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  1. Just to confirm, this issue does exist, I've been running sims of the first season all day and the result is always the same. Zlatan retires (even though a few months before he renews his contract), Ramos retires, Valbuena retires, Bruno Alves from Apollon (even though in-game he says he will consider his option upon the end of his contract) etc. Something must have changed, even if it was unintentional between the previous builds.
  2. Hello @Andrew James, quick question. Has something changed since the latest build? Because I have been running 4 sims and in all of them Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sergio Ramos both retire at the end of the first season even if they are playing well. I get that they are at an advanced age, Zlatan even more at 40, but he had 38(3) apps 16 goals 9 assists and 7.15 in all competitions. He even had 8 apps 5 goals with the national team, he is still there on June 5 2022 but he suddenly announced his retirement. If it is normal ok, but before the update of the latest build, he and Ramos used to play at least 1 more season. Zlatan almost always left Milan and went at PSG or Wolves etc. Ramos always stayed at PSG and played a lot when he was fit in his second season, now he always retires. Messi too in this build retires sometimes at age 35 after his 2-year contact with PSG ends, but in the previous build he used to play longer, sometimes until the 2024-2025 season. Maybe I'm splitting hairs and it's not considered major, but since we are talking of world class players, in world class teams, I'm keeping an eye on them as a benchmark to see how they behave in different builds. Save uploaded on the cloud as Zlatan-Ramos.fm
  3. There seems to be a definite improvement in the latest build, I was just about to post it. And player decline is far more normal and not as enhanced as in the latest build. I think we are good.
  4. Perhaps this is (partly at least) connected with player decline. I have started a relevant topic, if you want you can take a look.
  5. Miller Bolanos (id: 80007070): 18/19 Club Tijuana 30-9 https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/58846/Miller_Bolanos.html
  6. Paulinho (id: 19003703): 2013 SC Corinthians (SP) 1-1 . 2008 Pão de Açúcar EC (SP) 20-6 . 2007 FK Vilnius 21-3 2006 FK Vilnius 17-2 I don't think he played for Vardar https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/45011/Paulinho_1.html
  7. Regarding Timo Werner, his profile was conducted by the previous research team, not the ones in charge now, so for changes maybe you can ask the new ones as they have seen more of the player than the Chelsea researcher.
  8. Sotirios Kokkinis needs many years from his history erased, it starts from age 6(!)
  9. FIY Kokovas was not a youth player, he played with the senior team these 28 apps, just at a regional level.
  10. Actually the new research team for Germany is brilliant and very open to suggestions and corrections. Please stop it here. I too hope that Mukoko will be in-game but there is only one person with an attitude problem here.
  11. Stylianos Kokovas (id: 92102720): 2016/17 Anagennisi Kalochoriou 28 apps 3 goals
  12. Hello, David Neres needs some years of his history deleted, it starts from age 13! Antony at Ajax has the same issue, it starts from age 11
  13. Ianis Hagi has a history that starts from age 3(!). Surely at least 10-12 years can be removed!
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