass completion rate and he is sitting on 6.4 after 35 mins - why? It seems like in an effort to cram XG into the stats, they have totally ruined the stats and player rating system, which is basically the most important part of the game
  2. I haven't noticed a difference in player ratings at all, if anything I feel they have gotten worse. I am top of the EPL and all 3 of my players who rotate through the DM position have an average rating of 6.6 - 6.78. Also, despite being top of the league only 5 of my players who have made more than 10 appearances have an average rating over 7.1 with the highest being 7.18. When I look at stats and analysis during the game, I can find no reason why these players ratings are so low. These players are not misplacing tonnes of passes, or losing tackles etc. So it seems the stats have no bearing on
  3. Thank you! I agree with many of the things that both yourself and Jack Joyce mentioned in those replies. I think if SI could atleast let us know that there will actually be another update to attempt to fix some of the logged bugs, that would be enough for most on this forum.
  4. Hi mate, where is the post from Jack Joyce please? I can't locate it and would like to see what was said.
  5. Hi All, I'm 10 seasons or so into a save with Everton and having some issues with my youth intake. Every year I manage Everton, and the last couple of years I have questioned why I get exclusively English regens, despite the fact I have affiliate clubs etc etc. Anyway it's good to see this year I am regularly getting regens from all over the world, however my HOYD seems to have the opposite affect to what he should on their personalities. I have had about 3 or 4 different HOYD over the journey, always with "Model Professional" or "Professional" personalities. Each year when I receive
  6. I've refrained from adding anything to these "whinge" posts but I am equally frustrated. I waited until full release before purchasing the game, so I paid full price, and I have paid for a faulty product. Surely the whole point of the beta release is for issues like all of these to be tested and rectified, ready for full release? The fact that nowhere on this forum can I see even so much as an apology from SI makes it even more frustrating. I generally like to drink in all the info in the tactics forum, but what's the point currently? Doesn't matter how you setup, both teams are going to get a
  7. Hi @Seb Wassell. Thanks for your reply and all your help thus far. I have actually given the game a rest for awhile as I find it unplayable with the current ME bugs, but I digress. I took your advice in my next couple of seasons and signed my youth players to pro contracts immediately. Also signed up any with average potential whenever any other clubs started sniffing around them and have prevented poaching. My question now is, you mentioned this works both ways, but unless I am doing something wrong I have not found this to be the case. I will often search for players in the scouting centre a
  8. Thankyou @roykela. I'm excited for this update, but wanted to check out this scenario as well. Thanks for the help
  9. Hey Guys, I'm keen to download and watch the PKM. Forgive me for being silly but how do I open/watch it once downloaded? Do I need to save it in an FM20 folder and then open via FM somehow? Again apologies if this is a stupid question.
  10. Cheers @Seb Wassell. Will make sure I do that with my next intake!
  11. Thanks for the reply @herne79. That article refers specifically to players getting poached before the youth intake, but based on the comments that came after my post it looks like any club can come and poach your best prospects during the next window if you don't sign them to professional contracts. Definitely something I wish I knew beforehand as it is a little frustrating to get two players over 3 stars PA, only to have them poached by other clubs in the off-season. In one case a prospect was poached by City, I offered a contract once I got the news item but he understandably chose City >
  12. Hi All, same topic but a different question, just completed my first season, and in the off-season two clubs came in and just offered contracts to my two best youth prospects from my intake and they were gone for a small compensation fee! I don't recall this happening in previous versions? Do I now have to offer the best prospects professional contracts straight away to keep them away from other clubs?
  13. Thanks for the reply @Seb Wassell. Much appreciated
  14. Hi Team, It feels as though cards and fouls in general are happening alot to me in my first season. I have a game coming up and all 4 of my first choice defenders, and my preferred DM are suspended. 3 of them are from straight red cards due to 2 footed challenges (one each in last 3 games) and the other 2 are for accumulation of yellows. Looking at this table my team seems to be copping alot of cards compared to other teams. I do have team instructions set to get stuck in, but surely it shouldn't be this bad? There are teams who have committed more fouls but have 20 less cards and all the
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