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  1. I'm sure this thread will soon be closed, with no confirmation from developers that updates are done for 2020, as this is "not a bug"
  2. Appreciate that you have no control over this mate, but this is an absolute joke. Being a moderator, can you please direct me to who I need to speak to about a refund. The game is unplayable in it's current format and I am not going to accept paying full price for a broken product.
  3. Hi SI Team, I am becoming increasingly concerned that you appear to be done with updates to FM20's match engine, and are instead focused on FM21 from now on - are you able to confirm that this is the case? You surely can't leave the game as is for another 6-7 months until the new version is out, particularly when you acknowledge the existence of so many bugs that are crucial to game play? I have paid for something that is broken and I would like it to be fixed, will it be?
  4. @Andrew James I have uploaded another save game to the cloud just now called, it is titled "Tim Nolan - Evertonbeta (v02). I'm now into my 10th season on the same save, and all of a sudden Haaland's ability has shot up again. It's quite amusing as his ability has shot up at the same time as my regen striker who has come through my academy has hit peak form and scored as many goals as Haaland for the season, so I don't really see how this fits with your explanation above? Also, as I mentioned I'm in my 10th season, still exclusively English regens and still no option to choose
  5. @Christopher Lewis any news on these issues mate?
  6. Hi @Christopher Lewis. Understand there is a bit going on at the moment with the public beta, but just wondered if there was any movement on this. Also while you are looking at that save game - this is the second year in a row that I have tried to get as many affiliate clubs as possible, selecting the option that allows you to have youth players from that club/nation come through your academy; and the second year in a row that I only ever get English regens. Also, despite being at my club for several years, in FM20 the board has never given me the option to select an affiliate club
  7. Hi @Christopher Lewis I have uploaded a save game from August 25 titled "Haaland Aug 25.fm" Cheers
  8. Hi Team, I'm not sure if this is the right area, or if this is even a bug, but it certainly feels like it. I have Earling Haaland in my team, he is now 25 and has spent the last 3-4 seasons killing it and winning multiple individual awards. At the age of 25 he shouldn't even be at his peak yet, but instead he has apparently regressed massively. I haven't noticed any attribute drops, but I have noticed in this current season his performances are suddenly nowhere near what they used to be. Why is this? Again as a striker he should not even be hitting is peak yet, but should be better than h
  9. I've refrained from adding anything to these "whinge" posts but I am equally frustrated. I waited until full release before purchasing the game, so I paid full price, and I have paid for a faulty product. Surely the whole point of the beta release is for issues like all of these to be tested and rectified, ready for full release? The fact that nowhere on this forum can I see even so much as an apology from SI makes it even more frustrating. I generally like to drink in all the info in the tactics forum, but what's the point currently? Doesn't matter how you setup, both teams are going to get a
  10. Hi @Seb Wassell. Thanks for your reply and all your help thus far. I have actually given the game a rest for awhile as I find it unplayable with the current ME bugs, but I digress. I took your advice in my next couple of seasons and signed my youth players to pro contracts immediately. Also signed up any with average potential whenever any other clubs started sniffing around them and have prevented poaching. My question now is, you mentioned this works both ways, but unless I am doing something wrong I have not found this to be the case. I will often search for players in the scouting centre a
  11. Thankyou @roykela. I'm excited for this update, but wanted to check out this scenario as well. Thanks for the help
  12. Hey Guys, I'm keen to download and watch the PKM. Forgive me for being silly but how do I open/watch it once downloaded? Do I need to save it in an FM20 folder and then open via FM somehow? Again apologies if this is a stupid question.
  13. Cheers @Seb Wassell. Will make sure I do that with my next intake!
  14. Thanks for the reply @herne79. That article refers specifically to players getting poached before the youth intake, but based on the comments that came after my post it looks like any club can come and poach your best prospects during the next window if you don't sign them to professional contracts. Definitely something I wish I knew beforehand as it is a little frustrating to get two players over 3 stars PA, only to have them poached by other clubs in the off-season. In one case a prospect was poached by City, I offered a contract once I got the news item but he understandably chose City >
  15. Hi All, same topic but a different question, just completed my first season, and in the off-season two clubs came in and just offered contracts to my two best youth prospects from my intake and they were gone for a small compensation fee! I don't recall this happening in previous versions? Do I now have to offer the best prospects professional contracts straight away to keep them away from other clubs?
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