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  1. Hi Guys, this is slightly off topic but in FM19 I built my Everton team up to be great and was really invested in youth development. I had read somewhere that when requesting an affiliate club, if you selected the option that said something like "to allow us to recruit foreign youngsters" then you had a chance of getting regens from that country in your youth intake. I had about 8 affiliate clubs all from different countries and used only that option when requesting the affiliate in the first place, however over 11 or 12 seasons I got exclusively English regens. So @Seb Wassell I was just wondering if you could confirm this for me at all? If I request an affiliate club and I tell the board I want the affiliate club to "allow us to recruit foreign youngsters", should this increase my chances of getting regens from that country? I just found it strange that over 11-12 seasons on FM19 I never once got a player that wasn't English. Getting players in my youth intake from other countries offers some variety, as from memory regens from different countries come sort of hard-coded with different "styles", eg a Brazilian regen more likely to have higher flair than a Scottish regen....
  2. Hi Blue Lou, your screen looks very different to the one I posted above. I wanted to scout a Wolsfburg match so went to their schedule. Looks like you are selected fixtures from a league?
  3. Oh wow, so it was, my bad. I googled how to attend a match in FM19 and it directed me to this thread, just assumed it was current. It seems as though it may not be possible in FM19
  4. Hi Rashidi, Thanks for the reply. I'm halfway through my second season and am enjoying the mentoring. I am actually having great success with player personalities, more than I did using tutoring in previous versions. My concern is I bought a young central midfielder who had no PPM's, and somehow he has developed 3, one of which is "comes deep to get ball" which none of the players in his mentoring group have. So if I am reading your response correctly, the mentoring is totally random and there is no way to tell what the results will be. So by increasing someone's personality, I run the risk of them picking up PPM's that are adverse to how I want them to play? If that is true would I not be better off doing no mentoring and trusting my squads general character to affect personality, and just have young players learn the PPM's I want them to have?
  5. Hi all, Question in regards to mentoring. In previous versions when asking one player to tutor another, you had two options to choose from - one meant the tutee would potentially inherit some of the tutors PPM's, and the other meant they would not. With the mentoring units now, is it possible to discern this? For example if I have a model citizen personality in my squad, but he plays as deep lying playmaker so has the PPM "comes deep to get ball", and I add a young player into that mentoring group who I am planning on playing as say a Mezalla on attack duty and that PPM does not suit the way I want him to play, how am I able to ensure the personality rubs off on the younger player, but not the PPM?
  6. I have noticed that if I skip the pre-match tactical briefing then there will still be OI's set at the start of the match. I can only assume skipping the briefing gives the AM carte blanche then.
  7. I'm at about to start my 4th season. I have something like 8 affiliates, all from different nations. They are setup so their players can come through my academy. But still the only regens I get are english.
  8. Great to see such an overwhelming response though 😂
  9. Not sure if the youth facilities matter as the idea is they come through my youth facilities. Maybe the quality of the junior coaching though as I think that more dictates the quality of regens. Hadn't even thought about that until now. Cheers
  10. Hi Guys, Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but couldn't find anywhere else to put it About 3.5 seasons deep in my first FM18 save with Everton which means the dreaded brexit has hit. One of my favorite things about FM is developing youth, whether it be from my own academy or by buying the next big thing and pumping him full of tutoring and games! With brexit, it is alot harder to do this outside of my academy considering young players generally won't qualify for work permits so I need to loan them out until they do. This unfortunately means you lose alot of control over their development. I thought a good way to get around this would be by getting a bunch of affiliate clubs from different nations, selecting the affiliate option that allows players from that club to potentially come through my academy. My question is, how to maximise these affiliates to get different nationalities through my academy. I am allowed to pick my own affiliates now, so I will generally pick a team with a high world reputation (the max I can chose from at the moment is 3 stars). From there I try and find a club from a bigger nation that has many players playing abroad already (eg holland, germany, france) and next on the list is the club with the best youth recruitment, hopefully established or extensive. Does anyone have any other pointers/anything else I should be looking for? Thanks in advance for your ideas!
  11. Hi All - long time reader, first time poster, I've been playing FM17 for awhile now, with the latest version I played prior to this one being FM14. I have read, and re-read, all the posts on here from the very experienced players of this game, and I think I have created a decent tactic for my Everton save (see below). The problem is, this tactic is brilliant for home games where I will often win by 4 or 5 goals, however away from Home it is a disaster, and I can't find a tactic that works away from home. Anytime I score in an away game, a team will immediately change to more attacking tactics and score, even if I go more defensive. I played one game against Tottenham and nearly through my laptop across the room. I saved just before playing the game and played it out 5 times. Each time I lost, even if I had more CCC's - in one game I missed 2 penalties and they were down to 10 men for 75 mins of the game, and I still lost 2-1 - very frustrating. Anyway, not being one to just complain, I thought I would turn to the experienced players on this site (which I have followed for years). I notice alot of the experienced guys on here have said they really only need to make small changes to their existing tactic for away games - so my question is, what am I doing wrong. Below you will see my attacking tactic, and also the defensive one I am working with. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am getting very frustrated with the game, I have tried multiple different away tactics, and it is becoming unenjoyable for me. I have attached screens of my successful (at home) attacking tactic, and what I am currently working with for the defensive tactic, I am will try anything and take on board any advice here as I am at a loss. Thanks in advance for any help/advice/comments
  12. Hi Kriss, I am new to these forums but read ALOT of them trying to get my head around this years ME prior to this patch. So alot of the stuff I am reading on here is new to me. You're comment here seems to be contradictory to alot of advice from other moderators in tactical help sections I have spent some time in. They consistently recommend for players to watch matches in "full match" highlights to try and determine where there tactics are going wrong. But your comment above reads to me as though watching the match in "full match" mode makes no difference. I am not having a dig at yourself or any of the other mods, however I am now confused as to why one would need to watch their match in "full match" highlights to see where their tactic is going wrong, when you are saying that due to the limitations of the 3D representation, what we are seeing has little to no bearing on what is actually happening tactically?
  13. Also I understand what you mean about the possible issues of the AM just telling you how to win. But I meant more advice outside of matchday. Seriously when I look at those passing analysis screens all I see are hundreds of green dots all over the pitch, each one indistinguishable from the next. When I look at the individual players passing instructions and see that Baines only completed 70% of his passes during that game - I can safely conclude on my own that that may have something to do with why I lost the game. What I can't figure out on my own (and this may just be my own inexperience) is why he only completed 70% of his passes. Was he marked tightly? Was he closed down? These are things that I struggle to distinguish in game when watching a full-match (and again this could just be me) that after the fact would be good to know. So the AM could say in post-game analysis "Baines struggled with passing as the opposition was consistently closing him down". So that the next game where Baines is not completing his passes or crosses I can compare what the opposition players are doing to what they did in that preivous game and say to myself "okay, so he is clearly being hassled and perhaps I need to focus my passing through someone else for awhile, who should technically be having less attention paid to them as all attention is on Baines".......... or something like that
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