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  1. Found a reasonably major bug- conversation reactions are not showing up iin personal sections of players. I've had players get angry and the 'pr' appear but nothing appears when i click on them. Also, I have subscribed to numerous leagues and the information is barely coming through, absolutely no round-ups. Addiitionally, when a manager is under pressure it does not say it in his profile anymore. These things were all in the game prior to patch
  2. Hi, Enjoying the new patch-the game seems, well more solid really. One thing I have noticed though-as Watford I made Man Utd my parent club but when trying to loan players from them they ask for a fee. I understand what was said earlier about fees now being asked for but should that be the case with Parent clubs to Feeder clubs? Is this a bug or is it supposed to happen?
  3. Forbes FM Database

    Great update, thanks a lot. I noticed you missed Drenthe at Hercules
  4. Forbes FM Database

    Appreciate the hard work mate-BTW, what skin is it you use?
  5. Can't wait, sounds brilliant. Question: I like the dynamic league reputation but it's not going to become silly is it? (i.e. I iwin champs league with FC Zurich twice and then suddenly all the very best players in the world want to come to switzerland). Also, has the crash dumps issue been sorted? Great games, kutgw
  6. Okay, I can see the argument )prosenecko, Cafu at 38, Davids at 38 (?) but RONALDINHO at 32 with his stats still amazing asking for 28k a week!!! I know it's just a game but it is the realism that does it for me. Without it I might aswell play Halo
  7. I'm leicester in 2013. I have been in the play-offs three times but have yet to go up to the Prem meaning I'm still in the championship. When going on the transfer list I was extrtemely suprised to find a 32 year-old Ronaldinho interested in coming to the club and asking for reasonable wages. I find this ultra-unrealistic and it is ruining the game for me. What do you guys think, would a 32-year old Rondaldinho go to Leicester? It seems there are many times that these unrealistic things happen.
  8. Rafa playing FM

    I thought it was pretty funny-very onion like. “They’re minted”, he beamed,-hysterical.
  9. I rarely criticize this game but this issue is a big one and is ruining the game for me. Everything else is superb but Roma, Fioremtina and Inter Milan being interested in Chris Riggot just ruins the realism for me. Please SI, send out a hotfix for this in the next couple of days-i''m planning on playing FM solidly next week and this issue is really putting me off.
  10. Loving the game! Have noticed thought that in early rounds the top teams seem to be playing virtually their best 11 even thought they may be playing against a team three divisions below and at home. Might this be fixed for the next patch?
  11. out of memory

    What's xfire?
  12. I never had a problem with 09 either-pretty peed off, was looking forward to play this game this weekend and had a great derby game going
  13. I've had a crash dump too-was really enjoying my game aswell-si, any advice?