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  1. Hi Fenech, so excited for this. I've loved your database since the very first one, and I was, you may remember, the person who asked for Watford to have a full squad back on the original one. I'm liking the look of the Watford squad this time around, though I do have some suggestions: As much as I love Filippo Galli, he did only spend one year at Watford. I can understand why he's not part of Milan due to the strength of their squad, but I don't think he deserves a place in Watford's team. Maybe he could be in the Milan academy? Maybe Duncan Welbourne in? Wilf Rostron should b
  2. I've attached the excel file, with all the players in it. I've changed the players' birth years to fit in line with the game, so everyone is in their 20s, and the positions are listed in order of strongest to weakest. If it's too many players, I'd say get rid of Kevin Phillips and put him somewhere else (Sunderland maybe), as he's not really a Watford legend. Obviously, chairman is Elton John, and manager is Graham Taylor. Some of his key traits should be: Favoured formation: 4-4-2 Second favourite and attacking formation: 4-2-4 High focus on pressing, direct passing,
  3. A few thing's I've notice Fenech, which could do with updating/adding for the next update. Puskas (who I moved back to Honved out of personal preference) is listed as two-footed, when he was very well known to only play with his left. Likewise, Giacinto Falchetti is said to have favoured his right-foot, despite being a left-back. Can't remember how he is in the game, but it's not that. In terms of managers I created: Rinus Michels - made him the Dutch head coach, leaving Hiddink only in charge of PSV Vic Buckingham - created the template for total football at Ajax with
  4. No problem, you are doing far too much work on this anyway! I loved the 2014 edition more than the vanilla game, and I'm sure it'll be the same this time round. Means I can start planning the Watford squad I will add to the game when the db is released. Cheers
  5. Hi Fenech, great work! Just wondering what the Watford squad looks like, I remember from the last update Kevin Phillips was there, and was keen to see if you've added any more players this time round? I know they will not have a full squad, but there are a few who could be in the game. Maybe Graham Taylor as manager as well? Cheers!
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