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  1. Hi mate, I'm not too fussed about below league 2, I just wanted to play a game where I could take over a club in a real life situation, say rebuilding United after finishing 7th or a game with Palace or Southampton and trying to take them into Europe. If you wouldn't mind sending over whatever you've got so I can have a look I'd be really grateful.
  2. Any chance you can send me the Premier League file Alastair so I can have a look at it please?
  3. Good stuff, thanks.. Would it be possible to change the player overview slightly so it's has the full player name and number from the FMC skin. Example below
  4. Jumbo


    There aren't any. They are randomally generated like the Spokesmen.
  5. pr0 loads of loans from last season are still in place in Serie A, even at big clubs like Inter Lazio Juve etc Also retirements missing eg Cordoba Orlandoni
  6. Brilliant start, will definitely follow this and look to use the tactic in game. One of Fergie's best teams when this group of players peaked in 2008. Only thing is I'd say is both formations you discuss there are 4-3-3 although it doesn't really make any difference.
  7. Mlapa to Gladbach Diakate to QPR Pandev to Inter Elana to Lille Martin to Lille Caprari to Pescara
  8. Villarreal and Villarreal B cannot both be in Liga Adelante. Villarreal B have to go down.
  9. Very good article here> http://inbedwithmaradona.com/journal/2012/3/5/calcio-and-co-ownership.html Explains it in full real life terms so I guess the same applies to FM
  10. Spaletti's Roma team played like this a few years ago, I'm sure there was a thread on it at the time.
  11. I've reassigned the faces to the new database pack I can upload if you want, although I might wait until the next update as there was quite a few agents less.
  12. No. 3.0 was released when FM11 came out. There was then 12 updates of around 1000-2000 new or improved images over the course of the game. 4.0 will be released as a standalone pack which will have everything from the last update, plus more new faces, more improvements, corrections, new to FM12 players etc etc. If you don't already have 3.0 or 3.12 I would recommend waiting a few days and downloading 4.0 when it's released. If you have already downloaded one of the previous versions, just use that with FM12 until the new megapack is released.
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